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Sacramento Home Buyers Who Offer Less Than List Price

buyers who offer less than list price

Buyers who offer less than list price in a sellers market probably won’t buy a home.

The way I see it, the problem with Sacramento home buyers who offer less than list price is it’s often a case of the blind leading the blind. I’m sorry, there is just no other way to say it. You’ve got buyers who have probably never bought a home in their lives trying to figure out how much to pay. And you’ve got a buyer’s agent who probably doesn’t sell very many homes. The agent most likely has had little, if any, training about appraising a home.

Often, these are buyers who offer less than list price because they saw an HGTV show. In those mythical fairy tales, buyers are always offering less than the amount the seller asks. Talk about overly generalized. We have a Sacramento sellers market, which means sellers can hold out for and will get list price. Very few homes for sale, high demand, hello? read more

Working with Internet Buyers in Sacramento Real Estate

internet buyers

Sacramento internet buyers find listings and their agents online today.

It wasn’t that long ago, maybe 10 years back, an agent in my office asked why I would work with internet buyers in Sacramento real estate. This was an astounding concept in 2008. That a Sacramento Realtor could be found online by an internet buyer. Most of that search was organic because other agents were not online. They didn’t have websites nor blogs. Today, everybody has a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account.

Fast forward 10 years later, and I still maintain a higher internet presence. The difference is many buyers today come from the long tail I’ve created online or from websites where buyers go. I stand out in the sea of ordinariness.  That’s why internet buyers gravitate toward me. They see value. According to NAR, 66% of first-time home buyers are Millennials. Followed by Generation X at 26%. Buyers value experience. read more

It is OK for Sacramento Buyers to Pay List Price for a Home

OK to pay list price

It is OK to pay list price to buy a Sacramento home.

For some reason, it has been drummed into the heads of Sacramento home buyers that it should not be OK to pay list price for a home. Which is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard, and yet I hear it a lot. I heard it back in the 1970s when I started selling real estate. My mentor at that time taught me that owning real estate is the most important thing. Even if I pay list price, it’s OK. There is nothing wrong with paying what a home is worth. Yet, we always want to get a deal . . . when the truth is there are no deals if you don’t buy the home. read more

Too Late to Buy This Remodeled Home in Tallac Village

remodeled home in Tallac village

This remodeled home in Tallac Village at 5851 Brandon Way just closed at $405,000.

Sorry, it is now too late to buy this remodeled home in Tallac Village. It just yesterday closed escrow. Funny, when I originally listed this Tallac Village home, I got a lot of pushback from agents telling me they thought the home was overpriced. I’m thinking that might be because they were unfamiliar with the neighborhood. See, when I take a listing, I thoroughly examine the surrounding neighborhood for comparable sales. What I noticed in this area was a big mix of homes, mostly on the lower end. There were a few a streets that reflected enormous pride of ownership, and this was one of those. read more

Making Sacramento Home Sellers Refuse to Sell the House to You

making sacramento home sellers refuse to sell

Signing dual offers almost guarantees buyers are making the Sacramento home seller refuse to sell to them.

This is a story that needs to be shared in hopes you won’t ever end up in the position of making Sacramento home sellers refuse to sell the house to you. In its telling, the Sacramento buyer’s agent is not the focus of this incident, although she bears some responsibility. She was the last person who could have told the buyer NO, the proposal is a lousy idea. Or, she could have refused to accommodate the request. Or, she could have disclosed her buyers’ intent in the purchase offer. But she allegedly, by her own admission, was in no condition to do any of those things. The point here is she is not necessarily a bad agent. read more

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