Seven Open Houses on Sunday and a Flesh Fly

Hawaii Flesh Fly

You might wonder what seven open houses on Sunday and a flesh fly have in common with each other. Despite the fact that I am a bit of a troublemaker, an instigator, somewhat rogue at times. I possess a fairly dry sense of humor. However, I won’t keep you in suspense. That flesh fly is sitting on a yellow pad of my hand-scribbled notes about seven open houses, which rests on my coffee table on my lanai in Hawaii. Now, if you want to know what a flesh fly is, that is an interesting story, simply because it’s so creepy and dark. read more

Without Water or Electricity and Killing Gnats in Hawaii

killing gnats in hawaii

Sure, you don’t think about killing gnats in Hawaii when you come up with the idea to live part-time in Hawaii while still selling Sacramento real estate. Nope, you have visions of lounging at the beach when reality has you glued to your laptop most of the day. Not to mention, dealing with the slower pace of life and the Aloha one finds in Hawaii. When something breaks, it might not get fixed immediately. But it’s not for lack of trying.

I’ll get to the killing gnats in Hawaii part in a minute. On Friday, while in the midst of putting two homes into escrow, all of the power in our house went out. I immediately called Hawaii Electric. This being Hawaii, somebody answered the phone. This also being Hawaii, within minutes, an employee from the electric company showed up at our house. It took a while to get it fixed. read more

New Listing Woodside Oaks Alicante Villas One Bedroom Condo

alicante villas one bedroom condo

What can I say about the Woodside Oaks complex or an Alicante Villas one bedroom condo that I haven’t said before? I’ve sold a few other condos in this complex, which is probably why sellers keep calling me to sell their condos. I really like the Woodside Oaks condos. They are set up as two fourplex units connected by a bridge and set of stairs. This particular cluster is second to last at the very end of the complex, next to Sierra. But not right on Sierra.

In fact, this Alicante Villas one bedroom condo is on the inside of the cluster, in the second building and toward the back. So it’s pretty quiet. The unit is also a one-story, which many buyers find extremely desirable. In addition, it is a first-floor unit, which only adds to the desirability. read more

New Listing at Lake Alhambra Estates in Davis Features Showcase Yard

Lake Alhambra Estates in Davis

Rumor has it that many residents of Lake Alhambra Estates in Davis work at the University of Davis or UC Davis Health Center. I don’t know if that rumor is true but I do know my new listing at Lake Alhambra Estates in Davis is the only home for sale in that neighborhood. Inventory is so slim in that ZIP code, too. There are only 8 listings for sale in 95816. And one of the reasons for such low inventory is sellers can’t find a move up home, so they aren’t selling.

Which, fortunately, is not a problem for our set of sellers. A buyer will not encounter any contingencies from the sellers. In fact, we could close escrow in 7 to 10 days for a cash buyer. If you need to move to Davis, you should check out this home in Lake Alhambra Estates in Davis. You know you want the Davis school system because everybody does. Many people buy homes in Davis because it’s more cost effective to pay a bit more to live in Davis than send your kids to a private boarding school. Korematsu, Pioneer and Birch Lane elementary schools serve Lake Alhambra Estates. Harper Junior High is at the eastern edge, and Davis Senior High and DaVinci serves grades 10-12. HOA dues are $118 quarterly. read more

Do Agents Refuse to Show Listings by Calling Listing Agent?

Agents refuse to show listingsWhether agents refuse to show listings is a slippery slope to travel down because it is very difficult to prove. Yet, due to human nature, agents can often make judgment calls based on limited information. Buyers do it, too. They see a home on the market with longer days on market than usual and they automatically leap into the realm of defects. Something must be wrong, they assume. Some accumulate DOM because they do not fit every buyer.

I realize, too, that some agents refuse to show listings by calling the listing agent because they wrongly assume the agent wants to pull “a fast one.” They figure when showing a property involves too much hassle, it means the listing agent hopes to double-end. So some agents might not show those listings. And eventually, the buyer will call the listing agent directly, and the listing agent will pick up both ends of the commission. read more

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