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Some of the Things You Are Better Off Not Knowing

things you are better off not knowing

There are some things you are better off not knowing, but you won’t know until you know it.

Some things you are better off not knowing. As a huge proponent of education, I often quote knowledge is power when explaining somewhat boring and mundane tidbits of information to my Sacramento real estate clients. I like to freely share my knowledge. After all, I’ve got 43 years in the real estate business, have sold who knows how many homes; probably thousands. If each sale doesn’t teach a Realtor something new, the Realtor is not paying attention to her transactions.

However, I wouldn’t want you to misconstrue what I mean. This is not like Trump blubbering crazy crap. I’m not saying science isn’t real or that Sandy Hook wasn’t a tragedy or that climate change isn’t happening, because all of those things are real. Too real to ignore, even though some idiots and elected officials believe otherwise. I’m saying sometimes there are things you are better off not knowing. The problem is you won’t know you shouldn’t know until you after you acquire the knowledge. read more

An Afternoon at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis

Lake Nokomis

Pug strapped in backpack of bicyclist at Sandcastle concession stand at Lake Nokomis Big Beach.

Lake Nokomis in south Minneapolis is the neighborhood where I grew up. Although, I’m not a person who spends time looking back on her life and analyzing it, like some people do. I’m too busy with my present and setting in place plans for the future. However, it’s kinda hard not to reflect on the past when it’s in your face at the moment, as it is with me in Minneapolis to attend the funeral for my Aunt Dolores.

My sister’s friend since childhood, Paula, invited us to lunch on Saturday. The dilemma was I had already invited my niece and her boyfriend. Combining the two events seemed to be the answer. Paula had picked the Sandcastle at Big Beach, Lake Nokomis. Margie, my sister, described it as a concession stand that had been remodeled into a restaurant, which served. beer and wine. This description caused me to believe it was a restaurant with a water view. read more

Other Sacramento Movie Theaters Pale in Comparison

Sacrametno movie theaters

Best of all Sacramento movie theaters is the new Century Arden.

Quite possibly I am among the only three people left in the world who did not see Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 1, in any of our Sacramento movie theaters, and I certainly did not exhibit any enthusiasm about watching it on TV. My husband’s intentions, I believe, were to bring me up to speed on the first movie, which would then entice me to go the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. A plan that backfired, initially.

Bear in mind I knew nothing about the movie except for the promo shot of the group: a wiseacre raccoon, a skinny chick with a sliced-up face, an enormous man with red scars all over his body, some sort of live tree that reminded me of David Bryne and, of course, that dorky dipshit from Parks and Recreation. “I’m a girrrllll,” I explained to my husband, about why I didn’t want to see it. No Max Max for me. Guns, trucks, loud noise, blowing up things. read more

Open Streets Project Inspires Sunday Street on Broadway in Land Park

Sunday on Broadway

Vendor booths lined Broadway on Sunday.

“Isn’t this the day for Sunday Street on Broadway?” I nudged my husband as we were lying about yesterday morning reading the Sunday paper like old people do. What time does it start? Husband guesses: Oh, probably around noon. I check online at the Land Park Association, nope, it’s over at noon. Holy cow, we had to fly into high gear, get dressed and skedaddle.

It was hot already, in the 90’s, when we hit the intersection of Riverside and Broadway. The crowds must have been at the other end, toward Curtis Park, because it wasn’t as busy as we expected. A sign said the inaugural car-less event lasted until 1:00 PM. Kids skateboarded down the middle of the street. Bicyclists whizzed by. I felt odd walking on the sidewalk. Perhaps we should be in the street? Ah, but then we’d be in the direct sun. read more

Brunch at the Jungle Bird in Sacramento

jungle bird for bunch

Elizabeth Weintraub waiting for a Bloody Mary at the Jungle Bird in Sacramento.

Seemed fitting to check out brunch at the Jungle Bird on Sunday, especially since the Selland’s Market Cafe on Broadway is not open for brunch until the end of the month. Besides, I, loving all things Polynesian and being a natural island hopper, who really can’t get enough of tiki kitsch, have been meaning to stop by Jungle Bird. As much as they try, for me it just wasn’t tiki enough. Where are the bubbling waterfalls? Cries of seabirds? Sand? But it’s tiki enough for Sacramento. read more

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