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The Shape of Water at New Century DoCo in Sacramento

Century DoCo SacramentoBecause I was in Hawaii for two months this winter, I missed the grand opening of the Century DoCo Theater in Sacramento. This is across from Macy’s in what used to be the Downtown Plaza. Coming back to Sacramento this month meant catching up on my new listings and writing for TheBalance, so I haven’t had time for the movies. Yesterday was the first day, and a bit spontaneous. I had hoped to see The Post, but that’s no longer showing downtown. Which is OK because The Shape of Water was next on my list. read more

48 Hours Honolulu: Bishop Museum and Halekulani Le Mer

48 hours in honolulu

Golden sunset over Waikiki from Hilton Hawaiian Rainbow Tower.

Last week my husband and I decided to spend 48 hours in Honolulu. I had such a blast with Hella Rothwell on New Years Eve 2017, visiting again seemed a good idea. Because apart from changing planes in Honolulu, my husband, believe it or not, has never been to the city. He has never visited Pearl Harbor. While I have toured all of the islands, he hasn’t. On top of which, it is good for him to see a bustling city like Honolulu is only 40 minutes away by plane. We can get to Honolulu from Kona faster than, say, from Sacramento to San Francisco. read more

Exciting Things to Do in Honolulu Over New Year’s

Exciting things to do in Honolulu

View of Waikiki towers on New Year’s Eve 2018

If there ever was a person who could come up with exciting things to do in Honolulu over New Year’s, it is Hella Rothwell. She enticed me to fly to Honolulu from Kona over New Year’s, and it was the best New Year’s I have ever spent. Usually I go to bed early. Like 9 PM. Well, there was that one New Year’s with my husband when we first met, but I wouldn’t call that the best New Year’s. Because I had to walk blocks to the car-towing place at midnight in sub-zero temperatures while prancing through snow in high heels. Who knew you couldn’t park on the sidewalk on the West Bank in Minneapolis? read more

Christmas in Kona is a Celebration of the Aloha

Christmas in Kona

Elizabeth Weintraub shoots a selfie on her lanai in Kona on Christmas Day.

Christmas in Kona seems to be a ritual in my life that I didn’t really set out to do. But when I look back at the places where I’ve spent Christmas over the past 10 years, more than half of those places have been in Hawaii. Mostly on the Big Island. So we bought a house in Hawaii. As a result, spending Christmas in Kona has been different than staying at a resort. At our house, I have the opportunity to connect with neighbors and make new friends.

My husband could not come for the holidays this year, but Christmas in Kona is not a big deal to him because he is Jewish. He can eat Chinese food any day. LOL. Pizza is just fine with him. read more

My Liliko’i Opera Cake Makes a Fine Christmas Dessert

liliko'i opera cake

Liliko’i opera cake features 6 layers from Daylight Mind Bakery.

Let’s make one thing clear upfront — I did not personally create this liliko’i opera cake. In fact, I could barely order it because I had no idea what type of cake I requested. I’ve had a slice of liliko’i cake many years ago, and I loved it. Liliko’i is passion fruit. When my neighbor down the street invited me to Christmas dinner, she suggested I bring a dish I like. I figured I could find a liliko’i cake in Kailua-Kona. I’ve seen it at Costco. Except when I was there looking for it. read more

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