985 Regatta Drive in Sacramento is Now Pending with Bay Area Buyer

985 Regatta Drive

Without going into specifics about the offer for the home on 985 Regatta Drive, yesterday the buyer removed all contingencies and we opened escrow. I know, it is backwards to how homes are commonly sold in Sacramento, but we are not negotiating in a normal market. Usually in a Sacramento transaction, the buyer presents an offer, the seller accepts and we enter escrow. Then the seller has 7 days to deliver disclosures to the buyer, and the buyer typically pays her own closing costs.

It goes without saying that I work with Bay Area agents to make a transaction close. I do what it takes. They are not always easy to work with because some do not sell very many homes and have little experience. Some do not have a lockbox key so they can’t access the property without assistance. And some do not know how we do business in Sacramento, just like we don’t really know how they do business in the Bay Area. Our practices are very different.

When we received the original offer from the Bay Area buyer for 985 Regatta Drive, I had never seen anything like it. The buyer pretty much asked for the moon and the stars. It would have been easy to dismiss. However, there was plenty to like about the offer. It started out a little rocky, a bit of misunderstanding, probably on both sides. But I quickly tried to work with the agent, and we began negotiating.

That’s all it really was. Negotiating what we want, while they negotiated what they wanted, and we found a way to make it work. We negotiated the Request for Repair before we entered escrow. Turns out the home is in pretty good shape, and there wasn’t much to worry about. Of course, we paid for our own home inspection upfront, but that was a small price to pay to make the transaction work.

Realtors can’t let ego get in the way as a Sacramento listing agent. Our client’s needs should always come first.

Unfortunately, two other buyers who were so patient and waited for us to finish the lengthy negotiations now cannot buy the home. Because 985 Regatta Drive, Sacramento, CA 95833 is presently pending. If I can sell this remodeled home in South Natomas by overcoming challenges in this manner, imagine what I can do for you.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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