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46 Days to Close Escrow With This Sacramento Mortgage Broker

Sacramento mortgage lender

If you choose the wrong Sacramento mortgage broker to do your loan, you’ll get delays.

There is a reason we refer only the top guys as a Sacramento mortgage broker to our buyers. They perform. They do what they say they will do. There are no excuses offered up because they don’t screw up. Our preferred mortgage brokers return phone calls. When everybody’s bag o’ money is pretty much the same, a Sacramento home buyer would have to be a bit nuts not to want to work with our preferred mortgage broker. The guys who make sure to close early or right on time are a precious commodity in Sacramento real estate.

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Be on the Lookout for Fake Proof of Funds in Sacramento Real Estate

proof of funds

Sacramento sellers expect to see proof of funds with the offer for all-cash or large down payments.

Back in the old days of Sacramento real estate, nobody cared much about proof of funds. A lot of business was done on a handshake and, when I started in the business in 1974, via a one-page NCR contract. To put that time period into perspective, this was before most families even owned a microwave. But times change, and we quickly adapt to the times they are a-changin’.  I can’t believe I ever survived in a world without computers and cellphones, but I obviously did.

Nowadays, people want proof of everything. There are no good-ol’ boy deals. We don’t trust anyone. Nor should we, necessarily. There are too many crooks and scam artists, just more sophisticated, and electronic crimes are becoming more complicated and commonplace. It seems like every day I get an email from somebody asking me to click on a link that is clearly a trick. I’m always on the lookout for fake crap, and I hold a duty to my sellers when I receive a purchase contract to check it out for red flags, one of which is often the proof of funds.

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Fixer Rosemont Home Pending in Four Days With 10 Offers

sacramento fixer home

People see how fast an agent can put a home pending (into escrow) in Sacramento and they often make the mistake of thinking that selling Sacramento real estate must be a piece of cake, when little is further from the truth. I’ve been working on this listing for the past 6 1/2 weeks. There were a lot of moving parts, many circumstances and unforeseen situations, some out-of-state, some in the city, and it all had to come together. On top of this, I revised my comparative market analysis almost daily to arrive at the perfect listing price.

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What Does An Agent Do When a Buyer Freaks Out?

buyer freaks out

An agent has options when a buyer freaks out, and the best is often to release the buyer.

Such a relief that I am not on the receiving end anymore when a buyer freaks out, but I do feel the ramifications when it’s the buyer in my transaction with cold feet and it’s my seller who is affected. In this instance, it’s neither of those situations, which is why I can tell you what happened. Because it’s not my transaction. But it is a transaction that almost happened, then didn’t, then got yanked out of the fire and resurrected.

Say an agent has a home listed in Fair Oaks. Along comes a buyer, the offer is accepted and escrow is opened. Then the buyer’s appraisal comes in for less than list price, and the seller decides to let that buyer go along his or her merry little way. New buyer pops into the picture. Writes an offer agreeing to bridge any difference in appraised value, but whoa! The appraisal comes in not at the previous appraised price like expected but another $30K less.

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Sacramento Fixer Home For Sale in Rosemont

sacramento fixer home

9165 Thilow Drive, Sacramento, CA 95826 is a Sacramento fixer home.

Here is the house that investors and flippers have been waiting for: a Sacramento fixer home for sale in Rosemont. They say the biggest problem with opportunity is few recognize opportunity when opportunity comes knocking. Or they expect opportunity to change her clothes, lose weight, color her hair or somehow make herself more attractive when she’s beautiful just the way she is. In other words, a buyer doesn’t have to grind out every last dime in a transaction to make it worthwhile.

There is plenty of room in this sales price to do improvements and eventually sell the home to a first-time home buyer, if that’s your cup of tea. Or, you can buy the home for yourself, fix it up and live in it. As long as you’re able to tackle a Sacramento fixer home, have the rehab know-how, then knock yourself out. This is the home for you. The prices in that neighborhood are in the upper 200’s and lower 300’s. This 1963 Sacramento fixer home is listed at $245,000.

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