Preparing Your Sacramento Home for Professional Photography

preparing sacramento home for professional photography

All homes can benefit from preparing for professional photography.

My wish for all sellers is for them to properly prepare a Sacramento home for professional photography. Unfortunately, it’s not the way every Sacramento Realtor operates. You’ve still got the agents who don’t feel their low-end clients deserve professional photos. Or, worse, they think they are saving money by walking around the house shooting vertical photos with a cellphone, of all things. I’m not sure where the cut-off price point is with some agents. Probably under $500,000, would be my guess, or thereabouts. They just think anybody selling a regular home that is not a luxury home, well, it’s just not worth it for the agent to pay for professional photos. read more

What to Know Before Selling a Sacramento Home

before selling a sacramento home

What HGTV tells you and what a Sacramento Realtor knows is different.

My phone rings constantly with sellers who do not know what they need to know before selling a Sacramento home. They think they know because they watch HGTV, which is not a documentary. Hate to say. It’s a reality show. Not necessarily real. But it’s good entertainment, and sometimes I watch HGTV for its amusement factor, but I would not rely on it. People have all sorts of ideas of what they need to do before selling a Sacramento home. From replacing the carpeting (and I want to scream no, no, no) to painting all of the walls white. Both, not necessarily good options. read more

Saigon Street Eat is Vietnamese Fast Food on Broadway in Land Park

Saigon street eat

Saigon Street Eat is now open on Broadway in Land Park.

Saigon Street Eat has picked up where Pho Bac Hoa Viet left off. We noticed the place had closed over the summer, and I’ve heard rumors that Pho Bac Hoa Viet Restaurant’s lease had expired. This was not my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Sacramento, but it would do in a pinch. I actually liked its hole-in-the-wall-ness about it. A bit of grunge and neglect. Service was often slow but the food was fairly decent. So we were curious to see what Saigon Street Eat had to offer over its predecessor. read more

Just Tell Big Banks to Shove It and Join a Sacramento Credit Union

sacramento credit union

Chase Bank is the largest bank in the country and to me the worst.

Chase Bank just sent me a notice to say because my account balances have fallen slightly below its outrageous $75,000 minimum, it has now started to charge me $25 a month to keep my money in its bank. I complained and was told I should just deposit more funds. Now, I am not a huge fan of big banks. I typically bank at a credit union, The Golden 1. The problem is the maximum amount the FDIC insures. Meaning if a person wants to keep liquid funds, she needs to spread it around at various banking institutions. I realize exceeding the FDIC maximum is not everybody’s problem, and I’m not boasting about my own dilemma as some people would love to deal with this sort of specific issue, but I find that I just can’t stand Chase Bank anymore. read more

Upward Prices Appear as Stable Trends in Sacramento Housing Market

trends in sacramento housing market

Five year appreciation of square foot values in Sacramento housing market.

Wow, the last four months of activity and trends in Sacramento housing market show a somewhat stabilizing chart. Beginning in August of 2012, the square foot values were $120. Today the average square foot cost for August of 2017 is $223. The last four months have ranged between $221 and $223. There are no big leaps like earlier in the year. Whether this will carry into the winter months when seasonly prices tend to dip a little bit, hard to say.

Still, to see that square foot values surged by more than $100 a square foot over the past 60 months is astounding. read more

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