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Not Quite the Fourth of July Open Houses for 2018

not quite the fourth of july open houses

Before I talk about our not quite the fourth of July open houses for this year, please note the lovely photo of Compass Box The Circus Blended Scotch Whiskey. This was my dessert after dinner at Canon in East Sacramento on Thursday for my non-retirement birthday. I imagine it wasn’t cheap but I wouldn’t know since my husband treated. This is a limited edition, fewer than 2,500 bottles released in 2016.

He also gave me a Series 3 Apple Watch, which means I can now wander away from my phone, far, far away, because the new watches run on cell coverage. I suppose you have to be careful if you wear one of those into a medical marijuana dispensary because you’re probably not supposed to. Not that I have any first hand experience, mind you, just putting out my public notice to everybody. read more

Luxury Home on Del Dayo Drive in Del Dayo Estates, Carmichael

luxury home on del dayo drive

To say I connected with this luxury home on Del Dayo Drive in Del Dayo Estates is an understatement. This was a case of mad love at first sight. It will happen that way for a buyer as well. The home spoke volumes to me before I ever set foot inside. It was the end of March when the seller contacted me about fixing up her home in Carmichael, and I happened to be physically in Hawaii when that call came in. Just like I am now, btw, when this home hit the Sacramento market last night.

Full circle. Definitely in the zone in Hawaii. Feeling the Aloha. Nothing touches me here like real estate in Sacramento and delivers such joy. OK, maybe paddle boarding. Point is, no suffering of fools in the islands. It’s a place to kick jackasses to the curb. Such a wonderful state of mind, and I am so damn lucky to have perfected being a listing specialist. And, I should mention, to marry that fortune with the good sense to buy a house in Hawaii. read more

The Sacramento Story of Closing Two Houses on a Lot

Two houses on a lot in carmichaelWhen escrows close like this recent closing two houses on a lot, I like to review the transaction for closure and for learning purposes. Even though I have been in the real estate business since the 1970s, I still learn something new almost every day. In the 15 years that I’ve worked in Sacramento, and yes, I just passed my 15th anniversary at Lyon Real Estate, I’ve most likely sold more than 1,000 properties.  Never added up all my sales. Do not look in the rearview mirror much. read more

Carmichael Storybook Cottage for Sale Will Blow Your Mind

carmichael storybook cottage

OK, I realize almost every Carmichael agent believes she has listed a Carmichael storybook cottage for sale that is unique and special. But most of those agents are just blowing smoke. Aren’t you bored, bored, bored by emails proclaiming smashing homes or stunning showplaces, when they are really just grotesque cookie-cutter homes? How many fake fireplaces built inside a fake fireplace and pretentious Grecian columns can one person really take? But I will eat my socks if you don’t adore this Carmichael storybook cottage for sale. read more

Would You Like to Buy Two Houses on a Lot in Carmichael?

Two houses on a lot in carmichael

Two houses on a lot in Carmichael at $495K.

Wow, what a rare opportunity to buy two houses on a lot in Carmichael. In fact, our MLS features only two listings on the market in Carmichael right now consisting of two houses on a lot. Further, this property costs almost $300K less than its competitor. We could get a lot of interest over the next few days. Especially in a market like ours in Sacramento with limited inventory and an intense pent-up demand from buyers.

Before I tell you about the two houses on a lot in Carmichael, let me disclose that many of my sales so far this year involve backup offers. Knock on wood none has fallen out yet like usual, but buyers appear willing to write an offer on pending listings in hopes the original sales will blow up. You don’t see that kind of attitude very often. Usually buyers reserve backup offers for extra special listings, but I have backup offers on about half of my pendings right now. read more

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