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Should You Hire a Property Manager to Sell Your Home?

hire a property manager to sell

A property manager can evict a tenant but generally lacks skills to sell a home.

A potential seller with a rental property wondered if she should hire a property manager to sell, and of course I told her that’s a bad idea. Hiring a property manager to sell your home is little bit like asking a mid-wife to perform brain surgery on you. Does she know how to cut into your skull? Maybe. Would you want her to? Or, how about asking a plumber to build your house? A plumber certainly knows how to install a toilet and fix leaky pipes, but there’s more to building a house than that. Or, let’s take a burger flipper from McDonald’s and let the guy cater your wedding while we’re at it. Sure, he can fry hamburger. But can he create a 7-tier chocolate chiffon with Chantilly and a lemon-based filling, topped by buttercream frosting and dusted with macadamia nuts? read more

Updated New Listing in Sacramento 95838 Neighborhood

new listing in sacramento 95838

840 Hunters Creek Dr, Sacramento, CA 95838 is for sale at $359K by Elizabeth Weintraub, Lyon RE.

The sellers have lived almost all of their lives near this listing in Sacramento 95838, and now it is time for the brothers to go their separate ways and begin lives apart. One of the brothers is getting married this spring, which means he and his new bride will need to find their own home. Most likely in the same area. They seem to know everybody and they are familiar with homes in Sacramento 95838 neighborhood.

This listing in Sacramento 95838 is located just north of Main Street, between Rio Linda Blvd and Marysville. It’s located in a pocket of homes all built in the 1990s. This is one of the few homes with a fenced back yard for privacy. This is how much the neighbors like each other. You don’t often see neighborhoods without fenced back yards anymore. While I personally like the privacy that fencing allows, there is something very attractive about rolling hills behind your home with views of other homes. read more

September 2017 Housing Report for Sacramento

September 2017 Housing Report for Sacramento

September 2017 Housing Report for Sacramento

Everybody and their uncle has a story to tell you about the September 2017 housing report for Sacramento. But the one place you can always count on to give you accurate information is Trendgraphix. However you decipher it is up to you. I’m sure there are agents out there who will look at the square-foot-cost chart in Sacramento and predict a bubble, and I’d say they are crazy because the conditions that created a bubble do not exist today. We don’t have a plethora of 100% financing, and a little over half of all transactions are conventional, with the rest about 12% cash, 25% FHA loans. Our qualification guidelines are stringent. read more

Buying a Foothill Farms Home the Seller Remodeled for Herself

Foothill Farms home

4652 Ravenstone Way is a remodeled Foothill Farms home

There is a difference between buying a flipper home and a Foothill Farms home the seller remodeled for herself.  With some flipper homes, you don’t know what you are buying and what’s been covered up by the flipper investor. The flipper could be a guy with integrity or a woman who just wanted to do things as cheaply as possible without any experience.  You just don’t know. But with a homeowner who remodels the home to her own tastes, the improvements tend to be a bit better quality with improved workmanship. Owners who remodel are often pretty picky. read more

The Problem With Trusting Other Sacramento Agents

trusting other sacramento agentsThere is a new Real Safe Realtor safety app coming to Metrolist that relies on trusting other Sacramento agents to help a fellow agent in distress. It’s based on a cooperative spirit and the fact that agents should rely on each other to help out. I’m not so sure how well that will go over in Sacramento. My experience has been limited in that regard. I recall when I first started at Lyon Real Estate and I thought I had lost my display key. Patti Martinez, who used to work in our downtown office back then, came to my rescue. She had something else to do the day but she drove over to the house where I thought I had left my key and unlocked the door for me. That was a nice thing to do. A selfless act. I was grateful. Enough so that I’m still talking about it. I would do the same thing for another agent. read more

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