Elizabeth Weintraub and Led Zeppelin Do Facebook With Downton Abbey

Admitting outloud in public that I don’t much like Facebook is like the day I tore my Led Zeppelin album off the turntable in the middle of a party and spun it like a Frisbee into the street. All of my party guests stopped flicking the Bic to light whatever they were smoking and stared at me with dropped jaws. Their gazes traveled from the opened front door to my defiant face and back. They were astonished.

That was a sacrilegious act. But you know what? There are only so many times that a reasonable person can listen to Stairway to Heaven before her mind begins to decay. And for crying out loud, it was my album. I tried pleading with my guests to play something else but nobody was listening. You would have thought I was begging for the Bee Gees when I really wanted to jam to Janis Joplin. But the only way to get Janis Joplin on the turntable was to get rid of Led Zeppelin. So, out the door with it. Imagine the guy driving down Balboa Boulevard on the Newport Beach Peninsula who suddenly spots a 33 LP spinning toward his windshield. See, we just didn’t think back then. read more

Sacramento Sellers With Equity a New Trend!

You know how sometimes when your phone rings, and you either hear the phone number repeated in your ear, because you’re wearing a Bluetooth device, or you look at your phone and either way think to yourself: Oh, rats, nothing good can come from this, but you answer your phone anyway? OK, maybe you’re not in real estate then nor a Sacramento real estate agent like me. But I admit that I have, on occasion, fostered preconceived notions about who is calling me because so often I am correct about the fresh hell. There are times I do regret answering my phone and then there are other times that I am pleasantly surprised. It’s the trade-off for being proactive in this business. read more

Does Your Sacramento Agent Charge Too Much?

sacramento agentHow would you like to be in a business in which a potential client asks you to come over to her house, in the dark and cold after business hours, so she can pick your brain without making any kind of commitment and argue about how much you charge? Thousands of sales people do this every single day. It’s not that much different for a Sacramento real estate agent, either. I’m fortunate in that most people who call me have already decided to hire me, so when they make an appointment for me to view their home, it’s because they are ready to go on the market. I would not want to stay in this business if every single appointment was a 33% chance of being hired because the seller had to interview 3 real estate agents in Sacramento before making a decision. read more

Why You Should See Searching for Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar Manby director Malik Bendjelloul, is like a fairy-tale story come true, one of the coolest and astonishing movies that happens to be real. It’s an Oscar-nominated documentary about an unknown guy with an extraordinary talent who became a sensation in another country, yet he didn’t know about it for decades. He was living a simple life in Detroit, doing construction work and bricklaying, all the while he was a famous musician in South Africa.

Warning, possible spoiler: I hope that I am not giving anything away anything crucial by disclosing the movie starts out by making you think the guy is dead. That he committed suicide. That he lit himself on fire on stage one night or, if you listened to another report, shot himself in the head after somebody heckled him. Then, you find out he’s not dead after all. read more

No Homes for Sale in Sacramento

homes for sale in sacramentoThe real estate market in Sacramento is a little bit like that website depicting reasons why You Will Not Go to Space Today. I could easily create a website about why homebuyers are not buying a home today, except I can’t draw very well. Great Sacramento real estate agent, but lousy artist. I know my limitations.

A guy called yesterday to ask about a Sacramento listing. Said he found it among his list of homes for sale. He was looking on Zillow, poor guy. I don’t know how to get the word out to buyers that looking on Zillow is the wrong place to look. So is Trulia and, if we’re really talking about homes for sale, Realtor.com is not that hot, either. All of those websites are missing listings, showcase expired and sold homes, and they take too danged long to update. If you’re gonna buy a home in Sacramento, you better be getting your listings from a Sacramento real estate agent, either from an agent’s MLS-connected website or, even better, directly from MLS yourself. read more

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