Are All of Your Phone Numbers Registered on the Do Not Call List?

are all of your phone numbers registered on the do not call list

Do you know if all of your phone numbers are registered on the Do Not Call list? Bet you do not.

Talking on the phone is such an antiquated thing, though.

Yet, that doesn’t stop people from calling and leaving messages. Often, it’s spammers, advertisers and other types of people I don’t want to talk to. This is why I have my phone number registered at the Do Not Call List. I discovered something a few days ago that didn’t initially dawn on me. I run campaigns on Zillow. When I get calls from Zillow, for example, my phone notifies me the caller is from Zillow. That’s because Zillow uses tracking phone numbers.

I get a lot of calls from Zillow, especially, that are telemarketers. Makes me wonder if Zillow is selling their list of real estate agents who advertise or if callers comb Zillow for those phone numbers. The only way to stop some of those calls is to register the tracking phone numbers on the Do Not Call List. And then report the callers. So, if you have other phone numbers out there, make sure you register them on the Do Not Call List. You can register 3 numbers at a time. If your phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry for 31 days, you can file a complain.

Funny how we readily adapt to technology. With a bluetooth device stuck in my ear, I rarely look at my phone anymore when it rings. That’s because my bluetooth device tells me who is calling. However, if I am on the phone already when a call comes in, generally that phone call goes to my voice mail. The problem that I have — and I realize this is probably an isolated situation for most people — is I don’t always remember to check my voice mail. I’m so busy I often forget my phone even rang. There is nothing that nags me to check voice mail unless I actually touch my phone, turn it on and look at it.

Further, the problem with talking to my phone is it doesn’t always understand me. It types weird crap. If you’ve ever received a profane message from me, it’s because my phone did it, not me. Honest. You won’t believe some of the messages it types and to which I accidentally hit send. My assistant has to decipher what I really meant to say. I encourage her to speak the words out loud because that might give her a clue. My text messages go out in code. There or is actually therefore. Who says therefore? I guess I do.

Voice mail is no longer time efficient for me. To retrieve messages from voice mail means I have to first listen to the message. Some callers are pretty long winded. Then I have to write down the phone number, because not everybody calls from the phone number they ask I call, so I can’t just call the number that called me by pressing “call back.” If I’m driving, that’s a problem. Then, when I call the person, there is no answer half the time.

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