Being A Successor Trustee for My Friends

Successor Trustee for my friends

I became a Successor Trustee for a few friends. Some years ago, I sold a home in the active adult community of Del Webb in Elk Grove to a couple I met from Las Vegas. Rosanna and Rich later became my dear friends. Sadly, Rich died of a debilitating disease a few years ago. It has been a really a sad time for Rosanna. He was the love of her life. They had met in California and moved to Hawaii, sold real estate together on the Big Island. Later they moved to Maui, bought a business and did very well.

Rich decided after several years they should move to Vegas. They loved nightlife and the casinos. After much deliberation, they sold the Maui business to a friend and moved. They bought a place near the casinos. The business in Maui filed BK 18 months later, evidentially run into the ground. Rosanna said the business had been a cash cow. To end the nightmare, they had to buy out the space lease; it was a real mess.

I relocated them to the Sacramento area from Las Vegas. The hot temperatures were taking their toll on Richard. After Richard passed, no one in the family wanted to accept the role of Successor Trustee. To be a Successor Trustee, you have to be willing to stop life support, if that’s what the DNR (do not resuscitate) dictates. She asked me and I said it would be my honor to accept the role. I am now the Successor Trustee of Rossana’s Trust. Rosanna has no children. I’m not an heir. I told her I want no payment whatsoever. Friends help friends. I’m happy to help ease her worry.

Rosanna knows I have no problem making decisions that relieve the suffering of animals and or humans. Another friend of mine whom I’ve known for about 30 years also made me the Successor Trustee of her trust. She has two children, but they’re both not really in a position to make the final decisions or handle her finances.

I also, of course, would take care of all the cats if something ever happened to either person as I’m the Successor Trustee for my friends. They know I will do what they wanted to the letter. Everybody knows I have 10 cats and always have room here on my farm for a few more.

I delivered Rosana’s kitty yesterday evening. She adopted the orange tabby I was fostering. I have gotten so attached to him so it wasn’t easy to say goodbye. I knew that she was going to be happier and not so sad. His sweet personality he will provide her so much company. He will have lots of love and attention 24/7.

Before I delivered the kitten, I went to the pet store and bought everything I could think of toys, cat trees, scratching boards, catnip, litter boxes, cat litter, cat food, and a big cat cage. I also took all of the things that have familiar smells from my house. He loves his pillow, and his favorite toys so that he would not be so stressed by the move and living with a new person.

Rosanna then said let’s go to dinner as we had kitty all setup. We put him in his cat cage which he’s used to, as he has one at my house that he just loved. I didn’t even get home until almost 11 p.m. and I was dead dog tired. I know sweet “Buddy,” one of the orange tabby kittens will give her so much love and companionship. Goodbye for now sweet kitty. You will be missed but your huge purr and tiny paw prints made an impression on my heart forever.

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–JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
Weintraub & Wallace

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