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Foothill Farms Home Just Closed Escrow at 4652 Ravenstone Way

foothill farms home

This Foothill Farms home just closed escrow over asking price.

As luck will have it, this Foothill Farms home that just closed escrow, well, I’ll likely field calls about this house for months. That’s because buyers find these listings all over the internet. They can’t tell if the house has closed or is pending or what’s going on. So, they call me. Since I happen to work in real estate, I generally refer the buyers to my team members. Our Elizabeth Weintraub team members, highly trained exclusive buyer’s agents, can provide professional guidance. But, sorry, you can no longer buy this Foothill Farms home. read more

The Many Types of Realtors in Sacramento You’ll Find as Listing Agents

types of realtors

Match the types of Realtors to your specific needs.

Without a doubt, I know a huge population exists that does not realize there are many types of Realtors in Sacramento. Quite often the person who doesn’t realize this is the person who thinks they already know everything. Although, by god, the one thing they know is all Realtors are the same and there are no different types of Realtors. I hate to say it, but that “one type of Realtor” in their mind is generally an agent they do not like and they do not trust. I can sense that when I talk with some prospective sellers. It’s in the language they use and the attitude. For some silly reason, I try to change their minds. Sometimes, it doesn’t work. read more

Can Hardwood Flooring Increase the Value of a Home in Sacramento?

hardwood flooring increase value of home in Sacramento

This home features brilliant walnut flooring in Lincoln, CA.

It’s difficult for those not in real estate to find precise numbers to answer can hardwood flooring increase the value of a home in Sacramento. That’s partly because when home owners install hardwood flooring, they are also making other types of improvements. It’s rare to find just a hardwood flooring installation to compare a rate of return when selling. However, I can tell you in my experiences, sellers always tend to get their money back and then some. My sellers earn a range of one to 6 times rate of return. read more

What to Expect from the Sacramento Winter Home Selling Season

sacramento winter home selling season

Downtown Sacramento is often a busy market in the winter home selling season.

Coming soon to Trulia is an article about what to expect from the Sacramento winter home selling season. Part of it will probably include comments from Yours Truly. To round out opposing or supporting views, other agents will undoubtedly chime in as well. I have very specific views, developed from decades in the real estate business. Most people, I’d venture to guess, never think outside of themselves, in particular, many agents share this guilt. If you ask a Sacramento Realtor whether a seller should sell in winter, just about every single agent will tell you YES. Why? Because when the home sells, they get paid. read more

Preparing Your Sacramento Home for Professional Photography

preparing sacramento home for professional photography

All homes can benefit from preparing for professional photography.

My wish for all sellers is for them to properly prepare a Sacramento home for professional photography. Unfortunately, it’s not the way every Sacramento Realtor operates. You’ve still got the agents who don’t feel their low-end clients deserve professional photos. Or, worse, they think they are saving money by walking around the house shooting vertical photos with a cellphone, of all things. I’m not sure where the cut-off price point is with some agents. Probably under $500,000, would be my guess, or thereabouts. They just think anybody selling a regular home that is not a luxury home, well, it’s just not worth it for the agent to pay for professional photos. read more

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