Have Sacramento Short Sales Dragged Down the Market?

sacramento short salePeople think that short sales are dragging down the economy in Sacramento and messing up neighborhoods, yet little is further from actuality. Sacramento short sales are turning around neighborhoods and revitalizing entire pockets of homes that have been drowning underwater for years and years. In some areas, especially among neglected, board-up homes, a short sale is a chance for that home to live again, to bring life to itself and make a welcoming home that will begin to build memories for some lucky first-time home buyer. read more

My Very First Job at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange

Modern, comfortable, elegant and stylish chair illustration in red and orange color on white background.Today I want to tell you about my very first “real” job and the unfortunate battle that followed it. I wasn’t always a successful Sacramento REALTOR. I’m looking back at my first job because a) it’s a funny story and b) I am not that disconnected from my sellers in Sacramento, especially those who have lost a job and must do a short sale.

To buy a home, for example, most people need to work, to be employed, to qualify for a mortgage. If one is unemployed, it’s difficult to obtain credit for anything much less a loan to buy a car to transport oneself to interviews. Being unemployed is not always as much fun as people think it will be. They say things like if they weren’t working they would write a book or they would learn to play guitar. But time gets away from them. When you have all the time in the world, you have no time at all. read more

The Ease of a Sacramento Short Sale With Jennifer Kelly at Wells Fargo

jennifer Kelly as Wells FArgoA prospective seller called me yesterday to discuss a distressed property in Sacramento that she wishes to perhaps sell as a short sale. We didn’t have much time to talk before she had to leave for an appointment, so I will follow up with her today. I like to be prepared for my discussions with sellers, so I access all the information that I can find for our consultations. The more information that I can give to a seller, the better. Because an informed seller is a seller who makes the right decisions. read more

Home Selling, Bird Poop and Crows in Land Park

Black-crows-land-park.300x200I’d like to talk about selling homes and bird poop. I don’t mean selling bird houses, I mean selling homes in Sacramento where birds poop all over the grounds and decks. Especially on balconies. It’s so gross to be throwing open the French doors to buyers, announcing the gorgeous view of the golf course and hills, and then you happen to glance at the floor of the balcony to discover not just splatterings of bird poop droppings but huge piles of guano. Guano. Black and white and sticky and ishy. read more

Make Your Sacramento Home Appealing to Home Buyers

house symbol on mirror and handsMost first-time home buyers in Sacramento want a home that is ready for immediate occupancy. They don’t want to buy new carpet or paint much beyond maybe one wall. First-time home buyers generally don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on such things as new appliances, either. Often, I hear sellers say they don’t want to fix anything because the buyer might not like it, so they’d prefer to leave it up to the buyer to do. What they’re really saying is they just don’t want to do it. The thing is they might have given that buyer a good excuse to buy somebody else’s house instead of theirs. read more

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