CHDAP Loans for Sacramento Home Buyers

Buying a home in a seller’s market, especially in our Sacramento seller’s market is super tough. Which is worse, you think? Being a CHDAP buyer in a seller’s market or being a VA buyer in a seller’s market? Because no doubt about it, we are in a seller’s market in Sacramento. And the buyers who really get my empathy are those who are struggling with having to write offer after offer after offer, and getting none of those offers accepted.

Fortunately, the Elizabeth Weintraub Team members don’t experience much of this. We often find our buyers get a whopping edge in negotiations. We’re experienced, and that alone is a major factor. Sometimes, other listing agents advise their sellers to accept our offers because they know us. They know we will perform. If it’s a short sale, our buyers will wait for short sale approval. They are educated about the short sale process. Our buyers are prequalified and have the preapproval letter and proof of funds to show it. read more

Give the Seller Time to Accept Your Purchase Offer

When you’re buying a home in Sacramento — or anywhere else in California, for that matter — you should give the seller enough time to accept your purchase offer. This sounds like a simple concept, but it’s not. It’s more complicated than you might think. There are two things going on that affect the legality of your offer acceptance. You’ve got the time period in which the seller can accept your offer before it expires, and you’ve got the person to whom your offer needs to be delivered to be considered “in contract.” read more

Sacramento Real Estate Agents: Ramp Up

I love waking up in the wee hours of the morning to find a bunch of purchase offers in my email. Well, it beats stepping into cat puke. I don’t know why cats seem to wait until 4 AM to chew on houseplants as a new fun-filled activity and run around the bedroom horking when they should be sound asleep. Anybody who shares a home with cats knows exactly what I mean. As I sit here wiping my toes and scrolling through my email, I can overlook a bad start to my Sunday because little is as exciting as receiving purchase offers. If I’m thrilled, imagine how my sellers feel! read more

When Does a Sacramento Short Sale Agent Quit?

Before I talk about when to give up on a Sacramento short sale, let’s look at attitudes. A person’s attitude affects everything a person does and how that person is perceived by others. A person can choose to be happy or miserable; nobody can make you miserable without your own permission. I will give you an example. OK, it’s kind of a funny example but what else do you expect from a loopy Sacramento short sale agent?

I read the birthdays in the paper. The Sacramento Bee lists the oldest people first and whittles that list down to the younger people or, as I view them, the insignificant. Hey, I’m not an ageist, it’s just that I have learned to stop reading the list when I get about 20 years past my own age. That’s because there are some birthdays of celebrities which make me feel good about my own age and some that do not. I use those dates as a measuring stick because I don’t have any kids who do that for me. read more

Two Short Sales in the City of Davis

There are two short sales for sale in Davis, California. One of those short sales is mine, listed by Lyon Real Estate, and the other is listed by a competitor. At the moment, we have 69 homes for sale in Davis, according to MLS. My Davis short sale is listed at $339,000. The second short sale is listed more than $100,000 higher. Both of these short sales are located in the same area — MLS features 5 separate areas in Davis. But the second short sale has a pool, and it’s in better condition. read more

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