Presenting a Sacramento Home in the Best Positive Light

presenting a house in the best positive lightEvery so often, I get an agent complaining that I am guilty of presenting a Sacramento home in the best positive light. They want to know about all the drawbacks and icky things about it. Some of them can’t even see the forest for the trees. They automatically call a house a dog or otherwise trash it because they feel it doesn’t measure up to their incredibly picky standards. Some say their buyers feel duped because I said the home was beautiful and the agent doesn’t think it’s beautiful. read more

Your Chance to Buy an East Sacramento Listing Not Yet in MLS

east Sacrametno listing not yet in mls

This East Sacramento listing is not yet in MLS but open on Sunday.

Here is your chance in a lifetime to buy an East Sacramento listing not yet in MLS. We can’t put this new listing into MLS because we don’t have the photographs, which will be shot next Monday. But the seller says, hey, let’s give buyers a chance to buy this off-market East Sacramento listing not yet in MLS. Yes, you can buy this home before it ever goes into MLS. Which means, if you’re tired of fighting tooth and nail to buy a home, just tour, write a full-price offer and be prequalified. How easy peasy is THAT? Not sure it gets any better than that. Not to mention, you can eliminate the headache of competition. read more

Beware of Sacramento Agents Who Have a Dog in the Race

sacramento agent who has a dog in the race

Not every Sacramento Realtor has a dog in the race.

You know what I mean about Sacramento agents who have a dog in the raceright? The underbelly of this business. Especially real estate agents whose sole business model is: no closing, no paycheck. When an agent must close a transaction or starve to death, it can be difficult for a client to feel comfortable with the advice that agent might offer. I get it. But I hadn’t quite had it put to me like a client explained a few days ago.

Basically, he said he was referring me to a co-worker who needed to list his home because I have enough business to be financially comfortable. Implying that it’s difficult to trust an agent who doesn’t. Granted, there are many types of Realtors in Sacramento. read more

Should a Sacramento Listing Agent Know the Seller’s Bottom Line?

seller's bottom line

No reason to share a seller’s bottom line with a listing agent.

Should a Sacramento listing agent know the seller’s bottom line? Well, you know, if you have to ask the question, generally the answer is no. I’m just a bit more vocal about it. When I hear sellers headed that direction, I ask them to please stop. Because I don’t want to know their bottom line. It’s none of my business, actually. When we settle on a list price for a home, it becomes my job to get that price. Let’s not muddy the waters or cause more confusion by talking about how much less we will take. read more

The #1 Agent at Lyon for January Earned Ranking from Hawaii

#1 Agent at Lyon

Elizabeth Weintraub, #1 Agent at Lyon for January, earned ranking from Hawaii

If you want to be the #1 agent at Lyon, all you have to do is spend a couple of months in Hawaii. That’s my message for today. Because that’s the only way I can figure out how to explain the surprise announcement yesterday from Lyon Real Estate. I am not making this up. Yup, Elizabeth Weintraub was named #1 agent at Lyon for January, 2018. It was a big shock to me. January was a slow month. Just like December. Seasonal sales typically slow a bit in December and January, which is why I go to Hawaii to work from our vacation house. read more

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