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Lunch at the University of Nations in Kona, Hawaii

lunch at university of nations kona

Darn, I wish I had shot a photograph of the large outdoor cafeteria when I went to lunch at the University of Nations in Kona, Hawaii. But not enough light under the tall roof. It seemed at least 5 stories high. The space for lunch holds hundreds of people, maybe thousands of people. And the positioning of the dining space is such that a strong breeze whips through the area, cooling off even the hottest days. Not to mention, the view of the ocean is hard to beat.

I’ve never been to University of Nations, never even heard of it before I met the couple who sold us their house in Hawaii, P &G. They are missionaries from Canada who volunteer at University of Nations. This outfit works in conjunction with Youth With a Mission with outposts all over the world. The school, which began in 1978, is private with a strong focus on the beliefs of Christianity. read more

Thai Farm House on Broadway and Riverside in Sacramento

Thai Farm House

Ba Mee Keaw soup at Thai Farm House

Taking a nap sounded like a better idea than going to visit the new restaurant, Thai Farm House, but my stomach began to argue. Besides, it was cold outside. In the 50s. I would have preferred to cuddle up with a good computer game like Alphabear and then quietly nod off into oblivion. But my stomach agreed with my husband. We should go out for lunch.

The restaurant is relatively new and took over a spot in the shopping center on the northwest corner of Broadway and Riverside where once L&L Hawaiian Barbecue operated. Maybe this part of Sacramento doesn’t present enough demand for a fast-food Hawaiian joint. This area is comprised of Upper Land Park and Southside Park, a part of Sacramento in which our Asian population still makes up a large percentage. Plus, the Buddhist Church is just around the corner. read more

Two Good Reasons to Visit Frasinetti Winery Restaurant in Sacramento

Frasinetti Winery

Elizabeth Weintraub and Myrl Jeffcoat at Frasinetti Winery

Frasinetti Winery is a place that doesn’t come to my mind as often as it probably should as a place for lunch or dinner in Sacramento. With so many fabulous new restaurants, especially in the Downtown Commons and Midtown areas of Sacramento, sometimes it’s hard to “branch out” and go elsewhere. I tend to stick close to home, except for when I’m listing homes for sale. Then I have a 45-minute travel time rule. If it’s further than 45 minutes, I won’t list it. read more

Brunch at Canon East Sacramento Rarely Misses a Beat

canon east sacramento

Elizabeth Weintraub at south wall mural at Canon East Sacramento.

When a Sunday listing appointment rescheduled for later in the week, seemed a perfect excuse to visit Canon East Sacramento for brunch. Neither of us could recall what was on the menu, apart from bacon, but the review in the Sacramento Bee a few weeks back stuck in my husband’s mind. And really, what can go wrong with bacon? Nothing, actually. Well, there is a heart attack, but spittoey, it beats being hit by the Hawaii Ballistic Missile Threat last month.

The restaurant gets its name, I imagine, from a quest to be recognized as the type of place others like it may aspire to be. From the moment you walk in the door, you know it’s different. Clean design lines, marble, wood and steel, comfy chairs at the bar. We arrived around 1:30 on a Sunday for brunch, and the place was packed. The only spot to sit at that time was at the bar. read more

The Shape of Water at New Century DoCo in Sacramento

Century DoCo SacramentoBecause I was in Hawaii for two months this winter, I missed the grand opening of the Century DoCo Theater in Sacramento. This is across from Macy’s in what used to be the Downtown Plaza. Coming back to Sacramento this month meant catching up on my new listings and writing for TheBalance, so I haven’t had time for the movies. Yesterday was the first day, and a bit spontaneous. I had hoped to see The Post, but that’s no longer showing downtown. Which is OK because The Shape of Water was next on my list. read more

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