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Do Real Estate Agents Have a Bad Reputation?

real estate agents bad reputation

Do all real estate agents have a bad reputation?

An agent commented yesterday that she felt embarrassed to be part of a profession in which so many real estate agents have a bad reputation because she does not deserve that moniker. Hey, some agents deserve the bad reputation label because they have earned it. Other agents are thoughtful, skilled, compassionate and excel at their job. It’s why some listing agents get paid 6% commission or more, for example, and others only 5% or less. Because good listing agents are worth what they are paid.

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Be on the Lookout for Fake Proof of Funds in Sacramento Real Estate

proof of funds

Sacramento sellers expect to see proof of funds with the offer for all-cash or large down payments.

Back in the old days of Sacramento real estate, nobody cared much about proof of funds. A lot of business was done on a handshake and, when I started in the business in 1974, via a one-page NCR contract. To put that time period into perspective, this was before most families even owned a microwave. But times change, and we quickly adapt to the times they are a-changin’.  I can’t believe I ever survived in a world without computers and cellphones, but I obviously did.

Nowadays, people want proof of everything. There are no good-ol’ boy deals. We don’t trust anyone. Nor should we, necessarily. There are too many crooks and scam artists, just more sophisticated, and electronic crimes are becoming more complicated and commonplace. It seems like every day I get an email from somebody asking me to click on a link that is clearly a trick. I’m always on the lookout for fake crap, and I hold a duty to my sellers when I receive a purchase contract to check it out for red flags, one of which is often the proof of funds.

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A Silver Lining to a Sad Successor Trustee Sale

successor trustee sale

This successor trustee sale focused on a silver lining at the end.

Right before I received the “confirmation of closing” email for a successor trustee sale near Elk Grove, I had received bad news from my vet about our cat Horatio. Poor little guy had a bit of diarrhea, so I took him to the River City Cat Clinic in Land Park. We adopted Horatio about a month ago. The vet suggested we test him for leukemia and AIDS, since he came from a shelter. Well, the vet called yesterday afternoon to say the results came back positive.

When I was 23, I lost my Himalayan, Cairo, to leukemia. I had visited that cat daily in the hospital. He could barely stand up with tubes taped to his legs, he was so sick. I would reach through his cage and gingerly hold him, trying not to sob. He didn’t make it. I can’t do this again, is my first thought.

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The Elizabeth Weintraub Team Dined at The Kitchen

Elizabeth Weintraub Team Dined at The Kitchen

Elizabeth Weintraub, Dan Tharp, Amy McMullan and Josh Amolsch on the patio at The Kitchen

Despite promises from the staff that we could light things on fire, the Elizabeth Weintraub Team dined at The Kitchen Restaurant Thursday night without getting into any trouble. We didn’t light anything on fire. Nobody arrested us. We weren’t thrown out for bad behavior, and just because we clean up well doesn’t mean we aren’t pioneering troublemakers at heart.

The thing is we work long hours and keep intense schedules. We text and email each other throughout the day and occasionally have time for a brief phone call, but we don’t spend nearly enough time together. There’s got to be more life than constant work, so we all decided to take a little break and have some fun. I could not think of a better place to go for dinner and be entertained than The Kitchen Restaurant. We took a vote and decided it was time that the Elizabeth Weintraub Team dined at the Kitchen Restaurant together.

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The Propensity for a Bad Real Estate Transaction in Sacramento

bad real estate transaction sacramento

Experienced Realtors figure that 1 in 10 might be a bad real estate transaction in Sacramento.

I’m not sure if other agents purposely shield their clients from the crazy things that happen in a transaction or if they don’t notice it, they don’t care, or maybe they just don’t sell enough homes in any given year to increase the odds of an encounter with a bad real estate transaction. I’ve almost become immune to the irritation because it happens on so many occasions. I simply try to find a positive way to deal with issues and change the outcome, while making sure my clients understand exactly what is happening.

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