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Open Streets Project Inspires Sunday Street on Broadway in Land Park

Sunday on Broadway

Vendor booths lined Broadway on Sunday.

“Isn’t this the day for Sunday Street on Broadway?” I nudged my husband as we were lying about yesterday morning reading the Sunday paper like old people do. What time does it start? Husband guesses: Oh, probably around noon. I check online at the Land Park Association, nope, it’s over at noon. Holy cow, we had to fly into high gear, get dressed and skedaddle.

It was hot already, in the 90’s, when we hit the intersection of Riverside and Broadway. The crowds must have been at the other end, toward Curtis Park, because it wasn’t as busy as we expected. A sign said the inaugural car-less event lasted until 1:00 PM. Kids skateboarded down the middle of the street. Bicyclists whizzed by. I felt odd walking on the sidewalk. Perhaps we should be in the street? Ah, but then we’d be in the direct sun.

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Brunch at the Jungle Bird in Sacramento

jungle bird for bunch

Elizabeth Weintraub waiting for a Bloody Mary at the Jungle Bird in Sacramento.

Seemed fitting to check out brunch at the Jungle Bird on Sunday, especially since the Selland’s Market Cafe on Broadway is not open for brunch until the end of the month. Besides, I, loving all things Polynesian and being a natural island hopper, who really can’t get enough of tiki kitsch, have been meaning to stop by Jungle Bird. As much as they try, for me it just wasn’t tiki enough. Where are the bubbling waterfalls? Cries of seabirds? Sand? But it’s tiki enough for Sacramento.

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Small Plates for May at Ella Dining Room and Bar

May Ella dining room and bar

Light Rail rounds the corner at Ella Dining Room and Bar in Midtown Sacramento.

There I was on Friday, minding my own business, tweaking a couple of my new listings in Zillow when the thought occurred to me it was May at Ella Dining Room and Bar, and I had not checked out the new menu. Usually, getting into Ella on a Friday night without a reservation is a bit tough, but in early spring, it’s still not too hot to sit outside, and most people leave the patio dining area after Happy Hour. The only thing that was left was to persuade my husband when he got home from work to go back out into traffic.

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Photos of Towhee and Wildflowers at Mount Diablo Mitchell Creek

wildflowers mount diablo

Spotted Towhee at Mount Diablo on the Mitchell Creek hiking trail, by Adam Weintraub

When we left our house in Land Park on Sunday with the intent of viewing wildflowers at Mount Diablo, I considered bringing my Canon PowerShot but then thought, oh, my cellphone will work just as well for flowers. Duh. It did not occur to me that we might find a spotted towhee singing away at the top of his lungs in the brush. Fortunately my husband had his Nikon and zoom lens. What a lovely buzzing sound. At first I thought of a rattlesnake because there are snakes there, but no, it was a bird.

We decided to go hiking at the north end of the park to see the early bloom of wildflowers at Mount Diablo after we met up last week with an interesting couple from Georgia / South Carolina. During a dinner conversation, I had invited ourselves to go along on a mission to dump a person’s ashes, but nobody took me up on that idea. Can’t say I blame them. It was a personal trip and these people were pretty much strangers to us, but that’s just how I am. Sometimes people say yes to such spur-of-the-moment self-invitations.

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The Elizabeth Weintraub Team Dined at The Kitchen

Elizabeth Weintraub Team Dined at The Kitchen

Elizabeth Weintraub, Dan Tharp, Amy McMullan and Josh Amolsch on the patio at The Kitchen

Despite promises from the staff that we could light things on fire, the Elizabeth Weintraub Team dined at The Kitchen Restaurant Thursday night without getting into any trouble. We didn’t light anything on fire. Nobody arrested us. We weren’t thrown out for bad behavior, and just because we clean up well doesn’t mean we aren’t pioneering troublemakers at heart.

The thing is we work long hours and keep intense schedules. We text and email each other throughout the day and occasionally have time for a brief phone call, but we don’t spend nearly enough time together. There’s got to be more life than constant work, so we all decided to take a little break and have some fun. I could not think of a better place to go for dinner and be entertained than The Kitchen Restaurant. We took a vote and decided it was time that the Elizabeth Weintraub Team dined at the Kitchen Restaurant together.

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