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Coming Back to Sacramento After Working From Kona for 2 Months

working from Kona for 2 months

After working from Kona for 2 months, it’s time to return to Sacramento and navigate Honolulu airport.

You would think after missing my flight on Hawaiian Airlines and working from Kona for 2 months, I would be prepared for anything that could happen. Because there is a strange thing that happens when you’re in tune with the rhythm of the islands. It’s about developing a relaxed state of constant awareness of your surroundings. Will it rain? Will geckos dangle their heads out of the air vents in the wall to say hello? Will you squash a centipede while barefoot? Will whiteflies invade the under-side of the leaves on the Leea Guineensis and hibiscus? Will a ballistic missile threat wipe us all out? read more

How to Miss a Flight to Sacramento on Hawaiian Airlines

sacramento on Hawaiian airlines

Not that bad to miss my flight to Sacramento on Hawaiian Airlines.

If you’re ever in a position to fly home to Sacramento on Hawaiian Airlines, there is one important thing you need to know. In fact, you need to know this if you are flying anywhere on Hawaiian Airlines. When it’s cold in Sacramento and you’re getting ready to take a long winter vacation in Hawaii, little is more delightful than receiving that colorful email. Hibiscus flowers. Ocean waves. You know, the email that says, It’s Time to Check In for your Flight to Hawaii!!

Except there is no stinking’ email anymore. I thought it was just an odd thing when I flew to Hawaii last November. Just one of those technology glitches. But it is not. As I discovered yesterday. You won’t believe what I did. First, I wrote on the calendar when I arrived in Kona last November the date of January 31: when I’d return home. Like I would forget, right? I would not forget when to go home. Because I know when I need to do it. It was today, Wednesday. read more

Tips to Visit Pearl Harbor and Michel’s at the Colony Surf

visit Pearl Harbor

Adam and Elizabeth Weintraub at World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument.

The driving force behind our 48 hours in Honolulu adventure was to visit Pearl Harbor. Followed, of course, by a quiet dinner at Michel’s at Colony Surf. That was our last half of the 48 hours in Honolulu trip. The first 24 hours was a trip to the Bishop Museum to see royal artifacts and learn more about the overthrow of the Monarchy. Coupled with dinner at Le Mer. But this second half was our real reason for visiting Oahu from Big Island.

I had already booked the tour when my husband produced my senior lifetime national park pass. You probably can’t get those anymore. Not that we could have used it anyway. Because the park at Pearl Harbor gives away a limited number of free tickets in the morning, but you have to be there at oh-dark-thirty to stand in line. With a private tour, you can go at a more decent time of day, say 10 AM. And the private tour company picks you up at your hotel and drives you around sight-seeing spots, too. So you don’t have to drive to Pearl Harbor or take a cab. It’s just much easier for $45 a person. read more

48 Hours Honolulu: Bishop Museum and Halekulani Le Mer

48 hours in honolulu

Golden sunset over Waikiki from Hilton Hawaiian Rainbow Tower.

Last week my husband and I decided to spend 48 hours in Honolulu. I had such a blast with Hella Rothwell on New Years Eve 2017, visiting again seemed a good idea. Because apart from changing planes in Honolulu, my husband, believe it or not, has never been to the city. He has never visited Pearl Harbor. While I have toured all of the islands, he hasn’t. On top of which, it is good for him to see a bustling city like Honolulu is only 40 minutes away by plane. We can get to Honolulu from Kona faster than, say, from Sacramento to San Francisco. read more

Tips for Buying a Paddle Board in Kona, Hawaii

buying a paddle board in Kona

Returning to shore in Keauhou Bay on a Lahui Kai paddle board.

Buying a paddle board in Kona, Hawaii, was a bit more involved than I initially imagined. The first thing I learned was a person should really demo the paddle board first. Don’t just pick the prettiest and least expensive paddle board in the store because you might regret it later. Everybody is different when it comes to paddle boarding. When I considered the fact that I’ve actually only gone paddle boarding 3 times in my life and the last time was 4 years ago in Bora Bora, I felt like I needed expert assistance. And not from some mouth breather. read more

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