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How to Stay One Step Ahead of the Sacramento Real Estate Scams

sacramento real estate scams

Nobody is really safe from Sacramento real estate scams.

In 1980, I won a trip to Jamaica and thought it was a scam. I called HBO and asked if they knew some scam artist was sending out letters on its letterhead telling victims they had won an all-expense-paid trip for two to Jamaica for a week. They promoted it as a collaborative effort between HBO and the Jamaica Tourist Board. And even though it was the early days of HBO when anything goes, I was still suspicious. Perhaps it’s my Midwestern upbringing or living on the streets as a child. In any case, HBO assured me that I had indeed won a trip to Jamaica. Hurricane Allen had devastated Jamaica the year before, and this PR event was supposedly a way to reinvigorate interest. read more

Billy Bragg Bridges Not Walls Tour at Crest Theatre

billy Bragg

Billy Bragg performed at Crest Theatre in Sacramento October 5th, 2017.

When I first tried to get tickets to the Billy Bragg “Bridges not Walls” tour at Crest Theatre, I could not get the tickets I wanted. It was as though some promoter or some entity bought up all the tickets in the center section of the first 5 rows. The only tickets that were available at all were in Row D at the edge, in seats 101 and 102. I almost said to heck with it, I am not buying tickets to this performance at the Crest Theatre. But then I sat there pondering, staring at the monitor and saying to myself, well, it is Billy Bragg. And I can’t not go. I would be very upset if I missed seeing Billy Bragg. read more

The Homeless Population Problem in Sacramento Rattles Land Park

homeless population problem sacramento

Damaged vehicle on Muir Way in Land Park.

When I read about the Land Park Society in the Sacramento Bee yesterday, it seemed a bit weird to me that private citizens would need to petition the city to do its job in noticing the homeless population problem. But I suppose there are only so many police officers available to secure the streets, and to this resident, homeless people are not an extremely dangerous situation. Yet, I am not riding my bike on the American Parkway, either, so maybe I’d have a different opinion if I did. I would not want aggressive dogs directed to nip at my heels or rocks thrown at me. read more

Just Tell Big Banks to Shove It and Join a Sacramento Credit Union

sacramento credit union

Chase Bank is the largest bank in the country and to me the worst.

Chase Bank just sent me a notice to say because my account balances have fallen slightly below its outrageous $75,000 minimum, it has now started to charge me $25 a month to keep my money in its bank. I complained and was told I should just deposit more funds. Now, I am not a huge fan of big banks. I typically bank at a credit union, The Golden 1. The problem is the maximum amount the FDIC insures. Meaning if a person wants to keep liquid funds, she needs to spread it around at various banking institutions. I realize exceeding the FDIC maximum is not everybody’s problem, and I’m not boasting about my own dilemma as some people would love to deal with this sort of specific issue, but I find that I just can’t stand Chase Bank anymore. read more

What You Should Know About Equifax Security Breach

Equifax security breach

Read below for how to find out if the Equifax security breach affects you.

When you hear that 143 million people were affected by the Equifax security breach, that seems like a lot of people. Especially when you figure the 2016 census has counted 323 million people who live in the United States. That’s more than one in 3 people in America. And some of those people aren’t old enough to have a credit file because they are babies. I’m not even sure they have Social Security numbers. Which would make the number actually much higher.

You don’t have to click on a stupid link some moron sent you to get hacked anymore. I get these emails all day long, and some are generated through Zillow now as well. There is also the hacked email from Docusign going around. What has Equifax ever done for you and why does it have all of your personal information? It’s one of three credit reporting agencies in the country, and you didn’t volunteer for it. You didn’t choose to do business with this company, yet the Equifax security breach probably affects you. read more

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