What Everybody Else Knows About Soap Products But Me

soap products

Women’s soap products at Target on Broadway in Land Park.

Most people are surprised when I tell them I do not go grocery shopping, so it’s not astonishing to me that I would not possess much knowledge about soap products. A lot of my products I buy online. But my husband does the grocery shopping and makes runs to Target all the time for certain items, including soap products. I had been lying in bed Sunday morning, reading the newspaper like old people tend to do, and there was a comic strip, Pickles.

The old guy says to his wife, “Do you know soap is now segregated by sex?” He goes on to explain that he and his wife are rebels because they use the same bar of soap. Then his wife lays the bomb on him that she never touches that bar of soap in the shower. She keeps her soap somewhere else. read more

Don’t You Get Tired of People Lying to You All of the Time?

People lying

People lying seems more commonplace but it is not normal.

Goodness knows, I am no Pollyanna but listening to people lying all of the time is a bit much to take. Especially when the truth would have been so much easier to lean on. The truth has broad shoulders. It will always support you. Plus, as I’ve learned over the years, when you get to be my age, the truth is just so much easier because you never forget what you said. Lies you have to remember.

My mother used to tell me she could always tell when I was lying as a child, but I think she made that up to feel superior. I asked how could she tell, did I have a little white flags that popped up in my eyes? Did you take that last cookie, Elizabeth? No, like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie. Take would imply touching, and I didn’t touch the cookie. I made my brother swipe it and split it with me. My brother would always do what I said. And look at him now, he’d dead. I told him not to die but he didn’t listen. read more

My Last Day in Hawaii Before This Sacramento Realtor Goes Home

my last day in Hawaii

Families and children at Magic Sands Beach, Kailua-Kona.

Spending my last day in Hawaii is always a bit sad because I know I am leaving the island. There are people who go stir crazy on an island and can’t wait to get off, but I’m not one of those. It’s such a place of serenity and inner peace. Not to mention, this time I’m leaving our home behind. It’s different. There is nobody following me to make sure all the lights are turned off, the doors are locked and the security alarm is armed. By this evening, I will be 2,400 miles away. read more

The Custom of Removing Your Shoes in Hawaii and Bureaucracy

removing your shoes

Removing your shoes is customary before entering a home in Hawaii.

Removing your shoes all the time is sort of odd but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Most people in Hawaii do not wear shoes in the house. When you are allowed entry into a person’s home, whether guest or family, removing your shoes is expected. Everybody does it. The guy who fixes the AC motor a second a time, he takes off his shoes. A neighbor who stops by slips out of her shoes. Even Realtors remove their shoes. You don’t ask whether it makes any sense, you just do it. It’s the way things are, and it’s OK. Personally, I think you should carry your own gecko transporter with you wherever you go because that would be a nice thing to do for your neighbors. read more

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