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College Glen Home Sold in 3 Days $10,000 Over List Price

college glen home

This College Glen home on Cliffwood closed escrow at $335K.

When these wonderful sellers were referred to me to sell the husband’s family College Glen home, I was truly overjoyed to meet them. Sometimes, a Sacramento Realtor simply connects with her clients. It’s an amazing feeling. People who don’t express or welcome emotions probably don’t do well in real estate. I can tell when I meet people whether there is a spark, and I can also feel the energy when I enter a home. When both are present, whammo, remarkable things can happen. Further, these types of sellers make me want to be a better agent. read more

Why Does an Agent Prepare an Agent Visual Inspection?

agent visual inspection

All real estate agents should prepare an a thorough agent visual inspection.

Agents who don’t prepare an agent visual inspection deserve what they get. For many real estate agents working in Sacramento today, the 1984 case of Easton v. Strassburger is nothing but a legal phrase they recall from a real estate exam and meaningless to them today. Since I had already been working for years in real estate when the California court of appeal ruled on this legendary case, the ramifications of Easton v. Strassburger struck fear in my heart and it’s never left. This landmark lawsuit changed the way I forever since have done business. read more

Elizabeth Weintraub’s Thoughts About Sacramento Real Estate in August

my thoughts about sacramento real estate

The Mushroom at William Land Park is actually a water feature.

My thoughts about the Sacramento real estate market are not necessarily everybody else’s opinion. While the market may be on fire in Sacramento real estate, it doesn’t mean that everybody is aware of what’s going on. In fact, unless you’re in the business or follow the real estate business with a burning passion, which are not equally exclusive, you might be astonished to know what really happens. The first thing I find that is a misperception among sellers, mostly, is they are underpricing their homes. They believe their homes are worth far less than their home’s actual value. I am constantly finding myself telling sellers that they can get more than they had hoped to receive. Reverse was true last year. read more

Sacramento Agent Deliberately Damaged a Home When Showing

agent damaged a home

Two holes in the siding are from an agent who damaged a home when showing.

With all the things going on at our trio of Sunday open houses, I did not expect to hear that a Sacramento agent deliberately damaged a home when showing his buyer the house. Granted, the agent called to admit his guilt because the neighbors had taken photographs of his red car, with the prominent real estate sign on his door, and he knew it. This was about an hour before the incredible Barbara Dow had arrived to open the home for showings. The agent’s excuse was he was trying to show his buyer there was dry-rot damage to the siding, because agents are such dry-rot experts — NOT — so he kicked the siding with his foot. He left a large hole. Then, for some unknown reason, he kicked the siding a second time. What was his excuse then? read more

Home in South Land Park Sold With Multiple Offers

home in south land park

This home in South Land Park sold quickly with multiple offers.

This cute cottage home in South Land Park sold with multiple offers and closed escrow on Friday. The sellers, like most homeowners, had all sorts of concerns about why their home might not sell. They worried about things that most people never worry about, and some they do. Like a dripping faucet. Yes, if a faucet drips, it should be fixed. I know we all get busy and can’t always attend to small things but small stuff turns into big stuff, I lecture, er, remind them. They laugh.

The sellers called me because I listed and sold another home in South Land Park at 1407 Carrousel Lane, not far from their house. By the time they toured the home on Carrousel, they could only enter a backup offer because it was pending. Basically, a seller has options in this market when they want to sell a home and buy another home, but trying to buy on a contingent basis is one of the most difficult. I explain it this way: just think if this was your home and you received 3 offers. Two were from buyers who did not have to sell a home in order to buy yours. Which offers would you consider? read more

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