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Dealing With Difficult Tenants When Selling a Home

dealing with difficult tenants

Don’t let difficult tenants prevent you from selling a home.

Mostly all renters turn into difficult tenants when selling a home. It’s just a matter of degree. Why wouldn’t it be? Tenants do not want to move against their will and they worry the rent will go up if they stay. None of that makes them cooperative when selling Sacramento rental homes. In fact, difficult tenants can blow a sale or make it even harder to sell a home in the first place.

They are intimately intertwined with their living space. Sometimes, and you might find this hard to believe, they forget that they do not own the home. After all, if they’ve lived there a long time, it starts to feel like it’s their house. Not the owner’s. Especially if they have an axe to grind or something. Like, maybe they asked for certain items to be repaired or replaced and felt ignored. Perhaps they believe the landlord did not give their requests priority. Payback is a bitch. They don’t mean to sabotage the sale, oh my goodness, no, but they just can’t help themselves. read more

Should You Hire a Property Manager to Sell Your Home?

hire a property manager to sell

A property manager can evict a tenant but generally lacks skills to sell a home.

A potential seller with a rental property wondered if she should hire a property manager to sell, and of course I told her that’s a bad idea. Hiring a property manager to sell your home is little bit like asking a mid-wife to perform brain surgery on you. Does she know how to cut into your skull? Maybe. Would you want her to? Or, how about asking a plumber to build your house? A plumber certainly knows how to install a toilet and fix leaky pipes, but there’s more to building a house than that. Or, let’s take a burger flipper from McDonald’s and let the guy cater your wedding while we’re at it. Sure, he can fry hamburger. But can he create a 7-tier chocolate chiffon with Chantilly and a lemon-based filling, topped by buttercream frosting and dusted with macadamia nuts? read more

Your Fixer Home in Rancho Cordova is in Sacramento MLS

fixer home in rancho Cordova

2430 Stokewood Way, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 is a fixer home.

If you’re looking for a fixer home in Rancho Cordova, look no further. This new listing came on the market yesterday morning and it’s already generating a lot of excitement. This fixer home is located about halfway between Sunrise and Folsom off of Zinfandel. Nice neighborhood. I sold a lot of homes in this neighborhood during the market crash years in Sacramento. Now, the neighborhood is showing pride of ownership and people have equity again.

You can definitely see the possibilities when you walk through this home. It’s a popular model that features a remote living room right off the entry way with a brick fireplace at the far end and a steeple ceiling. It could use new carpeting and new vinyl, although the trend today in flooring tends to favor wood floors or wood-like laminates. read more

Tips for Buying Real Estate Today as a Sacramento Investor

sacramento investor

A Sacramento investor today might want to consider buying a halfplex.

It doesn’t take a Sacramento investor to know that returns on money market accounts and CDs are fairly dismal at the moment. The stock market, too, can be a bit volatile, especially if you aren’t willing to risk a loss. In fact, I received an urgent letter from Capital One (which used to be ING) offering me one of the nation’s highest rates of 1%. You know, like any other Sacramento Realtor, we really don’t want to see interest rates rise but criminy, the rates of return for secure investments are so incredibly lousy and have been lousy for years. Can we have a little inflation, please? read more

Sacramento Fixer Home For Sale in Rosemont

sacramento fixer home

9165 Thilow Drive, Sacramento, CA 95826 is a Sacramento fixer home.

Here is the house that investors and flippers have been waiting for: a Sacramento fixer home for sale in Rosemont. They say the biggest problem with opportunity is few recognize opportunity when opportunity comes knocking. Or they expect opportunity to change her clothes, lose weight, color her hair or somehow make herself more attractive when she’s beautiful just the way she is. In other words, a buyer doesn’t have to grind out every last dime in a transaction to make it worthwhile.

There is plenty of room in this sales price to do improvements and eventually sell the home to a first-time home buyer, if that’s your cup of tea. Or, you can buy the home for yourself, fix it up and live in it. As long as you’re able to tackle a Sacramento fixer home, have the rehab know-how, then knock yourself out. This is the home for you. The prices in that neighborhood are in the upper 200’s and lower 300’s. This 1963 Sacramento fixer home is listed at $245,000. read more

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