Why Blogs Don’t Always Have to Be About Real Estate

market cycles in sacramento real estateBecause I live with myself and know what odd subjects I am capable of writing about, it should not astonish me when I spot some of the search terms that visitors to my website search for to end up here. Every time I sign on the editing page, I am greeted with the search terms recent visitors have entered into Google. Some of them make me laugh out loud. Like “do tennis balls explode in the microwave?” I could have sworn I did not write a blog in which I mentioned exploding tennis balls, but I would have been mistaken.

Just like I did not write a blog about whether counter tops should be flush with the vanity or that I did not even realize people would search for that phrase, but the answer, in case you’re wondering, is a resounding NO because water can run down the face of the cabinet and ruin it. Just like I did not write a blog about why vessel sinks don’t drain, except that I did, and I provided the solution to vessel sinks not draining.

I did not realize what a plethora of information I have shared in my blogs, real estate or not. But if it helps other people, that’s just as well because goodness knows we all need a little help now and then. If you know something that could benefit other people, you should probably share it. Unless you’re not certain. If you are feeling uneasy or uncertain about sharing certain facts, maybe you should keep your trap shut. Maybe that’s nature’s way of telling you to shut up. To stop the TMI.

I had to remove myself from a local website that I used to enjoy spending time on and reading little nuggets of wisdom on until it became a dumping ground for all crap all the crappy time. And for people to freely deposit their ignorance and share racist and bigoted views. Stuff I didn’t want to know about anybody, and now that I know about it, I wish I didn’t. They say if you sit on the sidelines and say nothing, you’re part of the problem, which is why I’d rather have nothing to do with it.

I don’t ever want to be part of the problem. We have enough problems in the world today. And there are enough things going on in Sacramento real estate on any given day to keep my fingers busy on the keyboard for years. Every so often I like to write blogs about something different. You never know what you’ll get when you click on my blog but you can rest assured that it won’t be bigoted, fascist or racist.

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