Perfecting Communication Skills in Sacramento Real Estate Involves the Truth

communication skills

Sometimes agent communication skills are akin to crickets.

Everybody in the world has their own way of perfecting communication skills. For some, it involves sticking their head in the sand and hoping someday it will all go away. Avoidance isn’t the best solution in most situations. Certainly not in Sacramento real estate, which is whipping by at a fast pace today. For myself, I try to include a bit of humor when I’m working on my communication skills. The trouble with that, though, is not everybody shares the same sense of humor.

A buyer called yesterday to say he was obtaining a preapproval letter to get a $100,000 loan. I asked how much was he putting down? $300,000? Well, that got a big laugh, but unfortunately, it’s also pretty close to reality. read more

New Listing Mirabela at Medeira in Elk Grove Features 5 Bedrooms

Mirabela at Medeira

8109 Suarez Way is located in Mirabela at Medeira in Elk Grove

My whole team is excited to present this new listing in the Mirabela at Medeira subdivision built by Taylor Morrison in Elk Grove. It’s south of Elk Grove Blvd and West of Big Horn, close to several parks: Horseshoe Park and Constellation Park. This home is simply incredible. It’s the type of home that you wish the seller would leave all of her furniture, wall hangings and accessories, because it’s decorated so beautifully. The decor is modern, yet inviting with clean lines, soothing colors and all of the furnishings are so well coordinated. read more

Franklin Crossing Home Sells at Record Price in Elk Grove

home in Franklin crossing for sale

10544 Buckland Way, Elk Grove, CA 95757 is a newer home in Franklin Crossing

All it takes is that one highest sale to close in Franklin Crossing and a new comparable sale comes into play, setting a new benchmark. This is not to construe that one comp an appraisal makes, because that’s not how it works, but it does have a major affect on other sales in the same subdivision. It becomes a measuring stick. I just closed yesterday a sale that went into escrow on  June 27th. It was contingent but the buyer’s pervious home was only a week away to closing. Although the offer was contingent, it also made the offer all-cash after the exiting home closed. No financing. Which meant no appraisal. read more

Reasons Not to Install Solar Power Panels on Sacramento Homes

solar power panels on sacramento homes

Installing solar panels might not add value to your home but it might reduce your expenses.

There is a huge push lately by solar energy companies to install solar power panels on Sacramento homes. Everywhere, I see this. Mostly it’s leases but some owners actually buy their solar panels. One such seller paid a company $30,000 to install microinverter high efficiency energy solar panels. She financed it, of course, and now it needs to be paid in full from her proceeds of sale. The stinker is she won’t get any credit for those solar panels in the home appraisal. Appraisers don’t consider solar power panels on Sacramento homes an upgrade. Solar panels have no value. read more

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