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Does a Sacramento Seller Need to Do Home Inspection Repairs?

home inspection repairs

Telling sellers they do not have to perform home inspection repairs can fall on deaf ears.

When I send home inspection repairs and findings to a seller, it is for the seller’s records only. I tell them this. But still, some home sellers react in unexpected ways. Some sellers take the home inspection very personally. They want to call the home inspector and chew off his ear. (For some reason, more men than women opt to become a home inspector.) Sellers find the composition of the report offensive. Many don’t like the “repair” or red flags noted.

Often, these are the very sellers who tell me at the time of listing that there is nothing wrong with their home. In their mind, they have the perfectly maintained home. I chuckle to myself because I know better. But I don’t argue with them. It’s not always so much that there is a lot of stuff wrong as it is buyers may feel as though they paid all this money for a home inspection, there better be some actual discoveries. Otherwise, why did they pay $450 for nothing? read more

Third Time is a Charm for These Sacramento Real Estate Sellers

third time is charm

Third time is a charm for Sacramento home sellers.

You know where I learned how to say “third time is a charm” in Sacramento real estate? Twelve years ago when short sales were getting started in Sacramento as the market began to crash. Because nobody back then wanted to buy a short sale. Soon that was pretty much all there was to buy, so that attitude changed. Now that we have almost no short sales at all in Sacramento anymore, you would think a Realtor would never have to say “third time is a charm” ever again. Ha!

Listen to this story. I first listed this home in Natomas in August, just as I headed out to Hawaii for a few weeks. Although this home has many nice features, the drawback was it faced the freeway. It didn’t just face the freeway. The freeway was in its face. You could see big trucks on the overpass and cars whizzing by the front yard. Oy, this will be a challenge to sell, I thought. read more

How to Revoke a Cancellation When Buying a Home

revoke a cancellation

Sellers are not always eager to revoke a cancellation when a buyer asks.

Rarely does a buyer decide to revoke a cancellation when buying a home but it seems to happen enough lately. Makes me wonder if there is something in the water. One day the buyer is madly in love with the house; the next day, cold feet. They find some peculiar aspect of the situation to focus on, blow out of proportion, and the next thing you know, they execute a cancellation.

Always for silly insignificant things it seems. Then, for no known reason, they suddenly change their minds. Nope, they really DO want to buy the house, and they regret signing the cancellation. Fortunately, there are several ways to revoke a cancellation. The easiest solution is to sign an addendum agreeing to revoke the cancellation and pick up where the parties left off. read more

The Meaning of Win-Win in Real Estate is Usually Singular

win-win in real estate

Win-win in real estate doesn’t really exist in seller’s markets.

My second husband, who is dead now, used to talk about win-win in real estate all of the time. He truly believed that transactions could be win-win. His reasoning? The seller would get the home sold at list price, although not necessarily the way they wanted, and the buyer gets everything the buyer wants. That’s not win-win to me. This guy believed in win-win so much because he always believed his own lies. You know, sort of like Trump, when he repeats a lie enough times, he believes his own alternative facts. read more

Foothill Farms Home Just Closed Escrow at 4652 Ravenstone Way

foothill farms home

This Foothill Farms home just closed escrow over asking price.

As luck will have it, this Foothill Farms home that just closed escrow, well, I’ll likely field calls about this house for months. That’s because buyers find these listings all over the internet. They can’t tell if the house has closed or is pending or what’s going on. So, they call me. Since I happen to work in real estate, I generally refer the buyers to my team members. Our Elizabeth Weintraub team members, highly trained exclusive buyer’s agents, can provide professional guidance. But, sorry, you can no longer buy this Foothill Farms home. read more

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