What Can Sacramento Listing Agents Disclose About Offers?

listing agents disclose about offers

What can Sacramento listing agents disclose about offers may surprise you.

If you’re wondering about what can Sacramento listing agents disclose about offers to other agents, you might be a bit surprised to learn the answer. That’s because agents often try to be fair with each other, and sometimes they try too hard, in which case it generally means they have forgotten whom they represent. In fact, I had a seller question me last week about why do I refuse to do dual representation? Why do I insist on sole representation of the seller in my real estate practice when I am free to work with buyers as well? Why would anybody do that?

For me, it’s primarily because I like to keep my life simple and avoid lawsuits. I do not see any way that I could ethically represent both parties in a transaction. When I only represent the seller, it is very clear to me that I do not owe the buyer anything apart from honesty. I am not required to be “fair” to the buyer. If the buyer is unhappy with me at closing, all that means is after time passes — when they decide it is time to sell — they will hire me and not some other agent. Because I represent sellers in a one-sided manner.

I’ve had buyers call me and say they were furious with me because my sellers didn’t do this, that, or the other thing during escrow, but now that they’ve had time to reflect, they want me as their Sacramento listing agent.

What can Sacramento listing agents disclose about offers? Listing agents can disclose whatever their sellers authorize them to disclose. If a seller says, for example, that during multiple offers, she does not want her agent to try to obtain the highest price, and some sellers will say that, that’s what I do. If sellers say, yes, go ahead and tell every agent who calls to write an offer that they need to beat XYZ price, that’s what I do. It’s one way to get the highest price for the seller, especially when agents ask: “What do I have to do to win this offer?”

Winning the offer is not enough, though. The buyer’s agent needs to be able to manage the buyer to get to closing. This does not mean bringing an unreasonable message from the buyer to the listing agent and waiting for a response because agents are not “messengers.” It means educating, explaining and guiding, which yes, is a lot more work but that’s why we have buyer’s agents and listing agents. It’s not a matter of can Sacramento listing agents disclose other offers; it’s a matter of following your seller’s instructions.

If you don’t want the terms of your offer discussed with other agents, you can submit a confidentiality agreement. But in practical terms, it just means your buyer’s offer is unlikely to be considered as a strong contender. Sellers don’t have to sign such agreements.

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What Can Sacramento Listing Agents Disclose About Offers?

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