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The Most Important Real Estate Tip This Realtor Learned From Marge Reid

marge reid lesson

This home on Vallejo Way took almost a year to sell at its highest price ever.

When I read that Marge Reid had died on October 7th, the news snapped my breath away. I was lounging about Sunday  morning reading the Business section of the Sacramento Bee when I spotted an ad. It was right next to the ads for homes for sale and other agents advertising services. The ad was a reduced version of the death notice for Marge Reid that had appeared in the paper in the local section a few weeks earlier. Although it’s odd to see something like this in the Business section, that was a good place to put it because many of us who knew Marge Reid do not read death notices on a daily basis. It was also a nice way to let clients know her daughter and son-in-law are carrying on the family business. read more

Can Hardwood Flooring Increase the Value of a Home in Sacramento?

hardwood flooring increase value of home in Sacramento

This home features brilliant walnut flooring in Lincoln, CA.

It’s difficult for those not in real estate to find precise numbers to answer can hardwood flooring increase the value of a home in Sacramento. That’s partly because when home owners install hardwood flooring, they are also making other types of improvements. It’s rare to find just a hardwood flooring installation to compare a rate of return when selling. However, I can tell you in my experiences, sellers always tend to get their money back and then some. My sellers earn a range of one to 6 times rate of return. read more

Sacramento Listing Agents Shouldn’t Forget The Seller Owns the House

seller owns the house

No matter how you look at it the seller owns the house.

Many of my clients like to leave decisions up to me, yet I constantly remind them the seller owns the house, not the agent. I’m just their Sacramento listing agent. I can advise and guide, but I can’t make decisions for them. They actually say things like: you know what to do, you can just take care of it. While I might love to negotiate — and I am one of those twisted individuals who truly does love the art of negotiation — I can only make suggestions. Sometimes buyer’s agents will ask me if I sent their document to the seller. When they ask that question, it tells me they wrongly suspect I’m making up reactions or negotiating without speaking to my clients. I would never do that. read more

Listing a Home in Sacramento and Interviewing Realtors

interviewing realtors

There is no rule about interviewing Realtors that means you can’t pick the first agent.

Many of the sellers I’ve been meeting with lately to list homes in Sacramento have been interviewing Realtors. It makes sense to ensure it’s a good fit between client and agent. On the other hand, most of my sellers already know they are going to hire me just by talking to me on the phone and reading my online reviews. I also encourage them to hire me. You betcha. I mean, who else has as much experience as I do? I’ve worked in real estate since the 1970s, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I don’t sell 3 or 4 homes a year like 90% of the agents in town. I have real hands-on, day-in and day-out experience that saves my sellers a world of future headaches. read more

Water Meters in Land Park Installed at My House Today

water meters in land park

Water meters in Land Park are being installed today at a Realtor’s home.

It’s amazing to have lived in Sacramento for 15 years now and we have no water meters in Land Park. This is a major metropolitan city that is no stranger to drought, but no water meters. I’ve lived all over the country. Never have I lived in a place where we didn’t pay for water based on usage via a water meter. Well, that is all coming to an end today. We knew water meters are coming to Land Park since last May.

Of course, as you can tell by the photo above, I’m not sure if I will be able to get out of my driveway today. What I need to do is stop typing and go outside to engage with the workers and plead with them to let me out. Last Friday was tough enough. I had one of those emergency listing appointments, the kind where the seller absolutely needs to meet with me immediately, so I have to quickly reschedule other activities or drop what I’m doing and run . . . which, let me tell you, is why I am a top producer. read more

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