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How to Sell a Short Sale With a Tax Lien

short sale tax lien

You can short sale a home with state or federal tax liens.

We just closed a short sale with a tax lien in Elk Grove. Tax liens are not a new thing; often when people fall into financial troubles, they end up owing the Franchise Tax Board (California state taxes) along with the usual suspect, the I.R.S. If things are so rough that you can’t make your mortgage payment, you probably can’t pay the I.R.S either. When you don’t pay the government, federal or state, the government files a tax lien against you, which is recorded in the public records of the county where you own property. read more

New Listing in Sacramento From Weintraub Client Review

client reviews sacramento realtor

The best closing gift for this Sacramento Realtor is a glowing client review.

Looking for a highly rated Realtor based on excellent Sacramento client reviews? New listings in Sacramento, Elk Grove and West Sacramento often land in my direction due to glowing reviews from super ecstatic clients. I consider each client review my future referral. My former clients are referring new business every single day to this Sacramento Realtor without lifting a finger. It’s their client reviews that keep on giving long after the sale has closed. Other agents might work to pay a mortgage or to get out of the house occasionally, but this full-time top producer agent works more than 12 hours a day almost exclusively for that client review. read more

Elk Grove Realtor Closes Home Clawed By Bears

elk grove realtor

A bear’s claws are capable of ripping off siding from a home in Elk Grove.

Among our closings from yesterday, the most intense for this Elk Grove Realtor was the home that looked like it was clawed by bears. People are often amazed that there is a market for this type of fixer home. But those people are not in real estate. Those of us in real estate understand how much demand there is for this type of property because we sell all types of homes, not just the pretty, updated, historic residences in Midtown,  or the luxury homes in Sacramento. We also deal in the gritty stuff because, bottom line, it’s all just a product. read more

The Amazing Story of a Sacramento Real Estate Miracle

sacramento real estate

A Sacramento real estate miracle does not happen every day.

No Sacramento Realtor expects her client to call, late on Sunday no less, just as The Oscars are starting, to excitedly announce he has written an offer on her listing with another agent. Yet, stranger things have happened in Sacramento real estate. Things that can make clients believe this is the way they always occur, and anybody can do it. When my client first uttered those words last night, I thought he was joking. We closed escrow in 2013, but I recall his transaction like it was yesterday, even though I’ve sold hundreds of homes since but few are a Sacramento real estate miracle. read more

Cat Playing Piano and Listing Homes in Sacramento

cat playing piano

A cat playing piano would happen all the time in our house if we had a piano.

People imagine that my husband and I spend inordinate amounts of time entrenched in serious conversations about consequential, essential issues facing society but we are very content to watch a cat playing piano, if you want to know the truth. In fact, a discussion over breakfast last week involved if our 3 cats played in a band, which instruments would they play? He says Jackson the Ragdoll would play a saxophone, but as laid back as he is, I envision him playing bass guitar. Jackson loves rubber bands, or as people from Minnesota refer to those things: binders. read more

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