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Sacramento Real Estate Brokers Rank #1 for Income

sacramento real estate brokers

Sacramento real estate brokers rank #1 in the country for income.

Leave it to ABC News to inadequately explain how Sacramento ranks #1 for real estate broker income across the nation. They say Sacramento real estate brokers make more money than anywhere else in the country. The reason? According to ABC News, it’s because we’re such a small real estate market and there are not very many brokers in town, and those who are here have a stronghold. The newer brokers go to San Francisco, says ABC.

In some ways, it sounds like they might be mixing up real estate agents with brokers. The average income for Sacramento real estate brokers, according to the Business Journal, is $156,780 versus $79,340 nationally. Of course, I don’t know how many real estate brokerages there are in Sacramento, but I know many agents who make more than that income on average. Long-term brokers also don’t have much of a hold on the marketplace. read more

Timing on Market is Key With Sacramento Listings

timing on market

Timing on market in Sacramento can help to generate excitement and higher offers.

Part of the problem I am facing as a top listing agent in Sacramento, odd as this might sound, is with timing on market; I can’t keep any listings in inventory. Soon as I put a home on the market, we get a bunch of offers and it sells. I honestly don’t think I’ve had a listing stay in active status longer than a week lately. I compare it to the days when I used to put together large dinner parties. I could spend 3 days on my feet, chopping, cooking, creating a Chinese feast and, within 20 minutes, the food is devoured and gone. read more

This Sacramento Realtor is Worth Her Weight in Gold

Sacramento Realtor is worth her weight in gold

Sellers say this Sacramento Realtor is worth her weight in gold

I would use the expression my sellers did, that this Sacramento Realtor is worth her weight in gold, but I’m not sure how you would compute that commission. It would make me worth more than $2 million if you figured it that way. Ha, nobody is worth $2 million. I ran into these sellers about 7 years ago and don’t really remember it, but they swear they promised to give me the listing when it came time to sell. I had sold another unit in that complex, and they were impressed. See, people look at what an agent does as a Realtor even when I am not their Realtor. read more

Selling a Home Without an Appraisal in Sacramento

selling a home without an appraisal

Selling a home without an appraisal can result in a much higher price.

Selling a home without an appraisal in Sacramento is not that difficult to do if you identify which homes might qualify for this set of circumstances. You may ask how do you do that? Well, for starters, you hire an experienced Sacramento Realtor who knows how to spot these types of homes. I remember a while back when I shared with a reporter from the Washington Post how I sold a home in Elk Grove without an appraisal and pulled underwater sellers out from under the house by selling over appraised value. I saved them from a short sale. read more

Why Don’t All Realtors Use Professional Photography for Sacramento Listings?

professional photography for sacramento listings

Professional photography for Sacramento listings should not be a choice for a professional Realtor.

A while back I read an article about the reasons to use professional photography for Sacramento listings, for all Sacramento listings, and not just high-end listings. The author was a photographer, of course. But what he said struck home. Why do Realtors discriminate against their clients by shooting the low-end listings with a cellphone and hiring a professional photographer on the high-end? Is a $100,000 condo homeowner less deserving of beautiful photos than a luxury waterfront home seller? I don’t believe so. We provide a service to our clients. Why should that service differ based on the sales price of the property or on the seller’s income? We don’t charge a lower percentage of commission for a low-end than a high-end. read more

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