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Home Pricing Strategies for Selling Homes in Elk Grove

home pricing strategies

Home pricing strategies vary depending on the type of marketplace.

Because I list and sell so many homes in the Elk Grove area, I get a lot of calls from appraisers asking about home pricing strategies and what happened during our offer negotiations. It’s a good thing I am organized. I keep all of my offers and notes on each in a separate spreadsheet just for reference. There is no way I can pull this stuff out of my memory. I’m lucky if I can recall the name of the street. The calls from appraisers generally center on how to substantiate the sales value without enough comps.

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Lake View Laguna West Home Sold in 6 Days Over List Price

lake view laguna west home

Upgraded lake view Laguna West home at 9200 Bearint Way.

No matter how many times I prove it, sellers often wonder whether it is worth it to hire a full-service Realtor, especially to sell a desirable lake view Laguna West home. It’s OK that they might be doubtful. Adding to their incertitude, if they have never worked with an Elk Grove listing agent like me whose sole practice is based on seller representation, coupled with a strong focus on maximizing profit potential, I can see why they might raise an eyebrow. I could just be some ol’ agent who sells houses, but I am not.

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What Can Sacramento Listing Agents Disclose About Offers?

listing agents disclose about offers

What can Sacramento listing agents disclose about offers may surprise you.

If you’re wondering about what can Sacramento listing agents disclose about offers to other agents, you might be a bit surprised to learn the answer. That’s because agents often try to be fair with each other, and sometimes they try too hard, in which case it generally means they have forgotten whom they represent. In fact, I had a seller question me last week about why do I refuse to do dual representation? Why do I insist on sole representation of the seller in my real estate practice when I am free to work with buyers as well? Why would anybody do that?

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Why There Are So Many Listing Agents Who Do Not Answer the Phone

listing agents who do not answer the phone

Ignoring phone calls is a trait of listing agents who do not answer the phone.

First, let me say I am not one of those listing agents who do not answer the phone. I always try to answer my phone, regardless of whom is calling. And yes, I have Caller ID. I know if it’s a private caller, an anonymous caller, a local caller and if the phone is registered, I get the name, too. But I still answer the phone. I’ve had private callers hire me to list their property. I don’t judge anybody by their phone number.

But in Sacramento, there are many listing agents who do not answer the phone. One of the main reasons is they don’t want to talk to buyer’s agents. You would think they would because they want to sell the home, right? Yet these listing agents feel they don’t have to engage because they’ll get an offer one way or another so why pick up the phone? Especially if they are bothered by nonsense. And much of the time it is nonsense.

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How I Listed a Centex Home in Elk Grove Near Sheldon

centex home in elk grove

This Centex home in Elk Grove is for sale at $425K by Elizabeth Weintraub, Lyon RE.

Although this new listing, which is a Centex home in Elk Grove, was a referral to me, the sellers were interviewing a number of agents at the time they talked to me. They asked when was the latest I could shoot photos in order to be on the market on Friday. I should know by Wednesday at least, I figured. Shoot photos on Thursday, go live Friday. We talked, I gave them a few pointers and we discussed where they might move to.

Taking a listing is always a holelistic approach, sellers don’t really want to sell as much as they desire what the final outcome will bring. Plus, they can sense the desperate agents a mile away, the guys who will do anything to nab a listing and don’t much care what happens to the sellers. There aren’t many agents like that in the business, but when inventory dries up, more seem to come out of the woodwork.

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