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Beware New UPS Phone Scam Hitting Sacramento Realtors

ups phone scam

You can’t track anonymous calls made through a VoIP to report a UPS phone scam.

My midtown Lyon Real Estate office forwarded a UPS phone scam call to me yesterday from 916-235-1321. It registers as a Folsom VoIP number, which means it could have originated from a computer or a mobile. The caller even acknowledged that he had asked my office to forward the call. He sounded so hokey. Said he was from UPS and had received a field inquiry about a damaged shipping label. Right away red flags went up, because he did not sound like a UPS employee.

Twice I asked his name, but no, he was transferring me to an individual with more information about my damaged shipping label. I also asked how he got my office number because I don’t ever use that number for anything, especially not for UPS. He said he got it from the shipping label, which is even more dubious. read more

Timing on Market is Key With Sacramento Listings

timing on market

Timing on market in Sacramento can help to generate excitement and higher offers.

Part of the problem I am facing as a top listing agent in Sacramento, odd as this might sound, is with timing on market; I can’t keep any listings in inventory. Soon as I put a home on the market, we get a bunch of offers and it sells. I honestly don’t think I’ve had a listing stay in active status longer than a week lately. I compare it to the days when I used to put together large dinner parties. I could spend 3 days on my feet, chopping, cooking, creating a Chinese feast and, within 20 minutes, the food is devoured and gone. read more

How to Customize Sacramento Listings to Reach Targeted Buyers

customize sacramento listings

The Weintraub cats snoozing on a Sunday afternoon, Jackson, Tessa and Horatio.

To customize a Sacramento listing, especially to target certain buyers, you’ve got to know your audience. That’s the first rule of listing customization. When I walk into a home for a listing presentation, I pay close attention to the way the home is decorated and to the people who live in it. I am replacing the people who live in it with new people. And for most practical purposes, the new people generally tend to share things in common with the existing homeowners. People who are alike gravitate toward certain products. read more

How a Sacramento Realtor Earns That Full Service Commission

full service commission

How an agent who charges a full service commission returns bigger profit margins to her sellers.

There are agents from the Blue Fish Realty Company who tell sellers in Sacramento that they don’t have to pay a full service commission because Blue Fish offers the same services for less, but that is a falsehood. I have proven time and time again it is not true. Cheap agents can’t do what I do for less. It’s impossible. In fact, I often tell sellers who want to list with Blue Fish to go ahead, and when they figure out they’ve sold their home for less plus they can’t get through the home inspection without paying for repairs or giving the buyer money, they can cancel and call me. read more

Do Real Estate Agents Have a Bad Reputation?

real estate agents bad reputation

Do all real estate agents have a bad reputation?

An agent commented yesterday that she felt embarrassed to be part of a profession in which so many real estate agents have a bad reputation because she does not deserve that moniker. Hey, some agents deserve the bad reputation label because they have earned it. Other agents are thoughtful, skilled, compassionate and excel at their job. It’s why some listing agents get paid 6% commission or more, for example, and others only 5% or less. Because good listing agents are worth what they are paid. read more

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