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finding the best sacramento real estate agentProbably one of the hardest things a Sacramento Realtor does daily is to pull herself out of the transaction and let the parties make their own decisions. I often see other agents earnestly advising their clients and getting very upset when the clients choose the opposite action. They might believe the clients are making a life-altering mistake or they are offended that the client hasn’t taken their advice, and what they generally tend to forget is the all-important fact that, hey, they don’t own the house, for example, the seller does, or their buyer is about to.

The other thing is just because a client disagrees with her agent doesn’t mean the client is wrong. Clients make decisions based on the way they perceive the information at hand and from their own life experiences, which might be very different from the way a Realtor interprets the situation. We are not White Knight agents, and should try to not get so wrapped up in a transaction that we can’t be impartial, if need be. Sacramento Realtors need to be the individuals with clear vision and a focus. We are the people our clients rely on. We are often the bedrock, the guide.

As a top producer Realtor in Sacramento, there are times that I find myself believing my clients are making an error, which is why I bring this up. Because I quickly let go of those thoughts, especially when the client is adamant. My job is to explain the pros and cons of a situation to my clients and to allow my clients the dignity of making their own decisions. If I were remiss and did not fully deliver the facts as I see them, then I would be at fault, and I never want to be at fault. I can even say, I think you’re making a mistake, but that’s where I draw the line.

Clients need to make their own decisions, and Realtors should deliver the information that will help clients to format the best solution. Realtors cannot and should not try to make any decision on behalf of the client.

Although, when I receive an offer for one of my sellers, I will try to share my thoughts on the offer, but whether to accept, counter or reject is always up to the seller. Because you never know which way it will go, never. If you think you do, you’re only fooling yourself. That’s what I’ve learned over the past 40 years in real estate. We can’t accurately predict all outcomes. Sometimes, even the strangest things will happen. The consequences, though, whatever they may be, belong to the client.

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