A Realtor Shows You Property Are You Committed To Her?

Realtor Shows you Property

If a Realtor shows you property are you committed to using her? Well, it depends. An interesting scenario happened today. Last week I met an agent and his buyers, at my Ranch listing in Elk Grove. There were several people and they seemed interested. I could tell the agent had not met the buyers before as he shook hands and said happy to meet you.

Yesterday a Realtor called me about setting up an appointment to see the Ranch. She said the buyers had already seen the property. I asked her if they had seen it at an open house? She said, “well no” and then dodged the question moving to another comment about the property. Next, I asked for the buyer’s names for security reasons at the seller’s request.

Today, I met the agent and the buyers at the Ranch and low and behold it was the same buyers from last week. Only this time, they were with a different Realtor. Actually, there were two Realtors today a husband and a wife. No mention from anyone about the previous Realtor.

If the first Agent who showed them the property had a signed exclusive Buyer Broker agreement, then he may very well be entitled to a commission. If not, as less than a week had passed in between the showings, he may be able to obtain commission based on procuring cause. There are no guarantees of course on payment to an agent as there is not an automatic solution.

If you have a Realtor show you property then hopefully you have done your research. Always be prepared to hire the Realtor that meets your expectations. They will be guiding you regarding the largest financial purchase in your lifetime. Agents should always consider the use of a Buyer Broker Agreement. This form keeps everyone on the same page and spells out the consequences should a buyer decide to switch agents.

I don’t know if this situation today was lack of education as perhaps the first agent didn’t explain how Realtors work. If he didn’t tell you that he was not a non-profit before a showing, then a buyer may assume Realtors like running around burning gas and time. Doesn’t everyone work with no expectation of being paid? Of course, some agents may not deserve to be paid. Before you hire an agent do your research. This is a critical step in the buying process.

Before hiring a Realtor, discuss a Buyer Broker agreement. Share your expectations with a Realtor before going to see a property. This could save you a potentially problematic issue later. You may end up owing a fee that would be most often paid by the seller so it is in your best interest to interview Agents before looking at property. Always hire the best Realtor in your area.

If you call Weintraub and Wallace Realtors, with RE/MAX Gold, at 916-233-6759, we will explain the buying process. When a Realtor shows you property, we fully explain the commitment of both buyer and Realtor. Our exclusive buyer’s agents review with you what services to expect and we over deliver and out 5-star reviews online, prove it. We represent your interests. Call us today.

— JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
Weintraub & Wallace

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