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West Sacramento Police Demanded Listing Agent Stop Selling House

West sacramento police

I was lucky they didn’t draw my face on their target practice.

It’s not every day the West Sacramento Police call me up and demand that I stop selling a house in West Sacramento. But that’s exactly what happened with this property. It wasn’t an easy sale to start with but very few are these days. The seller lived out of area and her family occupied the home. Her mom, daughter and son, and a few others. When I stopped by to shoot photos, the family was a bit uncooperative, and the daughter accused me of throwing her grandmother into the street. But the seller wanted me to sell the home, so sell the home I did.

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New Listing: Designer Home in Bridgeway Island of West Sacramento

home in bridgeway island

3380 Guadelupe St, West Sacramento, 95691 is for sale by Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon Real Estate.

The only thing that brightens my day more than being able to present this gorgeous designer home in Bridgeway Island to you is knowing that there seems to be no end of dark clouds following Trump around as he continues to dig his own grave. Just once it would be nice to not read daily his name blowing up headlines, destroying yet other American institution, ripping up the earth, stomping on progressive values, groping women, kicking little guys when they’re down and insulting all human intelligence. So for just two minutes, let’s take a gander at a beautiful, serene, and peaceful home in Bridgeway Island where that kind of crap does not exist.

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New Listings This Week in West Sacramento and Del Paso Manor

new listings

New listings this week are in West Sacramento and Del Paso Manor.

All of my new listings are following a pattern in Sacramento real estate. It seems that I list 2 or 3 homes a week, put them on the market on Friday and by the following week we are pending, generally with multiple offers. It’s been this way all year. Can’t keep anything in inventory anymore, but then I do so much of my work upfront that buyers can’t help but want to buy my new listings. Everything is turnkey and ready to go.

This week’s new listings are in West Sacramento and Del Paso Manor, two completely different types of neighborhoods and homes, except for the fact each is remodeled. The home in West Sacramento was built in 2002, features 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, and a breathtakingly beautiful back yard. I kid you not. The sellers have spent a fortune on landscaping. It features a raised deck and spa, plus a pond and waterfall.

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Luxury Condos in West Sacramento: New Listing from Elizabeth Weintraub

luxury condos in West Sacramento

1260 Riva Dr, #5, West Sacramento, CA 95691

When you’re looking for luxury condos in West Sacramento, you owe it to yourself to check out Riva on the River. These condos were built at the height of the real estate market in 2005, just before the crash, so many of these units had been short sales during the early downturn of the market. But that dip in the Sacramento real estate market has rebounded pretty much by now, and condos in this complex are selling like hotcakes. Although, come to think of it, using that simile, I don’t know how well iHop is doing these days. Who cares. The association fee by itself at Riva on the River is reason enough to buy. It’s only $220 a month. That’s relatively affordable as compared to the fees for competitive homeowner associations. Why, a few of the larger luxury condos at the Sawyer Residences are rumored to be planning an HOA assessment of nearly $4,000 a month!

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How the Request for Notice of Default Lost a West Sacramento Seller Her Home

request for notice of default

Filing a Request for Notice of Default is common practice for second lenders.

That Request for Notice of Default came in handy. A lawyer from Beverly Hills called yesterday to try to figure out how to save her home in West Sacramento from a trustee’s sale. I am certainly empathetic to those in this situation, but why do people call real estate brokers on the date of an auction? I can actually help if they were to call me a month or so before the sale date, but on the date of the sale, there isn’t much that can be done. For starters, I don’t give legal advice but I do have a lot of knowledge about foreclosure proceedings, primarily from my early days in the 1970s working first as a title searcher and later as an escrow officer. Many laws today are still similar.

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