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College Glen Home Sold in 3 Days $10,000 Over List Price

college glen home

This College Glen home on Cliffwood closed escrow at $335K.

When these wonderful sellers were referred to me to sell the husband’s family College Glen home, I was truly overjoyed to meet them. Sometimes, a Sacramento Realtor simply connects with her clients. It’s an amazing feeling. People who don’t express or welcome emotions probably don’t do well in real estate. I can tell when I meet people whether there is a spark, and I can also feel the energy when I enter a home. When both are present, whammo, remarkable things can happen. Further, these types of sellers make me want to be a better agent. read more

Is There Any Flexibility in the Sales Price for that House?

is there any flexibility in the sales price

Agents have all kinds of ways they attempt to negotiate but the one that works.

Buyer’s agents who ask is there any flexibility in the sales price are really asking the listing agent if the seller will take less. You might wonder who would ask this sort of question? Or, maybe, what kind of responses would they receive? All sorts of agents ask this question. They ask because sometimes listing agents in Sacramento do not stop to think. They get caught up in the moment, forget about their fiduciary relationship to the seller and, as such, they can commit one of the worst blunders a listing agent could ever do. They could lose their real estate license. Yet, they spill the beans. And let’s talk about spilling the beans. read more

Two Offers on the Same House and Quantum Entanglement

two offers on the same house

Two offers on the same house happens randomly, like two scientists with same discovery.

Buyers sometimes find it difficult to believe that two offers on the same house can happen at the same time. Part of that is probably ingrained in people to believe that they are special and different from everybody else. Like that one guy on the TBS TV show People of Earth whose dream was to be hijacked to a spaceship and assured he was special. But the truth is nobody is all that special. We are more alike than we are different. And if you want to buy that particular home in Sacramento, you can bet dollars to doughnuts that another buyer is thinking the very same thing at precisely the same time. read more

Why Selling Sacramento Homes to Neighbors Can Be More Difficult

selling sacramento homes

Selling Sacramento homes to neighbors can sometimes mean lower values.

The longer I’m in the real estate business in this town, the more I see why selling Sacramento homes to neighbors can be difficult. For starters, let’s say the neighbors already own a home. They want to sell and buy a bigger home in the same neighborhood. Of course, when their home goes on the market, it’s worth a lot of money, so much money that even Trump would have a hard time describing how much money that home is worth, and if he isn’t the worst liar in the world I don’t know who is. I got a big kick out of Jack Ohman’s editorial cartoon yesterday: excuse me, I have to take this call from Winston Churchill, heh, heh. read more

Sacramento Realtors Who Feel No Urgency to Present Purchase Offers

present purchase offers

Sacramento Realtors should present purchase offers immediately, unless otherwise instructed in writing.

The sad sorry tale in Sacramento real estate can be found in those Realtors who feel no urgency to present purchase offers. In some ways, it’s like a buyer’s agent is interrupting the listing agent’s life by asking that agent to perform the job at hand. We all get it that “it’s summer” but it doesn’t mean the living is easy and a listing agent gets to take off days without a replacement. All too often we call a listing agent to ask if our offer has been presented, and we hear something like this: read more

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