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How Do Top Listing Agents Market Homes for Sale in Sacramento?

market homes for sale in sacramento

My seller called today to ask just how does a top listing agent like me market homes for sale in Sacramento? She did not ask this question before listing her home for sale or maybe I answered it during our discussions. I often try to anticipate what a seller will want to know before she asks the question. Thinking ahead is one of my specialties, you know. This seller wanted to know what happens when her listing goes live in MLS, where does it go and how does it get there. And specifically, what do I do to market homes for sale in Sacramento? read more

Seller Asked: Did You Just Sell a Home in Hampton Station?

sell a home in Hampton Station

When the seller asked did I just sell a home in Hampton Station, I had to stop to think about his question. I did just sell a home in Hamptons Village in Natomas on Tides Edge, but he meant a different subdivision. Mostly homes built by Woodside in Hampton Station in south Sacramento off Florin. When you sell as many homes every year as I do, it’s sometimes a challenge to keep them all straight. This was a subdivision I did not even realize existed until I sold a home at 7511 Georgica Way in Hampton Station. read more

How a Sacramento Realtor Had to Sell the Same Home Seven Times

sell the same home seven timesNo Sacramento Realtor in her right mind sets out to sell the same home seven times. Especially not over the course of the last 5 years. But that’s exactly what happened with this particular home in Sacramento. Yup, I had to sell the same home seven times. The first escrow happened in 2012, and it was a short sale at that time. The roof leaked terribly, lots of dry rot and it was difficult to find a buyer. That was basically the last year in Sacramento for short sales. People were turning to buying homes with equity by then. read more

Tips for Relocating to Sacramento and Buying a Home

relocating to Sacramento

Relocating to Sacramento is hard enough without worrying about your Realtor.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Sacramento, you’ve definitely come to the right place. As a new buyer to the area, you owe it to yourself to find exclusive representation through a knowledgable agent. It’s a little bit harder than you would think to do it on your own. Further, there is no need to subject yourself to that kind of misery when you can align yourself with an expert for free. The problem is everybody and his uncle claims to be an expert in real estate. So, how can you tell if you’re talking with an agent who will make relocating to Sacramento easy and fun for you? read more

Updated New Listing in Sacramento 95838 Neighborhood

new listing in sacramento 95838

840 Hunters Creek Dr, Sacramento, CA 95838 is for sale at $359K by Elizabeth Weintraub, Lyon RE.

The sellers have lived almost all of their lives near this listing in Sacramento 95838, and now it is time for the brothers to go their separate ways and begin lives apart. One of the brothers is getting married this spring, which means he and his new bride will need to find their own home. Most likely in the same area. They seem to know everybody and they are familiar with homes in Sacramento 95838 neighborhood.

This listing in Sacramento 95838 is located just north of Main Street, between Rio Linda Blvd and Marysville. It’s located in a pocket of homes all built in the 1990s. This is one of the few homes with a fenced back yard for privacy. This is how much the neighbors like each other. You don’t often see neighborhoods without fenced back yards anymore. While I personally like the privacy that fencing allows, there is something very attractive about rolling hills behind your home with views of other homes. read more

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