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Don’t You Get Tired of People Lying to You All of the Time?

People lying

People lying seems more commonplace but it is not normal.

Goodness knows, I am no Pollyanna but listening to people lying all of the time is a bit much to take. Especially when the truth would have been so much easier to lean on. The truth has broad shoulders. It will always support you. Plus, as I’ve learned over the years, when you get to be my age, the truth is just so much easier because you never forget what you said. Lies you have to remember.

My mother used to tell me she could always tell when I was lying as a child, but I think she made that up to feel superior. I asked how could she tell, did I have a little white flags that popped up in my eyes? Did you take that last cookie, Elizabeth? No, like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie. Take would imply touching, and I didn’t touch the cookie. I made my brother swipe it and split it with me. My brother would always do what I said. And look at him now, he’d dead. I told him not to die but he didn’t listen. read more

The Resist STAY LOUD Billboards Around Sacramento

Resist STAY LOUD billboards in Sacramento

This Resist STAY LOUD billboard is near 34th on Folsom in East Sacramento.

For the past month, I’ve been noticing more and more Resist STAY LOUD billboards around Sacramento. Most of the time I’m paying attention to the stupid button on my steering wheel to answer the phone, which let me tell you is really hard to do when you’re turning the wheel to go around a corner. Then, the danged call button is upside down, and I can’t find it. So no matter how frustrated I might feel, it does warm the heart to glance up at the road again and notice in the sky the Resist STAY LOUD billboards. read more

Some of the Things You Are Better Off Not Knowing

things you are better off not knowing

There are some things you are better off not knowing, but you won’t know until you know it.

Some things you are better off not knowing. As a huge proponent of education, I often quote knowledge is power when explaining somewhat boring and mundane tidbits of information to my Sacramento real estate clients. I like to freely share my knowledge. After all, I’ve got 43 years in the real estate business, have sold who knows how many homes; probably thousands. If each sale doesn’t teach a Realtor something new, the Realtor is not paying attention to her transactions.

However, I wouldn’t want you to misconstrue what I mean. This is not like Trump blubbering crazy crap. I’m not saying science isn’t real or that Sandy Hook wasn’t a tragedy or that climate change isn’t happening, because all of those things are real. Too real to ignore, even though some idiots and elected officials believe otherwise. I’m saying sometimes there are things you are better off not knowing. The problem is you won’t know you shouldn’t know until you after you acquire the knowledge. read more

Beware New UPS Phone Scam Hitting Sacramento Realtors

ups phone scam

You can’t track anonymous calls made through a VoIP to report a UPS phone scam.

My midtown Lyon Real Estate office forwarded a UPS phone scam call to me yesterday from 916-235-1321. It registers as a Folsom VoIP number, which means it could have originated from a computer or a mobile. The caller even acknowledged that he had asked my office to forward the call. He sounded so hokey. Said he was from UPS and had received a field inquiry about a damaged shipping label. Right away red flags went up, because he did not sound like a UPS employee.

Twice I asked his name, but no, he was transferring me to an individual with more information about my damaged shipping label. I also asked how he got my office number because I don’t ever use that number for anything, especially not for UPS. He said he got it from the shipping label, which is even more dubious. read more

The Runaway Kids 50 Years Later from Home of the Good Shepherd

Runaway kids

Elizabeth Weintraub and Ileen Johnson at Pepito’s in South Minneapolis.

When my housekeeper asked who was the friend in Minneapolis I would be meeting yesterday, it gave me the opportunity to tell her about the runaway kids. It was a crime to leave home without parental permission in the 1960s. If you were caught, the police threw you in jail with all of the adult criminals. Not many people know this about me, but I left home at 15 and did not return until I was 19. And every so often I got picked up, incarcerated and slipped back into society. Runaway kids are rebels or troublemakers or both. read more

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