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Fixer Rosemont Home Pending in Four Days With 10 Offers

sacramento fixer home

People see how fast an agent can put a home pending (into escrow) in Sacramento and they often make the mistake of thinking that selling Sacramento real estate must be a piece of cake, when little is further from the truth. I’ve been working on this listing for the past 6 1/2 weeks. There were a lot of moving parts, many circumstances and unforeseen situations, some out-of-state, some in the city, and it all had to come together. On top of this, I revised my comparative market analysis almost daily to arrive at the perfect listing price.

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Home Pricing Strategies for Selling Homes in Elk Grove

home pricing strategies

Home pricing strategies vary depending on the type of marketplace.

Because I list and sell so many homes in the Elk Grove area, I get a lot of calls from appraisers asking about home pricing strategies and what happened during our offer negotiations. It’s a good thing I am organized. I keep all of my offers and notes on each in a separate spreadsheet just for reference. There is no way I can pull this stuff out of my memory. I’m lucky if I can recall the name of the street. The calls from appraisers generally center on how to substantiate the sales value without enough comps.

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How One Person Can Sell a Home With Two People on the Deed

how one person can sell a home with two people on the deed

It’s not common but one signature on a listing is enough to put a home into MLS.

Most Sacramento Realtors do not know how one person can sell a home with two people on the deed. Perhaps it’s because they did not realize it was possible or never had reason to ponder the feasibility. Or, maybe they don’t really understand how title and escrow works. Of course, my title and escrow background has been instrumental to me throughout my 40+ years in the real estate business. I spent only a couple of years in the title industry and two more as an escrow officer, including as a certified escrow officer, but that training has been most beneficial throughout my long career.

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Lake View Laguna West Home Sold in 6 Days Over List Price

lake view laguna west home

Upgraded lake view Laguna West home at 9200 Bearint Way.

No matter how many times I prove it, sellers often wonder whether it is worth it to hire a full-service Realtor, especially to sell a desirable lake view Laguna West home. It’s OK that they might be doubtful. Adding to their incertitude, if they have never worked with an Elk Grove listing agent like me whose sole practice is based on seller representation, coupled with a strong focus on maximizing profit potential, I can see why they might raise an eyebrow. I could just be some ol’ agent who sells houses, but I am not.

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Selling Homes in Bad Locations: SOLD 7511 Georgica Way in Sacramento

selling homes in bad locations

7511 Georgica Way, Sacramento, CA 95822 SOLD at $315,000 by Elizabeth Weintraub.

Selling homes in bad locations is one of my specialities as a Sacramento Realtor. Probably because almost every home, when you get right down to it, has a drawback of some sort, and a good sales person finds a way to make that drawback not look so terrible. I always look for the worst thing about a house so I can downplay it. If I don’t know what the worst thing is, believe you me, a buyer will undoubtedly find it and focus on it, and I’d rather beat the buyer to that punchline.

Address it head on and then draw attention elsewhere. Really accentuate the positive aspects. It’s not really that different of a strategy when selling homes in bad locations. Now, everybody has their own idea about what constitutes a bad location. Some sellers are surprised to hear they live in a bad location because they don’t see it that way. After living in the same place for years, the badness seems to become invisible. They become so used to it that it doesn’t exist anymore.

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