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Affordable and Updated Del Paso Manor Home For Sale

Del Paso Manor Home

2416 Avalon Dr, Sacramento, Ca 95864 is offered by Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon Real Estate.

The seller of this Del Paso Manor home has lived there for 22 years. This is a 1950 Lusk home, and you can see the small detailing that builders no longer do. Things like an angled corner in the hallway to make it easier to navigate mattresses around the corner, and slightly angled walls near the entrances to the bedrooms.

There is great pride of ownership evident. This is not a flipper. When a person loves his Del Paso Manor home, it shows. Sellers like this tend to take impeccable care and stick to maintenance schedules like clockwork. read more

When Agents End Up Working With Crazy Buyers

crazy buyers

Working with crazy buyers is part of Sacramento real estate.

I have to be careful when I am facetious. My humor leans toward dry. Because my general nature tends to present itself as a nice person, sometimes people don’t realize when I am insulting them. I suppose that could be interpreted as a good thing. I could say I feel sorry for an agent, and another would think I truly felt empathy — when what I meant was I’m sorry the agent is such an idiot. In that event, the other side of the street is a better place for that agent to walk upon than to chance an encounter with me. read more

Do Not Make the Underwriter ask for Your Home Inspection

home inspection

Just because buyers obtain a home inspection is no reason to send it to the lender.

I don’t go into my office very often because I work from a virtual and mobile office. But I do make a point of going to my office at least once a week to attend our weekly office meetings. That’s because I pick up new information and can share stuff with my fellow agents. I learned something interesting a few yeas ago that affect agents, sellers and buyers everywhere in the country, not just in Sacramento.

Most agents know that if their seller is not willing to pay for a pest completion, they probably should not include the requirement to pay for a pest report in a contract that is contingent upon financing. That’s because the underwriter will ask to see the pest report and will call for a completion certificate if work is required. It’s one of the reasons why some listing agents worry about a buyer doing a VA loan. read more

Ever Wonder Should We Sleep On It?

sleeping on a decision overnight

Should we sleep on it is a common question in real estate.

Lots of people struggle to make big decisions like buying a home and might wonder “should we sleep on it” before committing to the purchase. The reasons run the gamut but often can stem from fear. They don’t want to make the wrong decision. They hope that sleeping on it will turn their brain into a Magic 8 Ball and give them the answer: To buy a home or not to buy a home.

The problems with this kind of strategy are myriad. For starters, whether to buy a home is a decision a buyer should have made before ever going out to look at homes. If you’re looking at homes with a Sacramento Realtor and you don’t know if you want to buy a home, please just stop. Go to open houses on Sundays or look at homes for sale online that are not really for sale on some of those popular websites that buyers who don’t know any better go to. read more

Do Not Be a “Snooze You Lose” Home Buyer in a Seller’s Market

Snooze you lose is OK for a feline but not a home buyer

Snooze you lose is OK for a feline but not a home buyer

Many years ago — when I used to work with more home buyers than I do now, as most of my business nowadays is representing sellers as a listing agent — I recall a first-time buyer, let’s call her Cathy, who did not know when she should write an offer to buy a home in Sacramento. We had spent all day together, chasing around Rosemont looking at homes for sale. There was one home in particular that she gravitated toward, a home without carpeting, mostly hardwood flooring, with a huge back yard, priced right, and it fit all of her needs. read more

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