Protect Your Home From AC Unit Theft

ac unit theft

You can prevent the theft of air conditioning units from your yard.

Sometimes, when you don’t want to be protected, you are and when you do want protection, you can’t get it. For example, last Sunday I told my husband that we needed to go to Target to buy our Ragdoll cat, Jackson, a Wii game. For Hanukkah, you understand, as a Hanukkah present. But my husband chose to argue instead and, quite rightly pointed out, that Jackson could not possibly be Jewish because he is white with blue eyes. Our brown cats, Pia and Pica, now those guys are not chopped liver. A Wii game, by the time you’re done buying all the remotes, miscellaneous games and accessories, is pretty expensive, but Pia and Pica really deserved a Wii, so I tried to write a check. read more

Protect Your Home From AC Unit Theft

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