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Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird Packed Tower Theatre in Sacramento

Greta Gerwig's lady bird

Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird is now playing at the Tower Theatre in Sacramento’s Land Park.

Looks like yesterday the Tower Theatre showed Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird on two screens and about every 45 minutes. This was not the debut showing that happened a while back. However, it meant a lot of people who apparently do not regularly go to the Tower Theatre in Land Park showed up to see this movie, if for no other reason than to hoot and howl when a landmark in Sacramento showed up. Greta Gerwig, a native of Sacramento, filmed here. Oh, and a row behind us decided to chit-chat through the movie, too. Much different crowd than the regulars. read more

Thanksgiving Week and Sacramento Real Estate

thanksgiving week and sacramento real estate

Why are those schmucks making that little old woman carry a huge turkey platter?

While others are thinking about Thanksgiving Week and Sacramento real estate, I am more focused on December 3rd. Well, of course, there is an open house today for a new listing in North Highlands. But my sellers also had a bunch of showings yesterday, that was very heavy activity for a Saturday with home buyers. Everybody is trying to squeeze in those last few minutes before Thanksgiving Week. Making them as productive as ever.

Yes, Thanksgiving Week. It’s no longer just a day that our ancestors began celebrating as we do today about 100 years before I was born. Which wasn’t all that long ago put that way. Nope, it has mushroomed into an entire week. read more

Hamilton at the Hollywood Pantages Simply Astounds

Hamilton at the Hollywood Pantages

The entrance to the Hollywood Pantages for Hamilton.

Although, I was not planning to see Hamilton at the Hollywood Pantages, that’s how it worked out. Not everybody is a big fan of musicals. My husband is one of those people. He lets me drag him to shows that he otherwise, left to his own devices, would not see. Such a good sport. Mostly we go to shows in San Francisco at a Sunday matinee. We can drive into the City for brunch, catch the show and be home in time for dinner. However, we could not get tickets for Hamilton when the show was in San Francisco. read more

Yamashiro Restaurant Offers Splendid Views of Los Angeles

yamashiro restaurant

Sunday brunch at Yamashiro Restaurant features a buffet of seafood, prime rib, sushi and omelettes.

With such limited time in Los Angeles last weekend, we were very lucky to squeeze in time for Sunday brunch at Yamashiro Restaurant. We were there about noon, and the place was empty. I wondered if it was because they charge $10 to valet park. We grabbed an Uber from the Hollywood Dream Hotel to the top of the hill in Whitley Heights where Yamashiro Restaurant is located. It was only $6.00. But the brunch itself was expensive as compared to a brunch in Sacramento, for example. Our tab, without mimosas, just soft drinks, was $120 for the two of us. read more

Photos from the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

griffith observatory

Griffith Observatory is located on Mount Hollywood at 1,134 feet above sea level.

Another place I had never visited in Los Angeles when I lived next door in Orange County is the Griffith Observatory. Named for a guy whose mother couldn’t come up with a better name than Griffith J. Griffith. I don’t know why I missed this as a place to go because it’s such a fascinating experience. Odd as it may sound, in the middle of planning my future while in 5th grade, I had developed an intense desire to become an astronaut. Or, at least to study astronomy. My mother pooh-poohed that idea. She said it required too much science, and I would never stick with it. So, the decision was clear to me. I would become a bank robber. That was the other choice in my grade school kid’s mind. I suppose that’s not so far off today since I sell Sacramento real estate. read more

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