Beware of Sacramento Agents Who Have a Dog in the Race

sacramento agent who has a dog in the race

Not every Sacramento Realtor has a dog in the race.

You know what I mean about Sacramento agents who have a dog in the raceright? The underbelly of this business. Especially real estate agents whose sole business model is: no closing, no paycheck. When an agent must close a transaction or starve to death, it can be difficult for a client to feel comfortable with the advice that agent might offer. I get it. But I hadn’t quite had it put to me like a client explained a few days ago.

Basically, he said he was referring me to a co-worker who needed to list his home because I have enough business to be financially comfortable. Implying that it’s difficult to trust an agent who doesn’t. Granted, there are many types of Realtors in Sacramento.

It’s true that there are Sacramento agents who have a dog in the race, but I’m not one of those. I take listings because I enjoy the challenges and it’s rewarding to do a good job for my sellers. The money isn’t bad, either. But money is not my motivation. As a matter of principle, I probably charge more than most other agents, but I also provide services that warrant the highest commission and net higher prices. You might find that ironic but I don’t.

If a seller demands to work with a cheap agent, that seller can work with another agent who won’t do nearly the job I would do. No skin off my teeth. There’s another seller around the corner who values what I do.

And, yes, I find it amusing when a seller asks me if this is a good time to go on the market. I tell them don’t ask a Realtor if it’s a good time because an agent will tell you YES.

New Client: Is this a good time to hire you?

Me: Well, I dunno, maybe you should check back next year to see if I’ve retired.

Darn tootin’ it’s a good time to hire Elizabeth Weintraub! There’s a reason I rank in the top 5 agents in Sacramento.

Although, joking aside, I do tell clients if their home will be difficult to sell, then list it now. We have no inventory. It will sell quickly. We’ll push that price up, and I’ll take care of them all the way through closing. I will monitor the transaction and handle any blips. On the other hand, if you’ve got a stunning home and can afford to wait, then April 15th is prime time.

I’ll sell anything if it’s fun to do. I don’t need to have a dog in the race. But be careful of those who do. Sometimes buyer’s agent will try to threaten me and the seller. They say if we don’t do what their buyer wants, their buyer will walk away. You know my response is to that? That agent is an idiot. They don’t look for answers, solutions.

Still, I don’t hold that against them. Because they could very well be one of those Sacramento agents who have a dog in the race. Those are the ones who rarely make it to the finish line. They do not realize that a sure-fired way to make it in the real estate business is to take the agent out of the equation and focus on what is best for the seller.

Beware of Sacramento Agents Who Have a Dog in the Race

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