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Reasons Not to Install Solar Power Panels on Sacramento Homes

solar power panels on sacramento homes

Installing solar panels might not add value to your home but it might reduce your expenses.

There is a huge push lately by solar energy companies to install solar power panels on Sacramento homes. Everywhere, I see this. Mostly it’s leases but some owners actually buy their solar panels. One such seller paid a company $30,000 to install microinverter high efficiency energy solar panels. She financed it, of course, and now it needs to be paid in full from her proceeds of sale. The stinker is she won’t get any credit for those solar panels in the home appraisal. Appraisers don’t consider solar power panels on Sacramento homes an upgrade. Solar panels have no value. read more

The Odyssey of New Sacramento Listings and MetroList

new sacramento listings

Listen to your agent about making an offer on a new listing in Sacramento

The last time I wrote a post about new Sacramento listings I’m working on, I received an email from our MetroList. Well, that isn’t really true. I received the email about 3 months later, not right after I wrote it. I’m not sure if they didn’t notice the date on the blog or which jealous agent flung it in their attention, but gosh darn it, they wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything hokey. Like that would ever be an issue with this Sacramento Realtor. I dot my I’s and I cross my T’s. Those who work with me know I am the Paperwork Queen of Sacramento real estate. Comes from my 1970’s escrow officer background. I glanced at my backlog and there were 15 hits on that old blog, all within the course of a few hours. I shake my head. read more

Selling a Home to the Neighbor Next Door in Del Paso Manor

Del Paso Manor Home

2416 Avalon Dr, Sacramento, Ca 95864 was offered by Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon RE.

Who knew we would be selling a home to the neighbor next door? Certainly, the seller didn’t know. In fact, I asked him after the neighbor approached my team member during an open house and expressed an interest in the home. I wondered why, in all the years that he lived there, did he never discuss selling a home to the neighbor next door with his good friend who lived next door? At some point, don’t you say, yes, I ‘m going to sell my home soon to your neighbor?

Of course, would the neighbor have paid his asking price if the seller didn’t have an aggressive listing agent? Probably not. Neighbors always seem to want to get a break, simply because they are friends or live next door. This particular neighbor was both. And who is to say the neighbor knew anything about buying a home in Del Paso Manor because I don’t think she did. read more

Why Sellers Should Leave During an Open House

leave during an house

Standard protocol is sellers should leave during an open house.

Sellers need to leave the house, not only for showings when selling but they should leave during an open house. This is difficult for some people to understand. They feel like we are kicking them out of the house, and in a way we are. We want buyers to see the home among the excitement of other buyers desiring the home.  Sacramento Realtors also don’t want buyers forming any sort of opinions about the sellers or even talking to the sellers. It just makes sense.

Of course, we can’t force the sellers to leave if they refuse. I had one seller very worried about his cat. He was concerned the cat would escape or runaway or be stolen. I can understand that. When I sold my own home, I put my cat into a carrier and stuck a note on it. It read: don’t pet me and don’t talk to me. Primarily I was concerned about the open house guests’ safety because that cat might lunge and bite them. He hated everybody but me and my husband. read more

Selling a Home When the Seller Has Dementia

seller has dementia

The laws are clear about home selling when a seller has dementia.

Part of my Sacramento real estate business involves working with older sellers such as those who hold title in family trusts, but every so often I run across a situation in which the seller has dementia. I closed a sale a few months ago for a seller with dementia. She died in the middle of escrow, too, and it was terribly hard on her family. Fortunately, she had named a successor trustee in her trust so her daughter could handle the sale of the home from beginning to end.

It was almost as though once she knew the home would be sold, she decided to give up. I got to meet her when I completed my agent visual inspection and spoke to her daughter about selling. She seemed vaguely aware I was there and at times did answer questions. However, her daughter said after we put the home on the market, she was no longer responsive. I hate to think that selling the home could have been the factor but when you live in a home for dozens of years, well, I’ll probably be that way at the end, too. read more

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