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How This Sacramento Realtor Wins Listings Without Listing Presentations

listing presentations

My listing presentations are conversations about Sacramento real estate.

Over the past week, I’ve been on 6 listing presentations all over Sacramento. I call them listing presentations but that’s not really a true sense of the term, not in the way most Sacramento Realtors perform that sort of function. I prefer to think of these visits as a conversation with a seller, including my agent visual inspection. It’s really all about two things: the sellers, what they hope to accomplish; and the sellers’ home, its desirability, condition, presentation and price point. Well, it’s also a little bit about me, but I don’t launch into my life story or anything. read more

Perfecting Communication Skills in Sacramento Real Estate Involves the Truth

communication skills

Sometimes agent communication skills are akin to crickets.

Everybody in the world has their own way of perfecting communication skills. For some, it involves sticking their head in the sand and hoping someday it will all go away. Avoidance isn’t the best solution in most situations. Certainly not in Sacramento real estate, which is whipping by at a fast pace today. For myself, I try to include a bit of humor when I’m working on my communication skills. The trouble with that, though, is not everybody shares the same sense of humor.

A buyer called yesterday to say he was obtaining a preapproval letter to get a $100,000 loan. I asked how much was he putting down? $300,000? Well, that got a big laugh, but unfortunately, it’s also pretty close to reality. read more

The Odyssey of New Sacramento Listings and MetroList

new sacramento listings

Listen to your agent about making an offer on a new listing in Sacramento

The last time I wrote a post about new Sacramento listings I’m working on, I received an email from our MetroList. Well, that isn’t really true. I received the email about 3 months later, not right after I wrote it. I’m not sure if they didn’t notice the date on the blog or which jealous agent flung it in their attention, but gosh darn it, they wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything hokey. Like that would ever be an issue with this Sacramento Realtor. I dot my I’s and I cross my T’s. Those who work with me know I am the Paperwork Queen of Sacramento real estate. Comes from my 1970’s escrow officer background. I glanced at my backlog and there were 15 hits on that old blog, all within the course of a few hours. I shake my head. read more

Mind-Blowing Sacramento June Housing Market Report

Sacramento June housing market report

County of Sacramento June Housing Market Report for 2017.

When I look at the Trendgraphix numbers for the Sacramento June Housing Market report, I am astounded. How quickly we jumped from a median price in the 7-county-region of $389K to $400,000. Prices are continuing to climb; buyers are clawing tooth and nail to buy a home, and interest rates are increasing as well. Where will it stop? At what point will people say they don’t want to move to Sacramento or they will take a job elsewhere?

Of course, in California, where else are they gonna go that’s an affordable metro area? Or will we turn into a state of tenants paying rent to foreign investors? read more

Overachieving is Not Really a Bad Thing for a Sacramento Realtor


This blooms only in the summer in Hawaii, and it’s in my yard.

All of my life, I have pushed myself to extremes, which is often referred to as overachieving. Most people would not do that. Apart from elevating stress levels and defining an inbred inability to organize at such a detailed point of view, it’s just not what most people like to do. Everybody I know takes it way easier than I. But it’s OK. I was thinking about overachieving as I reviewed all of the things I put into place to make the most of my short time in Hawaii over this particular 4th of July holiday period. read more

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