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Would You Like to Buy Two Houses on a Lot in Carmichael?

Two houses on a lot in carmichael

Two houses on a lot in Carmichael at $495K.

Wow, what a rare opportunity to buy two houses on a lot in Carmichael. In fact, our MLS features only two listings on the market in Carmichael right now consisting of two houses on a lot. Further, this property costs almost $300K less than its competitor. We could get a lot of interest over the next few days. Especially in a market like ours in Sacramento with limited inventory and an intense pent-up demand from buyers.

Before I tell you about the two houses on a lot in Carmichael, let me disclose that many of my sales so far this year involve backup offers. Knock on wood none has fallen out yet like usual, but buyers appear willing to write an offer on pending listings in hopes the original sales will blow up. You don’t see that kind of attitude very often. Usually buyers reserve backup offers for extra special listings, but I have backup offers on about half of my pendings right now. read more

Carmichael Realtors CMA $100,000 Less Than Market Value for Carmichael Home

home in carmichael on the creek

Four curved windows from a church adorn the living room at 6527 Grant Av.

When these sellers called to ask whether I would prepare a Carmichael Realtors CMA of their home, they were very upfront that they were interviewing other agents. They asked me if I knew one of the agents, said they see this agent’s signs up and down the road, but I didn’t. All together, I figure they talked with at least 3 other area specialists who primarily sell only in Carmichael. I sell a lot of homes in Carmichael, but I don’t focus all of my energies in Carmichael. I sell in a four-county area, which means I have to carefully scrutinize each aspect of every single sale to stay right on the mark. read more

Sold Off Market By Your Carmichael Real Estate Agent: 5324 Mustang Way

Carmichael Real Estate Agent

5324 Mustang Way, Carmichael, CA 95608 sold by your Carmichael Real Estate Agent Elizabeth Weintraub

One of the services I offer my sellers of homes in Carmichael and other communities throughout Sacramento is my tips for fixing up the home prior to sale. I make sure the types of improvements or repairs I suggest are things that will return 100% or more, because otherwise they don’t make financial sense. The things I suggest are often dependent on not only market conditions such as whether it’s a hot seller’s market or a buyer’s market, but also it’s based on the condition of the home. read more

One Year to Close Chase FHA Short Sale in Carmichael

chase fha short sale

Chase FHA short sale in Carmichael closed 12 months from listing.

Whose problem is it when a Chase FHA short sale takes more than a year to close escrow? I get so many calls from home buyers wondering why is that Carmichael short sale still for sale month after month, and I feel like telling them to go look in the mirror. Yet, this home I only sold 3 times, so that’s about right, on average it works out to about 4 months for each buyer. I am one of the few agents in Sacramento who will handle a short sale, which is why I have sold more short sales than anybody over the past 10 years. read more

What Crazy Thing is Going on With That Carmichael Short Sale?

carmichael short sale

This Carmichael short sale needs a 100% committed real buyer.

The reason I am writing this blog is so I can email it to buyer’s agents who call me with the question: What’s going on with that Carmichael short sale? Because it’s too convoluted and crazy to talk about otherwise. Yup, I also wanna see what happened in black-and-white myself because I can’t quite believe it myself. The good news is this home is now available to buy as a short sale in Carmichael, soon as as we get the cancellation from the buyers.

Our first set of buyers for this Carmichael short sale were just “practice” buyers. Not really willing to wait out the short sale process for an FHA short sale, which is like the horror of all horrible short sales, even though they promised. Next. My team and I fought and escalated and argued and got the trustee’s sale postponed.  New buyers entered the picture, investors, represented by their agent mom. Submitted offer, which clearly stated mom represented the buyers. Many lenders allow that relationship. read more

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