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What’s Up With Free Seller Rent Backs in Sacramento Real Estate?

Free seller rent backs

Free seller rent backs are common in today’s Sacramento housing market.

Given our strong seller’s market in Sacramento, many home buyers today are finding themselves closing escrow but not being able to move into their new homes due to the free seller rent backs. Part of the reason for the free seller rent backs is to induce the seller to accept an offer over another offer without the holdover possession. It’s also because many sellers are not moving up. At least not in my listing inventories.

Sellers are either a) a successor trustee or trustee of a trust; b) moving out of the area; c) selling an investment rental or d) buying a brand new home. They are not coming to me and asking to sell their home so they can buy a bigger, nicer home in a different neighborhood, which would be a normal Sacramento real estate market. But these are not normal times. We need to remind ourselves that much of what is happening today is NOT NORMAL. We can’t get complacent. read more

Luxury Condos Coming to Downtown Sacramento: Sawyer Residences

luxury condos downtown sacramento

Luxury condos downtown Sacramento at Sawyer Residences © Agency Development Group

Because Lyon Real Estate is one of the oldest and well respected real estate companies in Sacramento, we often get invited to tour new projects before the public hears much about them, including the new luxury condos in downtown Sacramento, . In fact, a woman from outside of Sacramento called a month ago, demanding to tour luxury condos in downtown Sacramento, and apart from the units at 500 N Street, we had to tell her there aren’t any. Yet. Yet being the operative word.

luxury condos downtown sacramento

A porcupine light fixture is part of the ambiance at the Sawyer Residences. © Barbara Dow

Well, there have been a few, but there are none for sale now. The condos at the top of the Marriott come to mind, the Penthouses at Capitol Park, but those sold out. Lots of false starts and promises on other projects, but now that we have the Golden 1 Arena, downtown Sacramento is suddenly burning red hot. read more

Who is The Number One Agent at Lyon Real Estate Downtown?

number one agent lyon real estate downtown

The Number One Agent at Lyon Real Estate Downtown is Elizabeth Weintraub.

A team member reminded me this weekend that I have not yet blogged about who is the Number One Agent at Lyon Real Estate Downtown. First, it helps to know that Lyon has almost 1,000 agents in the company. As if it’s not enough that this Sacramento Realtor has placed four times in the 3 top agents at Lyon Real Estate, she has also earned the top agent at Lyon Real Estate Downtown for the past 6 years straight. Of course you know I’m talking about myself. How quickly time passes by when you’re busy with Sacramento real estate. read more

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op New Location Bedazzles

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Deli and buffet is located directly to the right upon entering Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op.

Navigating toward the deli upon entering the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op yesterday was a direct result of yearning for food at lunch-time. Gone are the days when you are forced to grocery shop when you’re starving to death and therefore buy up the entire store. At the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op new location at 2820 R Street, you can make an event out of lunch and grocery shopping. The design of the store is beautifully modern, sleek and functional.

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

Generous salad bar offerings at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op.

It seemed like an excellent opportunity on a dismal Saturday to shoot new photos of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and see its new location, so I opted to accompany my husband to the grocery store, an activity I rarely do. On that rainy afternoon yesterday, I had initially intended to head for the salad bar, which offered a huge array of fresh and organic selections. But then I spotted the sushi sign, and I discovered the hot potato and jalapeño soup, which made me forget all about a salad. read more

Are Homeless People a Material Fact in Midtown Sacramento?

homeless people a material fact

Are homeless people a material fact in Midtown Sacramento?

A home seller asked me recently: are homeless people a material fact when selling a home in Midtown Sacramento? She said she’s lived in Midtown for so long that the homeless population in the area has become a fact of life, a daily occurrence, no different than the sun rising and setting every day. You come to expect it so you don’t pay much attention to it. Homeless people are prominent near homes in Midtown Sacramento, as well as other areas of Sacramento, and all over the world.

Except maybe for Cuba. You ask a Cuban about homeless people and they tell you there are none. That the government provides. Fifteen days of rations is the stipend in Cuba. People have to fend off hunger the rest of the month. While I did not see any homeless people during our trip to Cuba last year, it doesn’t necessarily mean they do not exist. Further, the close bonds developed through a strong family structure in Cuba is often such that there is always a place to go. Not quite the same as our families in Los Estados Unidos. Cubans will say if you see a homeless person, it’s because the person chooses to be homeless. read more

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