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Week of Highlights for a Sacramento Realtor

highlights for a sacramento realtorWhat a busy week of highlights for a Sacramento Realtor. Have you ever wondered what a top producer does all week? Well, I managed to take two new listings and sell them, with all that entails. Fast strategies, professional photos, tweaking, uploading, writing, managing and publishing last Wednesday. That included promoting both listings at my midtown Lyon Real Estate office meeting and obtaining preview comments from touring agents. Which of course I passed on to my respective sellers.

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes for a listing agent. Answering buyer calls, calling buyer’s agents, discussing the property, details, providing suggestions for offers. On Wednesday, for example, I worked from 7 AM to 8 PM; until taking off for Ella Dining Room and Bar for Valentine’s Day with my husband. Our main course arrived on plates reeking of bleach. The bleach smell was enormous. We both noticed it. When we brought this to the attention of the waiter, we were told perhaps we were unaccustomed to the smell of truffles. read more

Affordable 3 Bedroom Sacramento Pocket Condo at Roundtree

sacramento pocket condo

802 Roundtree Court, Sacramento, CA 95831 is a condo in the Pocket.

Here is the 3 bedroom Sacramento Pocket condo you’ve been waiting for. The HOA dues are affordable and you get a community swimming pool and clubhouse. This is the Roundtree Association, just south of Gloria Drive off of Florin. The dues are $255 per month. Plus, you’ll find easy access to freeways and to downtown Sacramento, which means you will love the location. It’s one of the communities that always looks so tidy and well kept. A place you would be proud to live.

This Sacramento Pocket condo is a two-story, with all of the bedrooms on the second floor. It’s laid out more like a townhome than a condo, with a front door and a back door. There is also an enclosed patio in the front and a back enclosed patio, so you get a little bit of the outdoor environment. read more

Overview of Sacramento Housing Market for January 2018

Sacramento housing market for January 2018.

Sacramento housing market for January 2018.

January has barely left us, and the snapshot of the Sacramento housing market for January 2018 mirrors pretty much what I have been experiencing. Some of you know, of course, that I spent the months of December and January working from my house in Hawaii. Not on Hawaii real estate as some incorrectly assume. I am not licensed to sell real estate in Hawaii. No, no, no, I am a Sacramento Realtor, and I work on Sacramento real estate from our vacation house.

I do such a bang-up job of it that I placed as the #1 Agent at Lyon Real Estate for January, and I wasn’t even in town. To put this into perspective, we have around 1,000 agents at Lyon. read more

When Is a Sacramento Seller Entitled to Receive the Buyer’s Appraisal?

buyer's appraisal

Under most instances, a home seller is not entitled to receive the buyer’s appraisal.

My basic method of operation is not to worry too much about the buyer’s appraisal when I list Sacramento condos in our hot seller’s market. In other words, I don’t always base the sales price on how much the home will appraise for as much as I suggest a price based on what the market will bear. Meaning, what a buyer will pay. Especially a buyer who might have a big ol’ wad of cash at her disposal. Buyers who don’t need financing can pay whatever the seller will accept. read more

How a Sacramento Realtor Had to Sell the Same Home Seven Times

sell the same home seven timesNo Sacramento Realtor in her right mind sets out to sell the same home seven times. Especially not over the course of the last 5 years. But that’s exactly what happened with this particular home in Sacramento. Yup, I had to sell the same home seven times. The first escrow happened in 2012, and it was a short sale at that time. The roof leaked terribly, lots of dry rot and it was difficult to find a buyer. That was basically the last year in Sacramento for short sales. People were turning to buying homes with equity by then. read more

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