A Chase Bank Short Sale Loves Me, Chase Bank Loves Me Not

Usually I do not talk about Sacramento short sales until they close, just as a matter of policy. But this particular Chase short sale is so bizarre; whatever happens the seller is beyond giving much of a hoot, even though the bank is offering, let’s say $50,000 in cash for a home worth, let’s say $200,000.

The problem is there is a second loan held by a collection agency. The second has been sold over and over. It’s amazing that there is a market, a physical financial market for a second loan without any equity. There is a way that collection agencies can make big bucks buying up worthless instruments. You would think there is something illegal or against the law with this kind of practice, but everybody just looks the other way and shrugs their shoulders when I ask about it. It’s not a small financial practice, it’s a huge money-making venture. Hand-over-fist piles and piles of money is manufactured out of thin air! Nobody is talking about it.

The second problem is Chase has flagged this short sale as a file that needs a huge cash payment by Chase to the seller. To a person with an underwater home. Why does Chase need to give the seller $50,000? Nobody is saying. It’s unrelated to the National Mortgage Settlement because it’s been going on for more than a year. See, the thing with a Chase short sale is these short sales are not in Equator like almost every other short sale. These short sales are negotiated directly with Chase so they take forever to get approval. On average, my Chase short sales get approved in 3 to 4 months.

Because of California Civil Code 580e, the seller cannot make any contribution in a short sale. The second lender says if the seller is receiving a huge wad of cash from Chase, they want more of it. But the seller can’t give it to them. So, the answer is the seller gets nothing. We received short sale approval on this with Chase giving the seller nothing, and then the buyer split. Sorta par for the course.

Now we are back with a new buyer trying to get a second approval from Chase. This time Chase says it can’t issue approval unless the seller takes the $50,000. What? It’s a Chase Bank short sale like this that can make a Sacramento short sale agent pull out her hair.

A Chase Bank Short Sale Loves Me, Chase Bank Loves Me Not

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