Terrific Tuesday In Sacramento Real Estate

Tuesday in Sacramento

Terrific Tuesday in Sacramento real estate can mean many things to many people. We closed an escrow on Boathouse in Natomas. Today on terrific Tuesday, the funds wire into our seller’s account. Also, the buyer’s agent and I both get paid today. So far, so good, lots of positive things are happening. Also, today sent out a multiple counter offer for another listing in Natomas. It is due back by the end of the day today. This seller is going to be very excited to get into a purchase contract. It is turning out to be a terrific Tuesday, but wait there is more. read more

Terrific Tuesday In  Sacramento Real Estate

Benefits of Selling a Home with a Full Service Realtor in Antelope

full service realtor

Full service Realtor sold this Antelope home in 3 days over list and closed in 25 days.

There are many benefits to selling a home with a full service Realtor, but rather than tell you, I’d rather show you a real life situation. It means more, I believe, when you’re looking at an actual transaction because you can put yourself in the seller’s shoes and better relate. This particular seller in Antelope called me in early January of this year to say she wanted to sell her home. I was at our vacation home on my Hawaii wor-cation on the day the seller called, and not coming back home to Sacramento anytime soon.

Still, it doesn’t mean I don’t work when I am in Hawaii because I do. My work and my personal life are very much intertwined. I answer my phone. I take listings. I sell homes. And I do much of it from Hawaii in the winter. Yes, I am a top producer in Sacramento who has refined the art of selling homes over decades that I don’t even have to be here in person to do the job and do it well.

I gave the seller a list of things to do to get ready for selling her home. I prepared a CMA, a comparative market analysis, and emailed it to her. This seller used home estimates on other websites and felt the home was not priced appropriately. So I invested time explaining why those websites were wrong, and why my numbers were correct and by the time I finished, I swear, the seller could almost become an appraiser.

It’s OK, I am used to educating people. Unless you’re in the real estate business for over 40 years and sell a couple homes a week, a traditional home seller can’t begin to know what I know, and I’m happy to share my knowledge. This is what a full-service Realtor does. Educates and performs.

When I returned to Sacramento toward the end of January, I met with the seller in person. Inspected her home. Helped her select a couple of contractors, made a few minor repairs. Discussed home staging techniques. Then 3 months went by. I checked in from time to time, but the seller wasn’t ready. She had finished the repairs, but she wasn’t emotionally ready. However, she really needed to be ready. She had a new home sale closing in June and our market in April was super hot.

I could sense she needed a bit of encouragement, so I made an appointment for a professional photographer and met with her again. I knew she was ready. She just didn’t know she was ready. I nudged a little, gently. If I didn’t, she would be chewing off fingernails about now. We signed the paperwork and went on the market the third week in April. Received 3 offers that weekend.

I felt she could get a bit more on price given the demand, so we a) pushed up the price of the offer we wanted, b) arranged for her to stay after closing for another 45 days at no cost, rent-free, and she c) sold the home AS IS without any repairs, even though the buyer’s home inspection and pest report reflected deficiencies. This is what working with a full-service Realtor gets a seller. Top dollar and peace of mind.

The seller closed escrow on her home in Antelope in 25 days. No fuss, no muss. Her entire transaction ran as smooth as silk. Plus, now she can focus on packing and getting ready to move into her brand new home at the end of June. All of my listings tend to produce a satisfying ending for me and my clients. If you’re interested in learning more about a full service Realtor, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

Benefits of Selling a Home with a Full Service Realtor in Antelope

Home in Antelope Searching for First-Time Home Buyers to Love

home in antelope

8204 Helmsley Court is a gorgeous home in Antelope now available for sale.

Buyer’s agents who think they can push this Sacramento listing agent around have another think coming, but first, let me tell you about my new listing, a fabulous home in Antelope. I’ve been working with the seller on getting this home ready since my wor-cation in Hawaii last winter. It’s not that the home in Antelope needed much prepping; it’s that the seller wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. She takes great pride in her home. And it shows.

This is a home whose ambiance hits you the minute you walk in the door. Vaulted ceiling and a somewhat open floor plan that still provides for secluded spaces give one a feeling of privacy mixed with cozy luxury. The rooms are just the right size, and the flow from room to room always provides a view of the next space. You don’t feel closed in, quite the opposite.

You’ll love the casual Berber carpeting. It says comfort yet elegance. Lots of nook and crannies and places to grow indoor plants because there is so much light and energy. The formal living room features a fireplace, and the formal dining room provides space for a china cabinet. A knee wall separates the dining room from the family room, and there is also space in the kitchen for a breakfast table. The seller is willing to leave the refrigerator providing the buyer asks for it in the purchase contract.

This is a great home for entertaining. The back yard has been professionally landscaped with an expansive area of stamped concrete, perfect for barbecues and a place to spend lazy summer afternoons. Fairly maintenance free, except for a small lush patch of lawn.

You’ll find a bath downstairs, two more baths upstairs, including a master suite. The master is vaulted, which makes the room appear even larger, and it’s a good sized room to start with. All together, the home features 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, plus an indoor laundry room. It is situated on a culdesac toward the end so no through traffic, which makes the location highly desirable.

Best of all is the price of this charming home in Antelope. It’s affordable. Turn-key, ready to move into and affordable. Don’t wait. It’s got tons of love to give to you. Call today to view this home. 8204 Helmsley Court, Antelope, CA 95843 is offered exclusively by Elizabeth Weintraub and Lyon Real Estate at $315K. For more information, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

And now I go back to these agents who like to threaten that they will withdraw offers without an immediate response and demand I pass on every bit of pushiness they send my way to the seller. You know what I say to them? If you want to withdraw an offer, do it. Go buy something else out there that does not exist. Heh, heh. Or you can wait until the seller is ready to review your offer. If not you, it will be somebody else.

See photos below of 8204 Helmsley Court in Antelope:

Home in Antelope

Formal living and dining room at 8204 Helmsley Court


home in antelope

Family room located off the kitchen features sliding doors to the back yard.


home in antelope

Professionally landscaped back yard is low maintenance with stamped concrete.

Home in Antelope Searching for First-Time Home Buyers to Love

Short Sale Buyers Closed on Antelope Home With Free Equity

short sale buyers

Happy short sale buyers are even happier after closing on a home in Antelope.

The short sale buyers who purchased my seller’s home in Antelope really lucked out on a terrific deal in several ways. As the top Sacramento short sale agent, of course I represented the sellers. The buyers were represented by someone else. We went on the market at the end of March, yet it took us 3 weeks to get an offer for this short sale. Even in a limited inventory market, there were still other homes in Antelope to buy that could close right away, so many buyers passed by this gem. Few want to look at short sales when there is an abundance of regular homes for sale.

Sitting quietly by itself in Antelope Trails among many grander and larger homes, this home seemed larger than it is. And it is larger. The strange thing about this home’s square footage actually affects many other homes in newer subdivisions. Not just in Antelope, mind you, but I have encountered this particular situation in homes in West Sacramento, homes in Lincoln, including homes in Elk Grove. The square footage can often be published incorrectly in the public records because builders made final changes to the floor plans without updating their own records.

This happens because maybe a builder offered a design plan that included a three-car garage but the buyers chose a two-car garage so they could utilize the extra interior space for an office. Or the plan called for soaring cathedral ceilings, and the buyers chose a master-suite retreat option that enclosed some of that space. Enclosing space on the second floor can also add square footage to a home. It’s an inexpensive option.

You might think: what is 300 square feet? These short sale buyers will find out when it comes time to sell. A simple way to figure the square footage benefit is if certain homes in Antelope, say, sell at $160 a square foot, an additional 300 square feet could mean another $48,000 in equity. The short sale buyers didn’t think about that when they trespassed on this property, poking around, peeking in the windows and then claiming the sellers had removed fixtures. You hear a lot of horror stories about short sales, but like I informed their agent, I don’t work with sellers like that. My sellers clean up their homes the best they can and are responsible people.

The short sale buyers who bought this home gained an extra 300 square feet or so on top of receiving a slight discount on price due to the waiting period. Free equity. With two loans, it can take 90 days to get short sale approval. These buyers also had a home to sell, but since most banks will not accept a contingent offer, I suggested that the buyers keep the sale of their existing home, if at all possible, out of the short sale offer.

Lots of moving parts and trust on both sides go into making short sale buyers close escrow. At least these guys didn’t mess up their credit report while they waited, like other short sale buyers I won’t mention.

Unexpected Benefits After Closing the Sale of an Investment Property in Antelope

investment property in antelope

We all wish the investment properties in Antelope were as cute as this home!

When I agreed to list and sell an investment property in Antelope, I did not realize the seller would become a good friend. Although, in retrospect, I don’t know why not. Most of my friends are a combination of other agents, real estate professionals and former clients, when I stop to think about it. When I was younger, I drew a hard line between “friends” and work relationships, but now that I’m in my 60s, that line is blurred, and it’s OK. When you’re as dedicated as I to real estate, the business and your personal life become one and the same on many levels.

I listed this home around the end of November, just before I left for my wor-cation in Hawaii last winter. In case you don’t know, a wor-cation is when I get away, generally by myself for a few weeks to a month, when the real estate business slows a little in Sacramento. Business never comes to a dead stop, but it does tend to relax its intensity in December. Which means I work in front of my computer with cellphone nearby for only 4 hours before hitting the beach. As I lie in the sun reading a book, I stash my iPad by my side for emails and that occasional *Ingress portal hack. It’s a great way to unwind, yet still work and sell Sacramento real estate.

Almost immediately upon listing the investment property in Antelope, we received a lowball offer from that big investment group and its robo-agents. I like these because we can use them to create multiple-offer situations to drive up the price for my sellers, so I say: keep those lowballs coming guys! My seller was concerned she would not make a profit because her home had been previously underwater. Not anymore, though!

We talked by phone while I was in Hawaii. I had been strolling through the ancient lava beds and historical site at the Marriott, craddling my iPad, on which I was playing Ingress, and yakking on my cell with my free hand. At one point, I asked the seller, “Whatever possessed you to buy this investment property in Antelope?” She is a European foreigner working in the Midwest. How did she end up with a rental home in Antelope? By the time she reached the end of her remarkable story, I received a message I’ve never seen before on my iPad. It said my iPad was “too hot” (from exposure to the sun) and would turn itself off!

There were repair issues to negotiate for the investment property in Antelope, but we successfully navigated those minor concerns. In the end, the seller received more than list price, and many thousands of dollars she had not counted on, due in part to my aggressive listing approach and coupled with the fact she did not owe the taxes she was afraid she would owe.

We will stay in touch, we decided, and we chatted yesterday after closing while the seller packed for a trip to Geneva. Gotta take wool socks and a warm hat.

*Elizabeth Weintraub has 2 Ingress Portals named after her on the islands of Lanai and Molokai.

Unexpected Benefits After Closing the Sale of an Investment Property in Antelope

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