The Custom of Removing Your Shoes in Hawaii and Bureaucracy

removing your shoes

Removing your shoes is customary before entering a home in Hawaii.

Removing your shoes all the time is sort of odd but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Most people in Hawaii do not wear shoes in the house. When you are allowed entry into a person’s home, whether guest or family, removing your shoes is expected. Everybody does it. The guy who fixes the AC motor a second a time, he takes off his shoes. A neighbor who stops by slips out of her shoes. Even Realtors remove their shoes. You don’t ask whether it makes any sense, you just do it. It’s the way things are, and it’s OK. Personally, I think you should carry your own gecko transporter with you wherever you go because that would be a nice thing to do for your neighbors. read more

Photos and Story of Intriguing Local Hawaii Artwork

Local Hawaii artwork

St. Peter’s Little Blue Church in Kahulu’u by Christal Nylin.

Finding local Hawaii artwork that I can relate to has been fairly difficult. That’s because art is such a personal and passionate thing. You know whether it speaks to you, although sometimes it is not readily apparent. I can find myself passing by a work of art and then returning to view it again. The second time, I see or sense something that was not inherent the first time around. So, I’ve learned not to be too judgmental about local Hawaii artwork.

That doesn’t mean to abandon all restraint or I’d have to build an art studio to showcase everything because I could easily get carried away. I bought a Wayne Keeth orchid painting, even though I had not fully intended to. Not because I didn’t love it, because I do love it, but because I felt it was too expensive, and not because it wasn’t worth it because it is. read more

Photos of Kahulu’u Beach Park at Low Tide in Kailua-Kona

photos of kahulu'u beach park

Paddleboarding is a popular sport at Kahulu’u Beach Park

On this lovely hot Sunday in Sacramento,  I thought you might like to see photos of Kahulu’u Beach Park and maybe I can magically send cool ocean breezes to you through images. Yah, yah, I heard it was 105 in Sacramento yesterday, and such a dry heat. Surprising to me, I am fairly acclimated to the weather in Kailua-Kona now. I find it takes me about 3 or 4 days to get used to the humidity because Sacramento is so horribly dry. My dermatologist warned me to slather on lotion, which I never used to wear before moving to Sacramento. read more

Technology Tips for a Vacation House That Keep You Connected

technology tips for a vacation house

Here are a bunch of well thought-out technology tips for a vacation house.

For a while now, I’ve been accumulating technology tips for a vacation house because one of my worst nightmares would be to have no connectivity for my Sacramento real estate business. I pride myself on staying in touch and being available, within reason, of course, for my clients. In fact, just yesterday an agent from Benecia called to say she was looking for an Elk Grove listing agent and had a referral. One of my networking friends in her office recommended me. She said she called 3 agents and I was the only agent who answered her phone. So I got the referral. It made me wonder why I was the third call. I should have been first. read more

Charming New Listing With View of William Land Park

view of william land park

Curved porch steps add curb appeal to this home with a view of William Land Park.

You are going to love this home with a view of William Land Park from the front yard. Not only is this home beautiful and charming, but it is affordable for a first-time home buyer. While it is officially located in South Land Park, it sits a half block from Land Park. The location is perfect. Imagine living a half block away from William Land Park. It is also close to Starbucks and a terrific Mexican Restaurant with outdoor dining, Dali’s Kitchen.

My husband and I went there for lunch a few weekends ago and were impressed. Although I did ask for more jalapeños because mine just wasn’t hot enough. It’s got to scorch the tongue, you know. But the point is if I lived at this home with a view of William Land Park, I would be dining almost nightly at Dali’s Kitchen. read more

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