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Don’t Miss This Perfect Starter Home in North Highlands

starter home in north highlands

Maintenance free front yard at this starter home in North Highlands.

Do not miss out on viewing this perfect little starter home in North Highlands. Do you want affordability? How about pricing right on the nose? You know how many buyers would like to buy a home and they say they can’t find a nice house to buy in their price range? Well, that’s primarily because due to the abundance of crappy homes for sale in a super affordable price range. So many of lower priced homes need work and they won’t pass inspections for an FHA loan. Our seller purchased this home with an FHA loan 2 years ago, so you know it passed those rigid inspections. read more

It is OK for Sacramento Buyers to Pay List Price for a Home

OK to pay list price

It is OK to pay list price to buy a Sacramento home.

For some reason, it has been drummed into the heads of Sacramento home buyers that it should not be OK to pay list price for a home. Which is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard, and yet I hear it a lot. I heard it back in the 1970s when I started selling real estate. My mentor at that time taught me that owning real estate is the most important thing. Even if I pay list price, it’s OK. There is nothing wrong with paying what a home is worth. Yet, we always want to get a deal . . . when the truth is there are no deals if you don’t buy the home. read more

Tips for Relocating to Sacramento and Buying a Home

relocating to Sacramento

Relocating to Sacramento is hard enough without worrying about your Realtor.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Sacramento, you’ve definitely come to the right place. As a new buyer to the area, you owe it to yourself to find exclusive representation through a knowledgable agent. It’s a little bit harder than you would think to do it on your own. Further, there is no need to subject yourself to that kind of misery when you can align yourself with an expert for free. The problem is everybody and his uncle claims to be an expert in real estate. So, how can you tell if you’re talking with an agent who will make relocating to Sacramento easy and fun for you? read more

Updated Starter Home in Rosemont is Surprisingly Affordable

starter home in rosemont

8949 Alderson Av, Sacramento, CA 95826

This updated starter home in Rosemont will knock your socks off. Buyers who tour this home will not believe how affordable this type of home can be, even with all of these upgrades. The flooring  looks just like wood, even though it is a laminate plank. You can’t tell the difference between wood and laminate anymore. Only the baths are a different surface, stone and tile mix. So it’s perfect for children and pets.

It’s odd when I think about it that this home was built in 1960, about the time that carpeting became real property, so builders began installing carpeting in homes. Wall-to-wall carpeting became all the rage because it could be financed as part of the purchase price. And now today, we don’t want no stinking’ carpet in our homes. We’re back to hardwood flooring or at least flooring that looks just like hardwood. read more

How a Request for Repair Can Result in a Canceled Contact

request for repair

Buyers who upset sellers with a Request for Repair might not buy a home.

Sacramento home buyers can forget all about a promise to purchase a home in its AS IS condition, which is how we end up so often with a Request for Repair in the sellers’ laps. They find a defect or some problem, and either their agents suggest they ask for a credit or repair or they find it somewhere online. When you call them on it and say, hey, what did you not understand about no repairs, no credits, they will say but we didn’t know about this, that or the other thing or they rationalize why they think it’s OK to try to renegotiate. read more

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