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A Real Estate License Won’t Help You to Buy a Home in Sacramento

A Real Estate License won’t help you to buy a home in Sacramento. ” This excerpt was written by Elizabeth, several years ago. A blog that was absolutely right on target. I agree a Realtor has no professional distance when they are buying, without representation, no matter how much experience they have. Can you be fully objective when you are also the client and not familiar with the area?

When buying out of the area and representing yourself it is like rolling the dice, I prefer much higher odds. A local expert is always worth the cost. Often when we are representing clients we can potentially save them $1,000’s of dollars. In some cases, it has been 10’s of thousands and yes even hundreds of thousands of dollars saved. As we are executing without a conflict of interest, emotions are in control. I often tell clients when their emotions are engaged, though I understand the worry, I must stay focused to navigate the transaction. My job is to keep us moving forward through each milestone. — JaCi Wallace read more

Which is Better — Lockboxes or Appointments?

Which is better when selling a home — lockboxes or appointments? This is an article written by Elizabeth for another publication. It is a situation that hasn’t changed from a decade ago. Today, there are new companies like “Open Door” which do not use lockboxes at all, but that is another blog altogether. Enjoy…

— JaCi Wallace

Should a seller require an appointment or will a lockbox inspire more showings? Some sellers are uneasy about giving agents and their buyers access to a home when the sellers are not at home. However, unless a seller is at home during the day, without a lockbox, showings might not happen at all. read more

How Much Time Should A Realtor Spend Meeting with Clients?

How Much Time Should A Realtor Spend Meeting with Clients?

How much time should a Realtor spend meeting with clients? It depends. At the first meeting, I spend as much time as they need. That can be an hour to 4 or 5 hours on the first meeting. Time spent is based on the clients’ need to feel comfortable and confident in the person they are hiring. Sometimes clients need to spend more time getting to know their Realtor, especially at the first meeting.

I met the nicest people this weekend who had previously worked with our team. This was the first time we met. Together, we walked their piece of rural real estate. It was such an interesting piece of property. There were many beautiful oak trees. This amazing pomegranate tree was just covered with fruit. We picked some fruit together and sat in the shade looking onto the property. There were so many wild turkeys about, too. What a glorious afternoon. read more

The Code of Ethics in Real Estate Practice

The Code of Ethics in Real Estate Practice

The Code of Ethics in real estate practice is governed by the National Association of Realtors. We are members as Realtors. The articles contained within the code are so important. It always surprises me how these are not practiced by some real estate practitioners. Having a California Broker’s License does not mean that every licensed individual is always working within the parameters of honest and fair dealings.

To file a complaint requires time and effort. By the time the offender has closed escrow with you, often it is just so much paperwork many agents will not file. For the most part, the Sacramento Association of Realtors Grievance Committee and Pro Standards Committees are not kept very busy considering how many members we have. The horror stories I have heard over the 25 years in my practice makes me shake my head in frustration. read more

How Long of a Listing Should Sellers Sign?

How Long of a Listing Should Sellers Sign?

How long of a listing should sellers sign? Below is a previous post for another website written by Elizabeth. This topic is relevant, timeless and a question sellers are curious about. Enjoy. — JaCi Wallace

Sellers rarely question the length of their listing contracts. They simply accept whatever term the agent puts into the listing agreement. However, it is the seller’s responsibility and legal right to choose the length of the listing. Although, agents can help guide a seller by suggesting a listing term based on the average days on market, it is not the agent’s decision to make. It is the seller’s. read more

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