Horatio the cat

A Silver Lining to a Sad Successor Trustee Sale

successor trustee sale

This successor trustee sale focused on a silver lining at the end.

Right before I received the “confirmation of closing” email for a successor trustee sale near Elk Grove, I had received bad news from my vet about our cat Horatio. Poor little guy had a bit of diarrhea, so I took him to the River City Cat Clinic in Land Park. We adopted Horatio about a month ago. The vet suggested we test him for leukemia and AIDS, since he came from a shelter. Well, the vet called yesterday afternoon to say the results came back positive.

When I was 23, I lost my Himalayan, Cairo, to leukemia. I had visited that cat daily in the hospital. He could barely stand up with tubes taped to his legs, he was so sick. I would reach through his cage and gingerly hold him, trying not to sob. He didn’t make it. I can’t do this again, is my first thought. read more

Guess We Are Gonna Keep Horatio the Cat

Horatio the cat

Horatio the cat loves his new leopard Mondo condo.

Horatio the cat just grows on you. At first you might think, oh, he’s kind of cute in an odd sort of way. Like some drunk person fired paintballs at him. After a few days, you begin to think of him as a treasured work of art, worthy of a portrait hung in the Louvre. He purrs, he follows two-legged individuals everywhere. He talks. And I knew today that when I put a collar around his neck, with a reward tag, that he’s hanging out with the Weintraubs for the rest of his life. That’s a really good feeling. Even better than placing in the 3 top agents at Lyon Real Estate. read more