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Kitec Plumbing Did Not Impede Sale of Bridgeway Island Home

kitec plumbing

Kitec pipes were used in the construction of this Bridgeway Island home in West Sacramento.

I certainly did not set out to become a Kitec plumbing expert. In fact, I didn’t even know this seller lived in Bridgeway Island where Kitec pipes might be found.  I met her a couple of years ago when I sold her mother’s condo in Riva on the River. She and I just clicked.  She interviewed quite a few agents and selected me, which was a smart move, she says. She was so thrilled with the sale of that home that she promised when she got around to selling her home in Bridgeway Island, she would call me. read more

Riva on the River Condo at 1380 Milano Dr #5

riva on the river condo

1380 Milano Dr #5, West Sacramento, CA 95691 is for sale at $279,900.

No sooner did I close my last sale for a Riva on the River condo did I list yet another. This listing came to me courtesy of other West Sacramento Realtors who did a mass mailing to owners in this complex. The seller of this condo received a post card that encouraged her to sell the condo, so she called me because she saw that I have sold a lot of luxury condos in Riva on the River. I know the seller was tipped off to the market by other agents because her tenant told me so.

And boy was she upset. She said her landlord would not be selling if it wasn’t for other real estate agents. She said, “Don’t they know that people want to stay here and we don’t want to move?” She blamed the agents as the reason she is now required to move. I quickly assured her that I was not the agent who contacted the seller, the seller had contacted me, but it wasn’t making her feel any better about having to move out. Fortunately, she has found a new rental and is moving in early July. read more


luxury condos in West Sacramento

1260 Riva Dr, #5, West Sacramento, CA 95691

My lucky clients just closed the sale of a unit in Riva on the River condos in West Sacramento. They bought this condo at the height of the market, before the crash and avoided capital gains due to a small loss, yet it still sold at a record per-square-foot-price of $213. Prices are rising at Riva condos in West Sacramento. We can’t keep anything in inventory. Buyers are desperate to buy condos in that complex.

It’s a nice complex, too. With a swimming pool, well manicured grounds, guest parking, courtyards for each unit, I’ve sold a lot of condos in Riva over the years, and more so lately. The short sales are gone. Practically every owner has equity now, and the HOA limits the rentals to 25% of the units. There is a waiting list for rentals. read more

West Sacramento Police Demanded Listing Agent Stop Selling House

West sacramento police

I was lucky they didn’t draw my face on their target practice.

It’s not every day the West Sacramento Police call me up and demand that I stop selling a house in West Sacramento. But that’s exactly what happened with this property. It wasn’t an easy sale to start with but very few are these days. The seller lived out of area and her family occupied the home. Her mom, daughter and son, and a few others. When I stopped by to shoot photos, the family was a bit uncooperative, and the daughter accused me of throwing her grandmother into the street. But the seller wanted me to sell the home, so sell the home I did. read more

New Listing: Designer Home in Bridgeway Island of West Sacramento

home in bridgeway island

3380 Guadelupe St, West Sacramento, 95691 is for sale by Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon Real Estate.

The only thing that brightens my day more than being able to present this gorgeous designer home in Bridgeway Island to you is knowing that there seems to be no end of dark clouds following Trump around as he continues to dig his own grave. Just once it would be nice to not read daily his name blowing up headlines, destroying yet other American institution, ripping up the earth, stomping on progressive values, groping women, kicking little guys when they’re down and insulting all human intelligence. So for just two minutes, let’s take a gander at a beautiful, serene, and peaceful home in Bridgeway Island where that kind of crap does not exist. read more

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