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This Woodside Oaks Condo is Like Living at a Resort

woodside oaks condo

Spacious living room with corner fireplace in a Woodside Oaks condo.

Look no further for your Woodside Oaks condo at Alicante Villas! Because this is the only condo  for sale in Woodside Oaks Alicante Villas. And it could be yours, all yours! This Woodside Oaks condo has everything you’ve dreamed about. A beautifully updated kitchen featuring glass cabinet doors and granite counters. Stainless appliances, too, and a stone floor. In fact, the stone floor in the entry extends into the kitchen.

Off the kitchen is a private dining area with a recently installed very modern ceiling fan. One can retrieve a plate from the pass-through and transport it directly to the dining room table without walking around the kitchen. read more

December 2017 Sacramento Housing Report Shows Steady Prices

December 2017 Sacramento Housing Report

December 2017 Sacramento Housing Report

Welcome to the December 2017 Sacramento Housing Report. The first thing that strikes me about the numbers for last month is the fact the pending sales have increased over the same month a year ago. The pending sales for this December are up by 14% over December of last year. This indicates a much stronger demand at the end of the year than the demand that existed a year ago.

The second thing I noticed is inventory dropped in December by 24% over November. But most of that is people saying, what the heck, I want to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas without people traipsing through my house. It’s seasonal and typically more people take their homes off the market over the holidays. read more

Mixing Religion and Politics in Sacramento Real Estate

mixing religion and politicsMixing religion and politics is always a bit tricky in Sacramento real estate for some people. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry much about the political end of things because I’m unlikely to alienate my client base. It would be different if I sold primarily in Placer County, but most of my business lies squarely in Sacramento. Plus, I rarely bring up religion and politics. My brain is already too busy processing strategies and marketing ideas. At my age, there’s only so much room up there in the attic. read more

Hamptons Village 6 Tides Edge Place Closed Escrow

Hamptons VillageWhen I interviewed with the sellers to sell their Hamptons Village home, they had already talked with a bunch of other Natomas Realtors. I don’t know how I got into this on the tail end of the situation, but I knew when I walked out I had the listing. Other agents generally do not sell real estate the way I do it. Further, they don’t have my four decades of experience. As one guy put it to me yesterday, he wasn’t even born when I started to sell real estate, and he’s 44. read more

Lot for Sale in Elk Grove at 9368 Kaanapali Closed Escrow

lot for sale in Elk Grove

This lot for sale in Elk Grove at 9368 Kaanapali closed escrow last week.

Although we had sold this lot for sale in Elk Grove to our client, for some reason, the client initially listed the lot with an agent who was a friend of the family. I think the agent worked for a builder, but I don’t really recall. All I know is she had it on the market for almost 4 months and no bites. So the seller finally called me and asked if I would take a lot for sale in Elk Grove and sell it for her.

Sure. Just because I rarely sell lots is no reason not to take the listing. The principle of selling is the same. I have great marketing tools. First I pulled up a list of all of the lots that are for sale in Elk Grove and the sold lots. Not just the lots within a 1/2 mile, but every lot for sale in Elk Grove. Those are some long days on market, let me tell you. Which means the market is softer than residential. read more

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