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The Last of the Produce From Our Land Park Garden

Land Park garden

Tomatoes and giant cucumber from our Land Park garden in Sacramento.

One of the nicest things about living in California and growing a Land Park garden in Sacramento is the fact we enjoy an extended harvest. We can plant our veggies earlier than other parts of the country and continue to cultivate produce from early spring long into October. Although, I must say I was bit astonished when I dug around where the cucumber vines were all lumped together. There, nestled in the dirt, was a humongous cucumber we somehow overlooked.

My husband, being the kind of guy he is, with a waste-not-want-not type of attitude, says, hey, we can still eat it. Just scoop out the seeds. No, he can still eat it but I’m not chowing down on an oversized tasteless cucumber that’s been sitting in the dirt for months. I will eat escamoles (ant larva) but no months-old cucumbers for me. read more

All of My Friends Are in Real Estate or in Jail

all of my friends are in real estate

Elizabeth Weintraub, Ginny Gorman and Joan Cox at Ella.

All of my friends are in real estate or in jail, I like to say. Of course, I’m only half kidding. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t know of any friends who are in jail. Just about every person in my life is in real estate in some way or another, with the exception of a handful. I have relationships with real estate agents all over the country. I met them like I meet most people nowadays: online. With some people, you just click, and when you share a common passion for real estate, it’s even more interesting. read more

Are Cash Offers King in Sacramento Real Estate?

cash offers king

Agents who consider cash offers king in Sacramento might want to reconsider.

A buyer’s agent on Sunday reminded me that he considers cash offers king when he sent over his buyer’s purchase contract to buy a home. He kept repeating himself, just in case I didn’t understand his English. Cash offer, cash offer, all cash offer. Maybe he’s used to dealing with idiots, but he’s not that experienced. I know this because I looked up his sales in MLS, primarily since I did recognize his name nor company. I always like to know who I’m dealing with on behalf of my sellers. These offers come in from left field so often. Those agents never call to introduce themselves, they just shoot the offer over in an email. read more

Buildable Lot in Small Gated Community in Elk Grove

gated community in Elk Grove

9368 Kaanapali Court, Elk Grove, CA 95624 is over one acre.

This is a rare opportunity to build your dream home in a gated community in Elk Grove. Kapalua Estates is a small subdivision with only a handful of lots, and most of the owners have already built a home. There are utilities to the lot, so you’ve got sewer, electricity and gas. When I looked at the plat map, it shows 343 feet on the north side. The lot is slightly bigger than an acre at 43,569 square feet. It’s situated near Bradshaw and Bond Road, with the entrance to Kapalua from Bradshaw. read more

About Buying a Home Before Selling a House in Sacramento

buying a home before selling a house

It is very doable to pursue buying a home before selling a house in Sacramento today.

For some lucky sellers, it is definitely possible to pursue buying a home before selling a house in Sacramento. How one goes about this depends on basically two things: the type of real estate market you’re in and your financial ratios. At the moment, we are experiencing a strong seller’s market in Sacramento. This means sellers are in the driver’s seat. We have low inventory and high numbers of buyers. It’s the principle of supply and demand at work.

Sure, we have buyers who say, my house is so beautiful, it will sell right away, so why can’t I look at buying home before selling? As Sacramento Realtors, we have to bring these buyers into reality. Move them outside of their own situation and get them to look at this through the eyes of the seller. I say to them: Ok, pretend YOU are the seller of this house and YOU have 5 offers. Four of those offers are from buyers who don’t have a house a sell, they have no contingencies. They can get a loan and close right away. And then there is YOU. You who have not even put your home on the market, and you who wants the seller to wait while you get around to it. read more

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