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Sacramento Realtors Who Answer the Phone

sacramento realtors who answer the phone

Sacramento Realtors who answer the phone deal with a lot of crap.

Sacramento Realtors who answer the phone probably do ten times the business of agents who send calls to voice mail. That’s what I’m betting. I mean, I don’t have any hard statistics to back up this theory, but the reason I say this is because I get calls from buyers and sellers who often start out by saying, “I found you on the internet.” Just by sheer reasoning, you can pretty much figure if I don’t answer my phone, there will be another agent they found on the internet they can call. One thing that separates me from others is I am one of those Sacramento Realtors who answer the phone. read more

Raising the Bar for Sacramento Realtors Means Speaking Up

raising the bar

Raising the bar in Sacramento real estate is the duty of every Realtor.

Raising the bar does not mean calling the real estate police. For one thing, there are no official real estate police. One also can’t just notify the California Bureau of Real Estate of a violation and expect the staff who handle consumer complaints to know which rules or regulations had been violated. The staff is made up of people who just work there, they have a 9-to-5 job, and that job is not to monitor or memorize every real estate regulation on the books.

If one is gonna file a complaint at the California Bureau of Real Estate, one needs to do one’s own homework and point out the codes or regulations the perpetrator has trampled. Otherwise, one most likely will encounter some yo-yo saying that seems OK to me, when the actionable item is against the law. Perhaps the violation could be grounds for losing a real estate license, but then we agents are not the commissioner running that arm of state government. Tip: don’t just say an agent can’t do XYZ without citing case or code numbers. read more

Are Double-Ending Listing Agents Bad News for Sacramento Sellers?

double ending listing agents

Double ending listing agents tend to cost the seller money.

Double-ending listing agents have been around since I started in the business in the early 1970s. They are still in the business today. Whether they will survive the real estate shake-up in the future, like 10 to 15 years from now, is doubtful. The reason I think they’ll eventually vanish is because they are a bad idea to start with. Time will only make them worse. I also believe sellers are becoming more sophisticated. They are wising up.

Although, at least in Sacramento, double-ending listing agents happens fewer times than one might think. It’s just not all that common. read more

Questions a Sacramento Listing Agent Must Answer With Diplomacy

questions a sacramento listing agent must answer

There are undoubtedly questions a Sacramento listing agent must answer.

When my husband is home, he hears the questions a Sacramento listing agent must answer on a daily basis via my speaker phone, and half the time he just shakes his head. He cannot believe the stuff I deal with, and it’s probably one of the reasons (among many, if you ask him) why he would never in a million years want to join me in Sacramento real estate. He is a fairly sane person, so that sort of counts him out right there. He is also much snarkier than I am. He would probably tell people exactly what is wrong with them, and he’d never sell anything at all. Whereas, I have more patience and diplomacy. read more

Sacramento Agent Deliberately Damaged a Home When Showing

agent damaged a home

Two holes in the siding are from an agent who damaged a home when showing.

With all the things going on at our trio of Sunday open houses, I did not expect to hear that a Sacramento agent deliberately damaged a home when showing his buyer the house. Granted, the agent called to admit his guilt because the neighbors had taken photographs of his red car, with the prominent real estate sign on his door, and he knew it. This was about an hour before the incredible Barbara Dow had arrived to open the home for showings. The agent’s excuse was he was trying to show his buyer there was dry-rot damage to the siding, because agents are such dry-rot experts — NOT — so he kicked the siding with his foot. He left a large hole. Then, for some unknown reason, he kicked the siding a second time. What was his excuse then? read more

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