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How to Reset the Days on Market for Sacramento Listings

reset the days on market

We reset the days on market as many times as it takes to get a full price offer.

Agents in Sacramento tend to ask a lot of questions about why I reset the days on market for my listings. My listings confuse them. But that’s because it can be complicated to ensure the seller receives the highest price, and I do whatever it takes to make it happen. I realize it looks screwy to them, but Sacramento agents are not my target. My target is homebuyers who receive listings from MLS.

Homebuyers put a lot of credence into how long a property has been for sale. Much more than that aspect probably deserves, but they don’t know how else to analyze a listing. The perception homebuyers latch onto is a home must be worth less if it’s been on the market for a while. Sometimes it is true and sometimes it is not. It is not a true statement in all cases. read more

How to Revoke a Cancellation When Buying a Home

revoke a cancellation

Sellers are not always eager to revoke a cancellation when a buyer asks.

Rarely does a buyer decide to revoke a cancellation when buying a home but it seems to happen enough lately. Makes me wonder if there is something in the water. One day the buyer is madly in love with the house; the next day, cold feet. They find some peculiar aspect of the situation to focus on, blow out of proportion, and the next thing you know, they execute a cancellation.

Always for silly insignificant things it seems. Then, for no known reason, they suddenly change their minds. Nope, they really DO want to buy the house, and they regret signing the cancellation. Fortunately, there are several ways to revoke a cancellation. The easiest solution is to sign an addendum agreeing to revoke the cancellation and pick up where the parties left off. read more

Tips for Working With Non-English Speaking Buyers in Sacramento

non-english speaking buyers in sacramento real estate

Communication is more difficult working with non-English speaking buyers in Sacramento real estate.

Working with non-English speaking buyers in Sacramento real estate is more common than you might think. It’s no secret that our lower affordable prices and close proximity to the Bay Area draws to Sacramento many foreign buyers from San Francisco.

One of the recurring hurdles we need to cross is to develop trust. Which is difficult when you can’t really communicate. I mean, how do you tell a buyer, hey, we Sacramento Realtors are in many ways like those from the Midwest, honest almost to a fault, accommodating, desiring to assist and help. We are not slippery-slope big city sharks. read more

The Worst Purchase Offer Ever in 40 Years Says Realtor

worst purchase offer ever

This Sacramento Realtor did not expect to see an offer top Worst Purchase Offer Ever.

To hold the dubious honor of worst purchase offer ever received by this Sacramento Realtor, it’s got to be pretty bad. After all, you figure I probably receive around 300 to 500 offers, I’m guessing, every year. In just 10 years, that would mean reviewing 3,000 to 5,000 purchase offers, on average. Over 40 years, it’s a crazy number of purchase offers. I’ve received doozies in my day but this is the worst purchase offer ever in 40+ years.

When the buyer’s agent is, um, overly emotional as well, it adds to the unwanted drama. Just the other night, an agent asked if my sellers would do XYZ for her buyers. She didn’t want to bother to put the offer into writing unless the sellers agreed verbally to accept. Huh? Anybody who is that lazy doesn’t deserve a response. I wanted to say, look dude, put it in writing because verbal means jack shit. But I sensed she was not receptive to the real world. After the sellers rejected, she launched into a tirade. I have no time for craziness, certainly not from an agent we aren’t even in escrow with. read more

The Meaning of Win-Win in Real Estate is Usually Singular

win-win in real estate

Win-win in real estate doesn’t really exist in seller’s markets.

My second husband, who is dead now, used to talk about win-win in real estate all of the time. He truly believed that transactions could be win-win. His reasoning? The seller would get the home sold at list price, although not necessarily the way they wanted, and the buyer gets everything the buyer wants. That’s not win-win to me. This guy believed in win-win so much because he always believed his own lies. You know, sort of like Trump, when he repeats a lie enough times, he believes his own alternative facts. read more

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