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Weird Experience Neutering Our Kitten at Bradshaw Animal Hospital

Bradshaw Animal HospitalBradshaw Animal Hospital was not my first choice of a place to get our ragdoll kitty neutered, but I recalled the SSPCA worked closely with Bradshaw Animal Hospital during my short stint in 2003 at the SSPCA. Ha, I bet most of my regular readers do not know that I once worked briefly as the Marketing Manager at the Sacramento SPCA. At the same time that I reactivated my California real estate license. I considered it volunteer work, although to be honest, the SSPCA did pay me.

I had just moved to Sacramento, wondering what I would like to do. Nonprofit + animals = feel good purpose. But I was wrong. The culture at the SSPCA was not a good match for my personality and, besides, real estate is my first love. So, I resigned after a few months. The woman I reported to kept trying to supervise. You know, telling me what to do. Criminy. Her efforts didn’t go over so well. Too many personal agendas there. read more

The Shape of Water at New Century DoCo in Sacramento

Century DoCo SacramentoBecause I was in Hawaii for two months this winter, I missed the grand opening of the Century DoCo Theater in Sacramento. This is across from Macy’s in what used to be the Downtown Plaza. Coming back to Sacramento this month meant catching up on my new listings and writing for TheBalance, so I haven’t had time for the movies. Yesterday was the first day, and a bit spontaneous. I had hoped to see The Post, but that’s no longer showing downtown. Which is OK because The Shape of Water was next on my list. read more

Beware of Sacramento Agents Who Have a Dog in the Race

sacramento agent who has a dog in the race

Not every Sacramento Realtor has a dog in the race.

You know what I mean about Sacramento agents who have a dog in the raceright? The underbelly of this business. Especially real estate agents whose sole business model is: no closing, no paycheck. When an agent must close a transaction or starve to death, it can be difficult for a client to feel comfortable with the advice that agent might offer. I get it. But I hadn’t quite had it put to me like a client explained a few days ago.

Basically, he said he was referring me to a co-worker who needed to list his home because I have enough business to be financially comfortable. Implying that it’s difficult to trust an agent who doesn’t. Granted, there are many types of Realtors in Sacramento. read more

Introducing Our New Ragdoll Kitty at Home in Land Park

new ragdoll kitty

New Ragdoll kitty in guest bath sink in Land Park.

Choosing our new Ragdoll kitty from my friend JaCi Wallace’s litter of kittens was really tough. We couldn’t stay there all day because JaCi had to show a home way the heck out in Yuba City from Wilton. Or we just might have visited for another 8 hours until dinner. They were all so adorably cute. Who doesn’t love a kitten? Even people who say they are not cat people tend to love kittens. And besides, we all know deep down just about everybody is a cat person, even those who say they are not. read more

Can You Hear The Sound When Your Cat Purrs?

jackson the ragdoll close upThere’s this cat in London who purrs as loud as a lawnmower. His name is Smokey. This cat purrs at 73 to 80 decibels. depending on which news report you read. If I had a cat like that, I’d kick him out of bed. Heck, I’d banish him to the garage. Or at the very least, I’d make sure I never petted him unless I wore earplugs.

Like all Sacramento real estate transactions are different, all cats purr differently. My cat who died December of 2010, Brandon, had a very loud purr. He used to sit on the bench near me at the breakfast table, and when we would have overnight company, our guests could not figure out where that sound came from in the morning. Brandon was content to just sit there and purr like a popcorn popper. I didn’t have to pet him to induce a purr. But he was no lawnmower. read more

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