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Benefits of Selling a Home with a Full Service Realtor in Antelope

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Full service Realtor sold this Antelope home in 3 days over list and closed in 25 days.

There are many benefits to selling a home with a full service Realtor, but rather than tell you, I’d rather show you a real life situation. It means more, I believe, when you’re looking at an actual transaction because you can put yourself in the seller’s shoes and better relate. This particular seller in Antelope called me in early January of this year to say she wanted to sell her home. I was at our vacation home on my Hawaii wor-cation on the day the seller called, and not coming back home to Sacramento anytime soon. read more

Benefits of Selling a Home with a Full Service Realtor in Antelope

Home in Antelope Searching for First-Time Home Buyers to Love

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8204 Helmsley Court is a gorgeous home in Antelope now available for sale.

Buyer’s agents who think they can push this Sacramento listing agent around have another think coming, but first, let me tell you about my new listing, a fabulous home in Antelope. I’ve been working with the seller on getting this home ready since my wor-cation in Hawaii last winter. It’s not that the home in Antelope needed much prepping; it’s that the seller wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. She takes great pride in her home. And it shows.

This is a home whose ambiance hits you the minute you walk in the door. Vaulted ceiling and a somewhat open floor plan that still provides for secluded spaces give one a feeling of privacy mixed with cozy luxury. The rooms are just the right size, and the flow from room to room always provides a view of the next space. You don’t feel closed in, quite the opposite. read more

Home in Antelope Searching for First-Time Home Buyers to Love

Short Sale Buyers Closed on Antelope Home With Free Equity

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Happy short sale buyers are even happier after closing on a home in Antelope.

The short sale buyers who purchased my seller’s home in Antelope really lucked out on a terrific deal in several ways. As the top Sacramento short sale agent, of course I represented the sellers. The buyers were represented by someone else. We went on the market at the end of March, yet it took us 3 weeks to get an offer for this short sale. Even in a limited inventory market, there were still other homes in Antelope to buy that could close right away, so many buyers passed by this gem. Few want to look at short sales when there is an abundance of regular homes for sale. read more

Can Buyers Move Into the House Before Closing?

buyers move into house before closing

Whether to let buyers move into the house before closing depends on sellers’ tolerance for risk.

Do you think it’s a good idea to let buyers move into the house before closing? Is there ever a good time or reason to give home buyers early possession of a home? I suppose the opinion greatly depends on which side of the fence you sit. If you’re a buyer, absolutely, you may develop an unexpected need for early possession right away, especially if you have to move out of your home before the closing of your new home. You don’t see anything wrong with it.

Hey, I’ve been there. I recall moving out of an apartment in Edina, a suburb of Minneapolis, the last apartment I ever lived in 25 years ago, and buying a home via a land contract of sale by the lakes in south Minneapolis. Went to closing, signed all of the documents, deposited funds and went home to finish packing. The sellers suddenly developed seller’s remorse and refused to sign closing documents. I sent a letter demanding they perform in accordance with the purchase contract, and I moved into the house anyway, without their permission. read more

Can Buyers Move Into the House Before Closing?

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