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Can You Hear The Sound When Your Cat Purrs?

jackson the ragdoll close upThere’s this cat in London who purrs as loud as a lawnmower. His name is Smokey. This cat purrs at 73 to 80 decibels. depending on which news report you read. If I had a cat like that, I’d kick him out of bed. Heck, I’d banish him to the garage. Or at the very least, I’d make sure I never petted him unless I wore earplugs.

Like all Sacramento real estate transactions are different, all cats purr differently. My cat who died December of 2010, Brandon, had a very loud purr. He used to sit on the bench near me at the breakfast table, and when we would have overnight company, our guests could not figure out where that sound came from in the morning. Brandon was content to just sit there and purr like a popcorn popper. I didn’t have to pet him to induce a purr. But he was no lawnmower. read more

Hanging a Garage Tennis Ball Without Denting the Car

garage tennis ball

Garage tennis ball rests on windshield of an SUV in the garage.

My lean-to ladder was not gonna work yesterday to hang a garage tennis ball. I needed a fold-out step ladder and don’t have that at our house in Hawaii. So, I was a little bit nervous about stepping on the hood of my brand new car and denting it or maybe pushing out the windshield with my bare feet. It also occurred to me that standing on a footstool to reach the car was not a stable launching pad, either. Not to mention, keeping balance, yes, somewhat tricky.

I held the ball, string, hook, and pen in my hands, with a scissors in my mouth. Well, let’s just say thank goodness the garage door opener on the ceiling was handy and available to grab. Stepped very gingerly, slowly and carefully. Never quite planted my feet firmly on anything, balanced more on the edges. read more

Are You Prepared to Sell Your Home in Sacramento?

prepared to sell your home

Knowing that you are prepared to sell your home in Sacramento involves letting go emotionally.

Are you wondering if you’re prepared to sell your home in Sacramento? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We prepare for everything in life, don’t we? For example, right now, the state of Hawaii is preparing to be bombed by North Korea. I’m not kidding. Even in Kailua-Kona the authorities are sounding the sirens and testing them, just in case. The advice they give residents is: stay inside. Like, how is that gonna help?

People are complaining to the newspaper that they can’t hear the testing of the sirens. Seriously? If North Korea bombs us, it doesn’t much matter where you are or what you are doing, you’re a goner. We can prepare for other things like vog, which is volcanic air pollution drifting through the air or, worse, an erupting volcano. It’s not like Vesuvius and we’ll be covered in lava like statues as we’re pulling bread out of the oven. There is time, usually, to get out of the way of molten lava flows. read more

When is a California Purchase Offer Legally Binding?

purchase offer legally binding

A purchase offer is legally binding when legal delivery has been confirmed.

My seller asked when is a California purchase offer legally binding? He had accepted a buyer’s counter offer, signed all of the documents. We sent the package back to the buyer’s agent and asked for confirmation. Tick, tick, tick. No confirmation came. Next morning, tick, tick, tick. No confirmation. Then the buyer’s agent sent an email to say the buyer was over the top with excitement. Only little problem? We are not in contact.

Why isn’t the purchase offer legally binding? The seller accepted the buyer’s counter to the seller’s counter, so we have completed agreement, right? Not so fast. We don’t have a ratified contract. The reason is the buyer’s agent did not name herself as the recipient of the counter offer. The agent left that spot blank. Which means it defaults to the buyer to initial and confirm receipt. read more

Listing Agents: Watch for Purchase Offer Mistake on CAR RPA

purchase offer mistake

Buyers don’t know what they sign so purchase offer mistake happens.

The most common type of purchase offer mistake I am noticing lately in a California Residential Purchase Agreement is a checked box that could cost the seller a ton of money if it’s not countered out of the contract. Now, true, some buyer’s agents go crazy hog wild checking boxes left and right. I see contracts that state the seller will pay all HOA fees when there is no homeowner’s association. Or, they state sellers will pay city transfer fees when the property is not located in a city. read more

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