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Sacramento Fixer Home For Sale in Rosemont

sacramento fixer home

9165 Thilow Drive, Sacramento, CA 95826 is a Sacramento fixer home.

Here is the house that investors and flippers have been waiting for: a Sacramento fixer home for sale in Rosemont. They say the biggest problem with opportunity is few recognize opportunity when opportunity comes knocking. Or they expect opportunity to change her clothes, lose weight, color her hair or somehow make herself more attractive when she’s beautiful just the way she is. In other words, a buyer doesn’t have to grind out every last dime in a transaction to make it worthwhile.

There is plenty of room in this sales price to do improvements and eventually sell the home to a first-time home buyer, if that’s your cup of tea. Or, you can buy the home for yourself, fix it up and live in it. As long as you’re able to tackle a Sacramento fixer home, have the rehab know-how, then knock yourself out. This is the home for you. The prices in that neighborhood are in the upper 200’s and lower 300’s. This 1963 Sacramento fixer home is listed at $245,000.

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Selling Homes in Bad Locations: SOLD 7511 Georgica Way in Sacramento

selling homes in bad locations

7511 Georgica Way, Sacramento, CA 95822 SOLD at $315,000 by Elizabeth Weintraub.

Selling homes in bad locations is one of my specialities as a Sacramento Realtor. Probably because almost every home, when you get right down to it, has a drawback of some sort, and a good sales person finds a way to make that drawback not look so terrible. I always look for the worst thing about a house so I can downplay it. If I don’t know what the worst thing is, believe you me, a buyer will undoubtedly find it and focus on it, and I’d rather beat the buyer to that punchline.

Address it head on and then draw attention elsewhere. Really accentuate the positive aspects. It’s not really that different of a strategy when selling homes in bad locations. Now, everybody has their own idea about what constitutes a bad location. Some sellers are surprised to hear they live in a bad location because they don’t see it that way. After living in the same place for years, the badness seems to become invisible. They become so used to it that it doesn’t exist anymore.

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Mid Century Home in South Land Park Estates for Sale

Home in South Land Park Estates

Yamasaki home in South Land Park Estates at 1407 Carrousel Lane, Sacramento, CA 95822

To give you an idea of the beauty of this home in South Land Park Estates: it’s the type of home that even if you weren’t thinking about selling your home and moving, you might consider buying this home. Not only is this home a mid-century home, but it was built by the modernist architect Yamasaki. This home has been in the family for decades. As such, it is simply impeccable. Very well maintained.

The neighborhood is South Land Park Estates, and the home sits about two blocks from William Land Park. It is almost kitty corner from the Sacramento Zoo, tucked away and sequestered near Capri and Sutterville. Sometimes at night, if you open the windows on a hot summer day, you might hear the distant sounds of lions roaring, the trumping of elephants and monkeys chattering in a quiet evening breeze.

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Just Listed Starter Home Near Consumnes and Elk Grove

starter home

Cute starter home at 8375 Holly Jill Way, Sacramento, CA 95823

Ooooo, la, la, what a cute starter home in such a nice neighborhood near Elk Grove. This is a brand new listing for sale in Sacramento, and it’s affordable. This beautiful ranch would make a great place to call home for a first-time home buyer, an investor or even for retired people who are downsizing. It’s been meticulously maintained by the seller for over 30 years.

The seller painted the walls at some point, not a mark that I could find on them. The carpets are in great shape. Even the ceilings seem perfect, no cracks or imperfections. The roof is fairly new, maybe 10 years or so. This seller has kept on top of her home maintenance, and her family has helped her as well throughout the years.

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New Gardenland Listing Looks Straight Outta Pottery Barn

gardenland listing

2808 American Av, Sacramento, CA 95833 is for sale at $259,000.

When I first visited this Gardenland listing in Sacramento, I kinda gave the seller a hard time about his home stager cousin. I asked him for the name of his company, asked whether the guy had ever been paid for home staging, drilled him about business cards, really questioned him thoroughly because I wasn’t certain his cousin would do an adequate job. I’m always a bit wary when sellers tell me they have family members who do real estate-related jobs because there are so many wannabes out there.

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