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When a Short Sale in Elk Grove Takes a Year to Close

short sale in elk grove

Happy couple after closing a short sale in Elk Grove © Big Stock Photo

People love to hear my tales about true stories that happen in Sacramento real estate, especially when it comes to long-suffering short sales in Elk Grove. Why Elk Grove? Because so many of the neighborhoods in Elk Grove were built during 2004 to 2008 or refinanced during the boom, which means Elk Grove has had its fair share of short sales. Also, many of the loan modifications promised to homeowners turned out to be jokes.

Lots of short sales close within 3 months, but every so often I get that oddball short sale that turns out to be a huge challenge. read more

Pool Home Open House on Laguna Shore in Elk Grove Today

pool home in elk grove

5817 Laguna Shore Way, Elk Grove, CA 95758

Everybody who is out house hunting today looking at homes in Elk Grove realizes the inventory is fairly thin, and the competition is fierce. The good news is we about to present a fabulous listing, a pool home open house on Laguna Shore in the popular Laguna Villa neighborhood of Elk Grove. It’s a new listing that just hit the market on Friday, and it’s spectacular.

For starters, this is one of the very few homes ever built by the late Buzz Oates, a leading commercial developer in Sacramento. When you pull up to the home, the first thing you notice is its cute curb appeal, the brick columns strategically placed, and the large lot size, which faces south. Inside, you will fall in love with the layout. The living room is a step-down and the formal dining area is raised, with vaults and lots of light. read more

Therapy Dogs, Suicide and Sacramento Real Estate

BARC dogs

Therapy dogs are calming passengers at the Sacramento International Airport.

There are no safety guarantees in life and especially none in Sacramento real estate. For example, just when you think it’s safe to walk along the sidewalk in Los Angeles, a woman can fling herself out of a window with an intent to commit suicide and land on you. Will your insurance company try to assign contributory negligence to your claim because, in addition to looking ahead, and to the right and left, you neglected to look up at the sky?

This is a true story. A man was injured after a woman landed on him. She died. The woman jumped from the 11th floor of a hotel in Westchester and critically harmed a guy who was walking outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Los Angeles International Airport, according to this suicide story in the Los Angeles Times. I mean, I worry sometimes about meteorites slamming into the earth but now I might have to pause and consider the possibility of human bodies falling from the sky. read more

Wild Turkeys in Elk Grove

wild turkeys

Wild Turkeys at Laguna Villa Way in Elk Grove

Wild turkeys on the loose in the city of Elk Grove is nothing new but they used to run away from you. Now, they don’t. The turkeys I spotted yesterday just stood there on the sidewalk in front of this guy’s house, acting like they owned the neighborhood. Two males, spaced apart, strutted back and forth as though they were guarding the driveway and were not about to let that vehicle depart. I stopped in the street, rolled down my passenger window and shot a photo with my iPhone.

The guys across the street were unloading stuff into the back of their car trunk and laughing at me, like I was a silly tourist. I’m not a goofy tourist, I’m an Elk Grove Realtor who sells a ton of homes in Elk Grove, and I was on my way to a client’s home just a few doors down. This may be an everyday sight for them, but I was a tad jarred. Those wild turkeys also seem especially prevalent in Laguna West. read more

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