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Dealing With Difficult Tenants When Selling a Home

dealing with difficult tenants

Don’t let difficult tenants prevent you from selling a home.

Mostly all renters turn into difficult tenants when selling a home. It’s just a matter of degree. Why wouldn’t it be? Tenants do not want to move against their will and they worry the rent will go up if they stay. None of that makes them cooperative when selling Sacramento rental homes. In fact, difficult tenants can blow a sale or make it even harder to sell a home in the first place.

They are intimately intertwined with their living space. Sometimes, and you might find this hard to believe, they forget that they do not own the home. After all, if they’ve lived there a long time, it starts to feel like it’s their house. Not the owner’s. Especially if they have an axe to grind or something. Like, maybe they asked for certain items to be repaired or replaced and felt ignored. Perhaps they believe the landlord did not give their requests priority. Payback is a bitch. They don’t mean to sabotage the sale, oh my goodness, no, but they just can’t help themselves. read more

What Home Sellers Can Get Away With in a Sacramento Sellers Market

sacramento sellers market

Sellers are in the driver’s seat in a Sacramento sellers market.

Our market has favored home sellers for such a long time that it’s hard to recall when it wasn’t a Sacramento sellers market. You know, like back in the days of short sales. Back when we had to beg buyers to please buy a home at this fabulous discount. Although the discount was not always there. It was tough. I also recall managing 75 listings at one time. Talk about being super organized. Paramount. Nowadays, I can sleep in another 3 or 4 hours in the morning.

I just adapt to the market at hand. As a sole listing agent (I work with buyers only through my team members), I have learned to offer a different menu to my sellers in a Sacramento sellers market. If I sense the seller does not want to fix up the home or put much work into preparing the home for sale, I don’t force the issue. Why? Because I will sell it and for top dollar. read more

Success as a Real Estate Agent Depends on Your Uniqueness

success as a real estate agent

Success as a real estate agent means being yourself.

My elevator speech about success as a real estate agent is not canned, nor do I consider it really an elevator speech. I can condense just about anything down to one or two sentences, though, so I tend to wing it. For example, when I go to a seller’s home for a listing appointment, I conduct much of my interaction based on reactions from the seller. No identical appointments. No canned presentations. Although I do complete my agent visual inspection during every first visit, and I take copious notes. Carrying a clipboard and writing notes is my method of operation. In fact, you can get into just about any private event by carrying a clipboard and making notes. read more

Beware of Sacramento Agents Who Have a Dog in the Race

sacramento agent who has a dog in the race

Not every Sacramento Realtor has a dog in the race.

You know what I mean about Sacramento agents who have a dog in the raceright? The underbelly of this business. Especially real estate agents whose sole business model is: no closing, no paycheck. When an agent must close a transaction or starve to death, it can be difficult for a client to feel comfortable with the advice that agent might offer. I get it. But I hadn’t quite had it put to me like a client explained a few days ago.

Basically, he said he was referring me to a co-worker who needed to list his home because I have enough business to be financially comfortable. Implying that it’s difficult to trust an agent who doesn’t. Granted, there are many types of Realtors in Sacramento. read more

Should a Sacramento Listing Agent Know the Seller’s Bottom Line?

seller's bottom line

No reason to share a seller’s bottom line with a listing agent.

Should a Sacramento listing agent know the seller’s bottom line? Well, you know, if you have to ask the question, generally the answer is no. I’m just a bit more vocal about it. When I hear sellers headed that direction, I ask them to please stop. Because I don’t want to know their bottom line. It’s none of my business, actually. When we settle on a list price for a home, it becomes my job to get that price. Let’s not muddy the waters or cause more confusion by talking about how much less we will take. read more

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