August is Birthday Month For This Wilton Realtor.

Wilton Realtor

August is birthday month for this Wilton Realtor. I pre-celebrated today at lunch with my step-sister, Nanci Beall. We went to Cafe Bernardo and had a wonderful time, Nanci’s treat. She also made me an amazing picture with stars. Looking up at the stars at night is my favorite thing to do. We get so busy in real estate working we often forget to even eat lunch and enjoy the stars in the wee hours. I’m going out tonight just after midnight to look up at the sky, to enjoy the sparkling stars.  read more

A Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

A Birthday Celebration is one of the most wonderful things in life to do. A party just makes everyone smile and who doesn’t like cake? Bright colors, favorite food and good company are all that is needed. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth and I hope she is having the most wonderful time today. A Birthday is a time to honor our journey and remember all it took to get here to this moment.

A birthday celebration is a tradition that brings people closer and creates memories that are built to last. If you know someone who is having a birthday please reach out and let them know you are thinking of them. Happy Birthday everyone :>) read more

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