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Does Quantum Entanglement Apply to Sacramento Buyer’s Agents?

quantum entanglement

It is interesting to note Einstein rejected the theory of quantum entanglement, and he was wrong.

Some of the conversations I’ve been having lately with buyer’s agents in Sacramento seem as bizarre as the actual weirdness of quantum entanglement. For those of you who haven’t spent much time pondering quantum entanglement, this is an instant thing that happens in the universe. No, I’m not talking about the life-on-a-blade-of-grass theory, derived from dropping acid in the ’60s; this is not that foo-foo stuff. This is science. It’s a real phenomenon.

It’s what happens when two particles mirror each other after an interaction. You’ve got this one particle, which could be a Sacramento buyer’s agent, and another particle, which could be, say, a San Diego buyer’s agent. These two agents meet and become entangled to the extent that if the Sacramento buyer’s agent skins her knee, the agent in San Diego feels the burn. You think this sounds like craziness, a movie plot, but it’s real. read more

Some of the Things You Are Better Off Not Knowing

things you are better off not knowing

There are some things you are better off not knowing, but you won’t know until you know it.

Some things you are better off not knowing. As a huge proponent of education, I often quote knowledge is power when explaining somewhat boring and mundane tidbits of information to my Sacramento real estate clients. I like to freely share my knowledge. After all, I’ve got 43 years in the real estate business, have sold who knows how many homes; probably thousands. If each sale doesn’t teach a Realtor something new, the Realtor is not paying attention to her transactions.

However, I wouldn’t want you to misconstrue what I mean. This is not like Trump blubbering crazy crap. I’m not saying science isn’t real or that Sandy Hook wasn’t a tragedy or that climate change isn’t happening, because all of those things are real. Too real to ignore, even though some idiots and elected officials believe otherwise. I’m saying sometimes there are things you are better off not knowing. The problem is you won’t know you shouldn’t know until you after you acquire the knowledge. read more

New Sacramento Listing Allows Credit to Buyer

credit to buyer

3146 Northstead Dr, Sacramento, CA 95833 is offered exclusively by Elizabeth Weintraub and Lyon Real Estate.

Finally, a home for sale in Sacramento that first-time home buyers can purchase and also get a credit to buyer for $4,000. The buyer can use that money to buy a new dishwasher and range. One of the seller’s disgruntled family members removed those appliances from the kitchen. There’s even enough money leftover to buy a brand new stainless refrigerator.

Need furniture? There’s quite a bit of abandoned furniture left in this home that is yours for the taking. Or, the buyer can sell it at a garage sale after closing escrow. A lot of the furniture is in fairly good shape. There is a sofa, a kitchen table with chairs, a couple of children’s beds, a few dressers. read more

Look No Further for North Highlands Homes for Sale

north highlands homes for sale

Back yard of 4316 Aqua Ct is .27 acres with fruit trees, patio and spa.

You can spend hours combing through North Highlands homes for sale, or you can take a look at this new listing and just buy it. Why not? This home in North Highlands has everything you want and a little surprise that you might not be expecting in this price range. For starters, let’s look at the location. This street is a culdesac, which makes it’s a bit more private than other streets in this city. Yet, it’s right off Don Julio, not too far from Greenback, so it’s a short commute to reach the freeways. Which is pretty convenient, wouldn’t you say? read more

Should a Listing Agent Tell the Seller Which Offer to Take?

listing agent sacramento

Should a listing agent tell the seller which offer to take?

There are some sellers in Sacramento who would prefer it if their listing agent would handle every single detail of the transaction and make all of the important decisions for them. For a variety of reasons they obviously feel are very valid. If an agent tries to pass the responsibility back to the client, they feel dismissed, undervalued and rejected. They wonder why the listing agent doesn’t care about them.

There are other sellers who are much more hands on, sometimes too much so. They want to rewrite marketing materials, rearrange the order of photography and micro manage every aspect of the listing paperwork, sometimes to their own detriment. It’s evident that these guys don’t view themselves as others do. So, we go with the flow. What’s important is the client is happy. read more

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