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The Hobbit and Sacramento Real Estate

hobbitOne of the requirements to be a writer — what they call an “expert”– at, is to be passionate about your topic. You have to be able to write, of course, and have something to say, naturally, but that passion (expressed through dedication, intense commitment) is completely necessary. Passion is also the necessary ingredient to being immensely happy and content in your job. If you find yourself consumed, driven, and almost half nuts about a particular topic, that might qualify you to write for read more

Dinner at Red Rabbit by Former Alinea Chef Ostrander

We celebrated a Winter in Lake Tahoe: a Culinary and Libation Excursion at the Red Rabbit Restaurant in Midtown last night. This restaurant is located across the street from my office at Lyon Real Estate, so we decided to park in the garage below my office. As a top producer, I have a free parking card that gets me into the garage after hours. I don’t use it very often, which is why I forgot that once the card lets you in, it will only let you back out. You can’t use it to get in again. And I left my keys to the office at home. read more

Life of Pi a Brief Review by Elizabeth Weintraub

There is no real way to describe the movie: Life of Pi. It’s a movie that should be experienced, and you can see it at the downtown mall in Sacramento. It’s not like The Tree of Life that forced the Tower Theatre to put up notices in the lobby warning moviegoers about it because so many people complained that it wasn’t a movie. This movie is not only visual. It’s moving and magical and monumental and magnificent. Director Ang Lee’s majesty is all over it.

You might wonder, like I did, how a movie about a boy lost at sea in a boat with a tiger could be very interesting but it was mesmerizing. First, the movie is in 3D, so if you have an opportunity to see this movie in your area and it’s not offered in 3D, I would not go see it. You know how some movie theaters are and not all of them show a 3D movie in 3D. The 3D effects are spectacular, and except for the couple of instances of a hummingbird fluttering over the seat in front of me, I quickly forgot that I was even wearing glasses. I was sucked into the movie and became part of it. It was Zen. read more

A Night at Alinea Restaurant in Chicago

If my mother had been buried instead of cremation, she’d be rolling over in her grave right now about such excess. There’s no way around it — dining at Alinea Restaurant in Chicago is a bit extreme in terms of taste (unique, unparalleled), number of courses (there were 18) and cost (you will shudder, the wine flight alone was the cheapest part at $150 per person). It’s a food adventure, which is why I was drawn. It’s also a challenge to get a reservation. Challenges are what this Sacramento short sale agent faces each and every day. Challenge is my middle name. We were going to Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday and, by hook or by crook, we very much yearned to snag a reservation at Alinea for Saturday night. read more

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