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What Types of Hardwood Do High End Sacramento Buyers Prefer?

hardwood floors high end buyers

Today, I have a guest blogger who’s an expert when it comes to flooring, especially when we’re talking about what types of hardwood do high end Sacramento buyers prefer. Debbie Gartner aka The Flooring Girl is from the NYC metro area, and she is up on all the latest trends for hardwood flooring. Here, on the West Coast and in Sacramento, we are showing the same trends and preferences.

For those of you preparing your home for sale, you already know that hardwood flooring is all the rage these days. It’s the preferred flooring type among Sacramento home buyers, especially those looking for higher end homes. Hardwood looks great and feels great as it simultaneously gives you warmth, luxury and authenticity. And, of course, we all know that hardwood flooring improves the value of your home. read more

Too Late to Buy This Remodeled Home in Tallac Village

remodeled home in Tallac village

This remodeled home in Tallac Village at 5851 Brandon Way just closed at $405,000.

Sorry, it is now too late to buy this remodeled home in Tallac Village. It just yesterday closed escrow. Funny, when I originally listed this Tallac Village home, I got a lot of pushback from agents telling me they thought the home was overpriced. I’m thinking that might be because they were unfamiliar with the neighborhood. See, when I take a listing, I thoroughly examine the surrounding neighborhood for comparable sales. What I noticed in this area was a big mix of homes, mostly on the lower end. There were a few a streets that reflected enormous pride of ownership, and this was one of those. read more

There is Always Another Buyer for That Sacramento Home

always another buyer for that sacramento home

No matter what, there is always another buyer for that Sacramento home.

There are many listing agents in Sacramento who do not subscribe to the theory that there is always another buyer for that Sacramento home. That’s OK, that’s their practice. We’re all different. Those who do not believe that premise tend to be the agents who will do just about anything to make a sale, including, at times, throwing their seller under the bus. That’s my opinion, btw. Of course, if you ask those agents, they will disagree. But the truth is I close so many escrows, my life is not tied up in any ONE sale. I’m not gonna miss a mortgage payment or starve my cats to death if we have to find another buyer. There is always another buyer for that Sacramento home. read more

How to Stay One Step Ahead of the Sacramento Real Estate Scams

sacramento real estate scams

Nobody is really safe from Sacramento real estate scams.

In 1980, I won a trip to Jamaica and thought it was a scam. I called HBO and asked if they knew some scam artist was sending out letters on its letterhead telling victims they had won an all-expense-paid trip for two to Jamaica for a week. They promoted it as a collaborative effort between HBO and the Jamaica Tourist Board. And even though it was the early days of HBO when anything goes, I was still suspicious. Perhaps it’s my Midwestern upbringing or living on the streets as a child. In any case, HBO assured me that I had indeed won a trip to Jamaica. Hurricane Allen had devastated Jamaica the year before, and this PR event was supposedly a way to reinvigorate interest. read more

What to Expect from the Sacramento Winter Home Selling Season

sacramento winter home selling season

Downtown Sacramento is often a busy market in the winter home selling season.

Coming soon to Trulia is an article about what to expect from the Sacramento winter home selling season. Part of it will probably include comments from Yours Truly. To round out opposing or supporting views, other agents will undoubtedly chime in as well. I have very specific views, developed from decades in the real estate business. Most people, I’d venture to guess, never think outside of themselves, in particular, many agents share this guilt. If you ask a Sacramento Realtor whether a seller should sell in winter, just about every single agent will tell you YES. Why? Because when the home sells, they get paid. read more

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