Watching the Eclipse Through a Pinhole in Sacramento

watching eclipse through a pinhole

Pinhole reflection of the eclipse August 21, 2017 in Sacramento.

If you were trying to watch the eclipse through a pinhole in Sacramento, you might have been disappointed. I talked with a few of my friends in the afternoon who said they had tried watching the eclipse through a pinhole and it didn’t work. Well, the reason it didn’t work is because they didn’t do the right steps. Hey, I couldn’t figure it out, either, you know. I had to ask my husband specifically how it works because everything I had read was so danged vague. Even the newspaper said things like put a pinhole in a piece of paper and look at the eclipse on the ground. Which didn’t work. read more

The Downside to Buying Homes Near Dairy Farms in Elk Grove

dairy farms

Dairy farms in Elk Grove are scattered in the countryside.

Dairy farms have convinced me. Much as I appreciate the countryside, I am an urban girl at heart. It’s not often that I get out to the country. Living in Sacramento, the country is actually very close at hand. There are lots of places you can drive to from downtown Sacramento and be in the country in 20 to 30 minutes. Which is where we went yesterday afternoon to bring our adopted cat Horatio back to the Sisters Animal Sanctuary on Fogg Road. We drove past a bunch of dairy farms. I’ve never seen so many cows that close up. I asked my husband to stop the car so I could shoot a photo, which you see above. read more

Using Restaurants and Nightlife to Sell Sacramento Homes

sell Sacramento homes

Orphan barrel flight: Rhetoric, Forged Oak and Barterhouse at Ella Dining Room & Bar.

A while back I had a freelance writer call me about an article she was working on about how real estate agents use restaurants to sell homes, and she asked if I sell Sacramento homes in that manner. Well, at first blush, I didn’t think that I did, but the writer called attention to a blog I recently wrote about a home I sold in South Land Park. She pointed out that I talked quite a bit about the nearby restaurants, and a favorite Mexican restaurant at that. You can do that in a blog, talk about nearby attractions, but it’s difficult to do in MLS. We are limited to 500 characters and spaces in MLS. read more

College Glen Home Sold in 3 Days $10,000 Over List Price

college glen home

This College Glen home on Cliffwood closed escrow at $335K.

When these wonderful sellers were referred to me to sell the husband’s family College Glen home, I was truly overjoyed to meet them. Sometimes, a Sacramento Realtor simply connects with her clients. It’s an amazing feeling. People who don’t express or welcome emotions probably don’t do well in real estate. I can tell when I meet people whether there is a spark, and I can also feel the energy when I enter a home. When both are present, whammo, remarkable things can happen. Further, these types of sellers make me want to be a better agent. read more

Why Does an Agent Prepare an Agent Visual Inspection?

agent visual inspection

All real estate agents should prepare an a thorough agent visual inspection.

Agents who don’t prepare an agent visual inspection deserve what they get. For many real estate agents working in Sacramento today, the 1984 case of Easton v. Strassburger is nothing but a legal phrase they recall from a real estate exam and meaningless to them today. Since I had already been working for years in real estate when the California court of appeal ruled on this legendary case, the ramifications of Easton v. Strassburger struck fear in my heart and it’s never left. This landmark lawsuit changed the way I forever since have done business. read more

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