The Shape of Water at New Century DoCo in Sacramento

Century DoCo SacramentoBecause I was in Hawaii for two months this winter, I missed the grand opening of the Century DoCo Theater in Sacramento. This is across from Macy’s in what used to be the Downtown Plaza. Coming back to Sacramento this month meant catching up on my new listings and writing for TheBalance, so I haven’t had time for the movies. Yesterday was the first day, and a bit spontaneous. I had hoped to see The Post, but that’s no longer showing downtown. Which is OK because The Shape of Water was next on my list. read more

Coming Back to Sacramento After Working From Kona for 2 Months

working from Kona for 2 months

After working from Kona for 2 months, it’s time to return to Sacramento and navigate Honolulu airport.

You would think after missing my flight on Hawaiian Airlines and working from Kona for 2 months, I would be prepared for anything that could happen. Because there is a strange thing that happens when you’re in tune with the rhythm of the islands. It’s about developing a relaxed state of constant awareness of your surroundings. Will it rain? Will geckos dangle their heads out of the air vents in the wall to say hello? Will you squash a centipede while barefoot? Will whiteflies invade the under-side of the leaves on the Leea Guineensis and hibiscus? Will a ballistic missile threat wipe us all out? read more

How to Fix the Amazon App When it Stops Working on a Smart TV

how to fix the amazon app

How to fix the Amazon app when it stops working should be easier.

If you’re wondering how to fix the Amazon app when it stops working on your Smart TV, you’ve come to the right place. The place where we decide to be self sufficient and figure it out by calling the pros. Instead of calling my husband who is 2,500 miles away in Sacramento and who might not readily possess the answer. It was much easier than I had anticipated.

Of course, I blame the Golden Globes, which gave 2 awards to an Amazon Prime Video movie called The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. I started watching the series shortly thereafter. It’s about a housewife in the 1950s who decides to become a stand-up comedian. Great premise, right? And the star, Rachel Brosnahan, is indeed stupendously marvelous. read more

Sacramento Realtors Are Found on Google Today For Other Things

found on googleThis Realtor might walk under a ladder, and I don’t care if a black cat crosses my path just as long as I am found on Google. I’m not really superstitious, but just to be safe I think I’ll knock on wood when I type the next sentence. I have not received a speeding ticket for years. It’s not because I don’t speed. I suspect it’s because I am lucky.

I bought a new car a while back with a weird quirk. When I exceed 75 MPH, a spoiler popped up to keep the car stable and on the road. Not that I probably needed this spoiler at 75 MPH — maybe 100 or 120 MPH. I’m not an engineer either but I’m thinking as long as I keep my MPH around 80, that car will stay on the road without an extended spoiler. So, I am trying to figure out from the manual how to lower the spoiler while I’m driving. read more

The Downside to Living in Paradise on the Island of Hawaii

downside to living in paradise

Ala Wai Harbor in Honolulu, by Hella Rothwell.

Before we bought a house in Hawaii, I carefully studied the downside to living in paradise. Although we typically enjoy azure skies, brilliant sunsets and warm breezes year-round, there are other weather related phenomena that can strike the islands. Aside from a tsunami, and being on the wrong side of town, there is also vog. Vog is air pollution coming from the Kilauea volcano. Kona winds blow the vog southwest, as opposed to Tradewinds which blow from the northeast.

So for about 12 to 23 days every year, we get vog at intermittent times on Hawaii Island. Health experts advise sensitive people to stay indoors. The small particles and gases in the vog can irritate your lungs and cause headaches. read more

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