Cannot Wait for Brunch at Alaro Craft Brewery in Midtown Sacramento

alaro craft brewery

Alaro Craft Brewery got its name in part from a Mallorca municipality in the Balearic Islands of Spain. It used to be Rubicon Brewing Company in that location at 2004 Capitol, but that 30-year institution in Sacramento closed its doors last year. We had been reading about the opening of Alaro Craft Brewery.  I’ve been craving Spanish food. Especially Spanish cheese, since my team member Josh Amolsch texted a photo of a trio cheese package I had served when he visited me in Kona last August. Yum, Manchego, tipsy goat and Iberico cheese.

When we read in the Sacramento Bee a review of Alaro Craft Brewery, it was iffy to wander down for a late lunch. Reason is every time the Sac Bee reviews a restaurant, they are generally flooded with business. It was about 1:30 on Sunday when we suddenly decided we were starving. Too hungry to walk, needed to drive, park in my husband’s parking lot for the State and wander over. Sure enough, we were able to score one of the last outside tables available.

Inside was a zoo.

In part it was noisy inside because a couple of the Brew Bikes were parked outside and waiting. There were so many people we couldn’t even see the type of seating arrangement inside. Only that it was too loud.

You will love the small plates. I really don’t see any reason to order anything else when such delectable treats are available at such reasonable prices. We ordered the Gambas Al Ajillo, which is shrimp with garlic (a bit greasy, not enough napkins) yet surprisingly accompanied by those hearty small loaves of bread; the lamb meatballs (heavenly), beets with pistachio-caper relish sprinkled with feta (my favorite); eggplant caponata, which also featured cauliflower; and a roasted pepper filled with a cheesy potato and fish mixture.

Then, there is the craft beer. Not to go hog wild on a Sunday afternoon, I ordered a high-octane IPA, but a small glass at 10 ounces. My husband chose a pale ale. Both selections were excellent. Can’t wait to come back to this place when brunch begins. Just sit outside when the you spot the Brew Bikes nearby and you’ll be fine.

After that, you can stroll over to the R Street corridor to visit all the new shops, including WEST ELM, which is now open!

Elizabeth Weintraub

Cannot Wait for Brunch at Alaro Craft Brewery in Midtown Sacramento

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