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How to Fix the Amazon App When it Stops Working on a Smart TV

how to fix the amazon app

How to fix the Amazon app when it stops working should be easier.

If you’re wondering how to fix the Amazon app when it stops working on your Smart TV, you’ve come to the right place. The place where we decide to be self sufficient and figure it out by calling the pros. Instead of calling my husband who is 2,500 miles away in Sacramento and who might not readily possess the answer. It was much easier than I had anticipated.

Of course, I blame the Golden Globes, which gave 2 awards to an Amazon Prime Video movie called The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. I started watching the series shortly thereafter. It’s about a housewife in the 1950s who decides to become a stand-up comedian. Great premise, right? And the star, Rachel Brosnahan, is indeed stupendously marvelous. read more

Sacramento Fixer Home For Sale in Rosemont

sacramento fixer home

9165 Thilow Drive, Sacramento, CA 95826 is a Sacramento fixer home.

Here is the house that investors and flippers have been waiting for: a Sacramento fixer home for sale in Rosemont. They say the biggest problem with opportunity is few recognize opportunity when opportunity comes knocking. Or they expect opportunity to change her clothes, lose weight, color her hair or somehow make herself more attractive when she’s beautiful just the way she is. In other words, a buyer doesn’t have to grind out every last dime in a transaction to make it worthwhile.

There is plenty of room in this sales price to do improvements and eventually sell the home to a first-time home buyer, if that’s your cup of tea. Or, you can buy the home for yourself, fix it up and live in it. As long as you’re able to tackle a Sacramento fixer home, have the rehab know-how, then knock yourself out. This is the home for you. The prices in that neighborhood are in the upper 200’s and lower 300’s. This 1963 Sacramento fixer home is listed at $245,000. read more

Before You Remodel That House in Sacramento

before you remodel that house

Call your Sacramento Realtor before you remodel that house.

Before you remodel that house in Sacramento, for crying out loud, call a Sacramento Realtor who’s been around the block. An agent can give you valuable advice. Because some day, maybe not now, maybe not for years, you will sell that house.

I’ll help you, and I’ll recall our discussion when you’re ready to sell later. It’s a small miracle I remember other things, like what year it is. Much less the month and day. There is so much nostalgia going on that it’s like the 1960s all over again. OK, no smoke-filled rooms and we’re all walking around toting water bottles instead of bongs, but you get the point. The clothes, the TV shows, the home furnishings, they all yell groovy, baby. Or maybe it just seems that way with Mad Men reruns and that new show, Good Girls Revolt. read more

How to Fix the Problem When an LG Washer Doesn’t Start

lg washer doesn't start

The internet has practical solutions for when an LG washer doesn’t start.

An LG washer doesn’t start? If you think I will let an annoyance such as when an LG washer doesn’t start get the best of me, then you don’t know the tenacity of Elizabeth Weintraub, a Sacramento Realtor hellbent on solutions. I am a person with answers, a person who tackles challenges with my pinky finger. Nothing gets in my way when I am on a mission and, yesterday, my New Year’s Day mission was to fix the the problem when an LG washer doesn’t start.

I refuse to be a victim. I won’t call for help when I can fix it. We have choices in life. I could sit on the floor and sob about my helplessness, which is not my style, or I could take care of it. read more

Check Out Strand Woven Tiger Bamboo in Our Hawaii House

strand woven tiger bamboo

Stand Woven Tiger Bamboo pairs with any kind of wood furniture.

Even though there are no tigers in Hawaii, the strand woven tiger bamboo I just had installed in our bedrooms and den looks very Hawaiian. The carpeting was 25 years old, some of the seams were unraveling, and although it sounded hilarious to my sister when she thought I was heading down a different road than the left-hand turn she didn’t expect, which abruptly threw her into the wall.

I explained to my sister how our tenant’s dog was very ill for about a year and recently died. We were both feeling a bit of sorrow that the dog died but I had more than one reason to be concerned. Sick dogs tend to vomit and god knows what else, all over the carpeting. Yuck. When you think about that, well, it’s not just appearance that makes one want to get rid of dated carpeting. read more

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