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Preparing Your Sacramento Home for Professional Photography

preparing sacramento home for professional photography

All homes can benefit from preparing for professional photography.

My wish for all sellers is for them to properly prepare a Sacramento home for professional photography. Unfortunately, it’s not the way every Sacramento Realtor operates. You’ve still got the agents who don’t feel their low-end clients deserve professional photos. Or, worse, they think they are saving money by walking around the house shooting vertical photos with a cellphone, of all things. I’m not sure where the cut-off price point is with some agents. Probably under $500,000, would be my guess, or thereabouts. They just think anybody selling a regular home that is not a luxury home, well, it’s just not worth it for the agent to pay for professional photos. read more

What to Know Before Selling a Sacramento Home

before selling a sacramento home

What HGTV tells you and what a Sacramento Realtor knows is different.

My phone rings constantly with sellers who do not know what they need to know before selling a Sacramento home. They think they know because they watch HGTV, which is not a documentary. Hate to say. It’s a reality show. Not necessarily real. But it’s good entertainment, and sometimes I watch HGTV for its amusement factor, but I would not rely on it. People have all sorts of ideas of what they need to do before selling a Sacramento home. From replacing the carpeting (and I want to scream no, no, no) to painting all of the walls white. Both, not necessarily good options. read more

Selling the Over-improved Home in Sacramento: The White Elephant

over-improved home in sacramento

If you have an over-improved home to sell in Sacramento, call Elizabeth Weintraub.

If any Sacramento Realtor can sell an over-improved home in Sacramento, it is Elizabeth Weintraub. I know this to be a fact, Jack, because I’ve done it a number of times. Further, I’ve even owned such a place myself, many years ago. My first residence, which I bought in 1979, was a sprawling ranch of 8,600 square feet with an indoor in North Tustin (Orange County). I bought it utilizing seller financing and no-money-down from a lawyer. It didn’t dawn on me at the time but one of the main reasons the seller took my offer was because he himself could’t sell it. It was a white elephant for the neighborhood. All the surrounding homes were around 3,500 square feet, and that was almost triple that square footage. It belonged in the hills, not at the base of the foothills. read more

A Top Listing Agent is Always One Step Ahead

sacramento real estate brokers

Sacramento real estate brokers rank #1 in the country for income.

Sacramento sellers deserve a top listing agent who is always one step ahead and knows what is coming down the road. It’s like having X-ray vision. We can see around blind curves. We know if you’re gonna run headfirst into another vehicle and slide down the hill or if you’re going around that curve with ease. We know it because our experience tells us. It works for those of us who learn by our earlier mistakes, and we all make mistakes on a regular basis in the early stages of our career. I made my share my first 10 years, but now I have passed the 40-year mark. I know better. read more

Why Curtis Park Home Appraisals are Difficult Today

curtis park realtors

Classic 1924 bungalow contains vintage details with tasteful dates.

People have all kinds of thoughts about Curtis Park home appraisals, and I’m not about to argue with them if I don’t have to. When I am forced to argue, though, I tend to go whole hog. I appeal to my target’s common sense, which of the 6 senses is always the most important. You see, the problem is low inventory, coupled with the way we systematically prepare appraisals. When there are no comparable sales to pick a sales price, none to substantiate value, naive buyers might gravitate toward sales that are not really comps. read more

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