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The Odyssey of New Sacramento Listings and MetroList

new sacramento listings

Listen to your agent about making an offer on a new listing in Sacramento

The last time I wrote a post about new Sacramento listings I’m working on, I received an email from our MetroList. Well, that isn’t really true. I received the email about 3 months later, not right after I wrote it. I’m not sure if they didn’t notice the date on the blog or which jealous agent flung it in their attention, but gosh darn it, they wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything hokey. Like that would ever be an issue with this Sacramento Realtor. I dot my I’s and I cross my T’s. Those who work with me know I am the Paperwork Queen of Sacramento real estate. Comes from my 1970’s escrow officer background. I glanced at my backlog and there were 15 hits on that old blog, all within the course of a few hours. I shake my head. read more

My Last Day in Hawaii Before This Sacramento Realtor Goes Home

my last day in Hawaii

Families and children at Magic Sands Beach, Kailua-Kona.

Spending my last day in Hawaii is always a bit sad because I know I am leaving the island. There are people who go stir crazy on an island and can’t wait to get off, but I’m not one of those. It’s such a place of serenity and inner peace. Not to mention, this time I’m leaving our home behind. It’s different. There is nobody following me to make sure all the lights are turned off, the doors are locked and the security alarm is armed. By this evening, I will be 2,400 miles away. read more

Should a Listing Agent Tell the Seller Which Offer to Take?

listing agent sacramento

Should a listing agent tell the seller which offer to take?

There are some sellers in Sacramento who would prefer it if their listing agent would handle every single detail of the transaction and make all of the important decisions for them. For a variety of reasons they obviously feel are very valid. If an agent tries to pass the responsibility back to the client, they feel dismissed, undervalued and rejected. They wonder why the listing agent doesn’t care about them.

There are other sellers who are much more hands on, sometimes too much so. They want to rewrite marketing materials, rearrange the order of photography and micro manage every aspect of the listing paperwork, sometimes to their own detriment. It’s evident that these guys don’t view themselves as others do. So, we go with the flow. What’s important is the client is happy. read more

Timing on Market is Key With Sacramento Listings

timing on market

Timing on market in Sacramento can help to generate excitement and higher offers.

Part of the problem I am facing as a top listing agent in Sacramento, odd as this might sound, is with timing on market; I can’t keep any listings in inventory. Soon as I put a home on the market, we get a bunch of offers and it sells. I honestly don’t think I’ve had a listing stay in active status longer than a week lately. I compare it to the days when I used to put together large dinner parties. I could spend 3 days on my feet, chopping, cooking, creating a Chinese feast and, within 20 minutes, the food is devoured and gone. read more

What’s Up With Free Seller Rent Backs in Sacramento Real Estate?

Free seller rent backs

Free seller rent backs are common in today’s Sacramento housing market.

Given our strong seller’s market in Sacramento, many home buyers today are finding themselves closing escrow but not being able to move into their new homes due to the free seller rent backs. Part of the reason for the free seller rent backs is to induce the seller to accept an offer over another offer without the holdover possession. It’s also because many sellers are not moving up. At least not in my listing inventories.

Sellers are either a) a successor trustee or trustee of a trust; b) moving out of the area; c) selling an investment rental or d) buying a brand new home. They are not coming to me and asking to sell their home so they can buy a bigger, nicer home in a different neighborhood, which would be a normal Sacramento real estate market. But these are not normal times. We need to remind ourselves that much of what is happening today is NOT NORMAL. We can’t get complacent. read more

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