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Selling Real Estate In The Wild Wild West

Selling real estate in the Wild Wild West reminds we of the old John Wayne movies. He usually played a big-hearted, honest human being (I relate.) Then he always had other people in the films, which were much like authentic characters from the Wild Wild West, who had little moral or ethical code. Sometimes, selling real estate in the south county feels like working in the Wild Wild West.

I love the rural atmosphere of South Sacramento County. There are open green fields of tall grass. You see horses and cows grazing as you drive along the county roads. Large Oak trees are covering the lands here. Beautiful creeks bubble through the valleys and the Consumnes River roars through every winter, and we hope she doesn’t flood. It is like a picture book from the good old days. read more

A Fixer Home Selling As Is In a Probate Process

Today we would like to discuss a fixer home selling as is in a probate process. This was a recent sale on a listing where the seller was a “probate administrator with full authority.” I could write a book on selling probate listings but, I will stick to the as is portion of this sale as it is most interesting yet often confusing for buyers. From the photo you can see the exterior condition. There were also interior issues.

The seller left behind quite a bit of personal property in the interior, which we had to deal with. Also, due to dust, molds or other issues, these listings can require Hazmat. read more

There is Always Another Buyer for Fixers in Sacramento

There is always another buyer for fixers in Sacramento. That is one of the first lessons I learned from selling hundreds of short sales back in the day. Thank goodness that is basically over. Not only did an agent need to be on top of her game due to difficult procedures from the banks, but she needed to also deal with a wide assortment of buyers.

Today, when I sell to a buyer for fixers in Sacramento, I know there are several camps of buyers. First, there are the guys for whom the project needs to “pencil” to make financial sense, meaning low cost to cure and high net return on resale. They don’t all use the same calculations. Some buyers hire cheaper labor than others. But usually the guys with the lowball offers are not a good fit for my sellers. read more

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