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Don’t You Hate that Expression Is it Hot Enough For Ya?

Is it hot enough for ya

Is it hot enough for ya in Sacramento?

When I was a kid growing up in Minnesota, everybody always asked each other in the summer that idiotic question: Is it hot enough for ya? It was just a colloquialism, nobody expected a response. Saying is it hot enough for ya is akin to saying hey. But in Sacramento right now, we have hot weather much sooner than expected. Although, I don’t know why. It’s as though Mother Nature turned up the dial and said forget about spring as she dumped a ton of water on us last month.

Then in June, when it’s often relatively nice weather in Sacramento, bam, we’re hit with a heat wave that shows no sign of cooling off. It’s the kind of hotness you can see with your eyes, the waves in the air of bendy heat, slowly rippling in the bright sun that just won’t quit. It was 106 yesterday. Recordbreaking. read more

Beware New UPS Phone Scam Hitting Sacramento Realtors

ups phone scam

You can’t track anonymous calls made through a VoIP to report a UPS phone scam.

My midtown Lyon Real Estate office forwarded a UPS phone scam call to me yesterday from 916-235-1321. It registers as a Folsom VoIP number, which means it could have originated from a computer or a mobile. The caller even acknowledged that he had asked my office to forward the call. He sounded so hokey. Said he was from UPS and had received a field inquiry about a damaged shipping label. Right away red flags went up, because he did not sound like a UPS employee.

Twice I asked his name, but no, he was transferring me to an individual with more information about my damaged shipping label. I also asked how he got my office number because I don’t ever use that number for anything, especially not for UPS. He said he got it from the shipping label, which is even more dubious. read more

Other Sacramento Movie Theaters Pale in Comparison

Sacrametno movie theaters

Best of all Sacramento movie theaters is the new Century Arden.

Quite possibly I am among the only three people left in the world who did not see Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 1, in any of our Sacramento movie theaters, and I certainly did not exhibit any enthusiasm about watching it on TV. My husband’s intentions, I believe, were to bring me up to speed on the first movie, which would then entice me to go the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. A plan that backfired, initially.

Bear in mind I knew nothing about the movie except for the promo shot of the group: a wiseacre raccoon, a skinny chick with a sliced-up face, an enormous man with red scars all over his body, some sort of live tree that reminded me of David Bryne and, of course, that dorky dipshit from Parks and Recreation. “I’m a girrrllll,” I explained to my husband, about why I didn’t want to see it. No Max Max for me. Guns, trucks, loud noise, blowing up things. read more

Water Meters Coming to Land Park in Sacramento

water meters coming to Land Park

Water meters are coming to Land Park in July 2017.

When Meters Matter began in 2005, water meters coming to Land Park seemed so far into the future. But 2017 is here and the city will begin installing water meters in the next couple of months. I thought about that as my husband and I walked to the Sunday Farmer’s Market under the W / X Freeway in Land Park. It was considered late by market produce, just after 11 AM, but still relatively early by our schedule. We tend to take it pretty slow and easy Sunday mornings, easing into the day.

Then, all of a sudden, the truck and fire engine from the Sacramento Fire Department on Broadway and 8th Street emerged, lights going. They both pulled around the corner on 8th Street and headed north, blaring. Well, it is Memorial Day Weekend. Beer, propane and matches don’t always mix. read more

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