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Sacramento Home Seller Says No DNA Buyer’s Agents

dna buyer's agents

DNA buyer’s agent need not submit a purchase offer, says seller.

This is the first time in my decades of selling real estate that I’ve had a Sacramento seller refuse to accept an offer from DNA buyer’s agents. First, I tried reason. Look, about 90% of the agents who belong to our Board of Realtors sell maybe 3 or 4 homes a year. Many of their sales are to family members. So, the odds of us getting an offer from one of those agents are pretty high. If you refuse to work with DNA buyer’s agents, you’re eliminating a lot of potential buyers from the opportunity to buy your home. read more

What Types of Hardwood Do High End Sacramento Buyers Prefer?

hardwood floors high end buyers

Today, I have a guest blogger who’s an expert when it comes to flooring, especially when we’re talking about what types of hardwood do high end Sacramento buyers prefer. Debbie Gartner aka The Flooring Girl is from the NYC metro area, and she is up on all the latest trends for hardwood flooring. Here, on the West Coast and in Sacramento, we are showing the same trends and preferences.

For those of you preparing your home for sale, you already know that hardwood flooring is all the rage these days. It’s the preferred flooring type among Sacramento home buyers, especially those looking for higher end homes. Hardwood looks great and feels great as it simultaneously gives you warmth, luxury and authenticity. And, of course, we all know that hardwood flooring improves the value of your home. read more

Campus Commons Condo Just Closed Escrow at Full List Price

campus commons condo

1102 Dunbarton Circle closed escrow at $425,000.

My first blog about this Campus Commons condo published 5 weeks ago and now this beautiful Powell condo has closed escrow. When I shared the good news yesterday with the seller, she seemed very pleased. She said, “Well, you got us list price,” and she seemed a bit astonished that it happened. Maybe because at first she had suggested a price that was $25,000 less than my suggested list price. I take into consideration how much sellers want, but it’s not generally a factor for me when determining a listing price. read more

What to Expect from the Sacramento Winter Home Selling Season

sacramento winter home selling season

Downtown Sacramento is often a busy market in the winter home selling season.

Coming soon to Trulia is an article about what to expect from the Sacramento winter home selling season. Part of it will probably include comments from Yours Truly. To round out opposing or supporting views, other agents will undoubtedly chime in as well. I have very specific views, developed from decades in the real estate business. Most people, I’d venture to guess, never think outside of themselves, in particular, many agents share this guilt. If you ask a Sacramento Realtor whether a seller should sell in winter, just about every single agent will tell you YES. Why? Because when the home sells, they get paid. read more

The Last of the Produce From Our Land Park Garden

Land Park garden

Tomatoes and giant cucumber from our Land Park garden in Sacramento.

One of the nicest things about living in California and growing a Land Park garden in Sacramento is the fact we enjoy an extended harvest. We can plant our veggies earlier than other parts of the country and continue to cultivate produce from early spring long into October. Although, I must say I was bit astonished when I dug around where the cucumber vines were all lumped together. There, nestled in the dirt, was a humongous cucumber we somehow overlooked.

My husband, being the kind of guy he is, with a waste-not-want-not type of attitude, says, hey, we can still eat it. Just scoop out the seeds. No, he can still eat it but I’m not chowing down on an oversized tasteless cucumber that’s been sitting in the dirt for months. I will eat escamoles (ant larva) but no months-old cucumbers for me. read more

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