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Upward Prices Appear as Stable Trends in Sacramento Housing Market

trends in sacramento housing market

Five year appreciation of square foot values in Sacramento housing market.

Wow, the last four months of activity and trends in Sacramento housing market show a somewhat stabilizing chart. Beginning in August of 2012, the square foot values were $120. Today the average square foot cost for August of 2017 is $223. The last four months have ranged between $221 and $223. There are no big leaps like earlier in the year. Whether this will carry into the winter months when seasonly prices tend to dip a little bit, hard to say.

Still, to see that square foot values surged by more than $100 a square foot over the past 60 months is astounding. read more

Expecting the Unexpected is Easier Said Than Done in Hawaii

expect the unexpected

The mongoose is an invasive species in Hawaii.

Expecting the unexpected is something I try to avoid due to careful planning and organization of my life, but you can’t really live well this way. One pretty much needs to expect the unexpected in order to prepare for it. In the case of my Sacramento real estate practice, for example, this ability, predicting future problems and avoiding them, is very handy for my clients. It is also rather rare for me to get freaked out over something, especially when I’ve witnessed so many oddities in life. Still, there are things that freak me out. read more

College Glen Home Sold in 3 Days $10,000 Over List Price

college glen home

This College Glen home on Cliffwood closed escrow at $335K.

When these wonderful sellers were referred to me to sell the husband’s family College Glen home, I was truly overjoyed to meet them. Sometimes, a Sacramento Realtor simply connects with her clients. It’s an amazing feeling. People who don’t express or welcome emotions probably don’t do well in real estate. I can tell when I meet people whether there is a spark, and I can also feel the energy when I enter a home. When both are present, whammo, remarkable things can happen. Further, these types of sellers make me want to be a better agent. read more

Wildhawk Neighborhood Home Features 5 Bedrooms Near Wildhawk Golf Course

Wildhawk neighborhood

9956 Phoenician Way is located in a Wildhawk neighborhood called Wildhawk West Village.

The Wildhawk neighborhood is one of Sacramento’s best kept secrets. It is located between Calvine and Gerber and West of Vineyard. Homes are built in the early 2000s to present, but the high demand homes are those with 5 bedrooms and plenty of square footage. Many families move to the Wildhawk neighborhood for the Elk Grove schools. Nearby, there is Arnold Adreani Elementary School on Wildhawk West Drive but also Katherine L. Albiani Middle School on Bradshaw in Elk Grove and Pleasant Grove High School on Bond in Elk Grove. read more

Do You Need Sacramento Window Cleaning Services?

sacramento window cleaning

Why not treat yourself to a professional Sacramento window cleaning?

When I told my husband we needed Sacramento window cleaning services, he pooh-poohed the idea. But that’s primarily because he doesn’t like people he doesn’t know, otherwise known as contractors, crawling around our property. He resists change. A little cobwebs in the screens never hurt anybody, in his motto. Except the spiders and other critters living in our screens were pretty much taking over the territory. When was the last time we washed the windows, I wondered. Probably not for at least 10 years. read more

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