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Your Fixer Home in Rancho Cordova is in Sacramento MLS

fixer home in rancho Cordova

2430 Stokewood Way, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 is a fixer home.

If you’re looking for a fixer home in Rancho Cordova, look no further. This new listing came on the market yesterday morning and it’s already generating a lot of excitement. This fixer home is located about halfway between Sunrise and Folsom off of Zinfandel. Nice neighborhood. I sold a lot of homes in this neighborhood during the market crash years in Sacramento. Now, the neighborhood is showing pride of ownership and people have equity again.

You can definitely see the possibilities when you walk through this home. It’s a popular model that features a remote living room right off the entry way with a brick fireplace at the far end and a steeple ceiling. It could use new carpeting and new vinyl, although the trend today in flooring tends to favor wood floors or wood-like laminates. read more

Don’t You Get Tired of People Lying to You All of the Time?

People lying

People lying seems more commonplace but it is not normal.

Goodness knows, I am no Pollyanna but listening to people lying all of the time is a bit much to take. Especially when the truth would have been so much easier to lean on. The truth has broad shoulders. It will always support you. Plus, as I’ve learned over the years, when you get to be my age, the truth is just so much easier because you never forget what you said. Lies you have to remember.

My mother used to tell me she could always tell when I was lying as a child, but I think she made that up to feel superior. I asked how could she tell, did I have a little white flags that popped up in my eyes? Did you take that last cookie, Elizabeth? No, like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie. Take would imply touching, and I didn’t touch the cookie. I made my brother swipe it and split it with me. My brother would always do what I said. And look at him now, he’d dead. I told him not to die but he didn’t listen. read more

Best Tip for Winning the Offer in Today’s Sacramento Housing Market

winning the offer

Winning the offer to buy a home in Sacramento does not need to be overly complicated.

When I see buyers winning the offer in today’s housing market in Sacramento, it’s generally because they have done one simple thing. And I often share this one simple thing with their buyer’s agent when they call to ask if I have any offers. It’s as though they don’t want to write an offer until I do have an offer. Every buyer’s agent pretty much is trying to get “a deal” for their buyers when they should be worried about getting their buyer into escrow, period. It’s hard right now to buy a home in Sacramento. Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be. read more

Realtor Diary: Photos From a Sunday Afternoon in Sacramento

Sunday afternoon in sacramento

Fishing village, Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada, like the landscape in movie Maudie.

It’s hard to be at a loss for things to do on a Sunday afternoon in Sacramento. Having missed out on a trip to Nova Scotia I had planned several years ago when my husband instead opted for the coast of Oregon, I have been wanting to see the film Maudie, filmed in Newfoundland and Ireland; but it was no longer playing at the Tower Theatre by our home in Land Park. We could still catch the movie in Roseville, though, so I bought tickets at Fandango and off we went. The film stars Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke, about a real life folk artist, Maud Lewis from Canada. read more

This Rosemont Home in Sacramento is a Heavenly Vision in White

rosemont home in sacramento

This Rosemont home in Sacramento is a new listing for sale at $325K.

This Rosemont home in Sacramento is much more than a heavenly vision in white. It is spotless. Truly. It was pretty much impossible to find a crack in the walls or a stain on the floor or even a fingerprint smudge in a doorway. When we say this is turnkey and ready to move into, we mean it. Absolutely no work is required, no cleaning service is needed. The paint on the walls is almost as pristine as the day it was painted, except for maybe a small nail hole here and there. If brilliant white is your favorite color, then you’re in a for a treat. read more

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