Elizabeth Weintraub

Elizabeth Weintraub

40+ years of experience in real estate, Sacramento real estate broker working at Lyon Real Estate in Midtown Sacramento. Author of The Short Sale Savior. Home Buying Expert at About.com. Top Producer, ranks in the top 1% of all real estate agents in Sacramento Region. Life Member of Master's Club awarded by Sacramento Association of REALTORS.

Water Meters in Land Park Installed at My House Today

water meters in land park

Water meters in Land Park are being installed today at a Realtor’s home.

It’s amazing to have lived in Sacramento for 15 years now and we have no water meters in Land Park. This is a major metropolitan city that is no stranger to drought, but no water meters. I’ve lived all over the country. Never have I lived in a place where we didn’t pay for water based on usage via a water meter. Well, that is all coming to an end today. We knew water meters are coming to Land Park since last May.

Of course, as you can tell by the photo above, I’m not sure if I will be able to get out of my driveway today. What I need to do is stop typing and go outside to engage with the workers and plead with them to let me out. Last Friday was tough enough. I had one of those emergency listing appointments, the kind where the seller absolutely needs to meet with me immediately, so I have to quickly reschedule other activities or drop what I’m doing and run . . . which, let me tell you, is why I am a top producer. read more

When the Seller Refuses to Move Out on Time

seller refuses to move out on time

When the seller refuses to move out on time, it causes complications for everybody.

One of the worst things that can happen in any escrow is dealing with adversarial buyer possession that can arise when the seller refuses to move out on time. The reasons a seller may refuse to move out are numerous. The seller might not have been made aware of the date of closing. Although our transaction coordinators send out an estimated timeline, not every listing agent will respond to the timeline. Some will not send it to their sellers. Some listing agents don’t hire a transaction coordinator, either. Or, sometimes listing agents don’t know how to count the days to closing in a purchase contract. In which case they give the wrong date to the sellers. read more

Buildable Lot in Small Gated Community in Elk Grove

gated community in Elk Grove

9368 Kaanapali Court, Elk Grove, CA 95624 is over one acre.

This is a rare opportunity to build your dream home in a gated community in Elk Grove. Kapalua Estates is a small subdivision with only a handful of lots, and most of the owners have already built a home. There are utilities to the lot, so you’ve got sewer, electricity and gas. When I looked at the plat map, it shows 343 feet on the north side. The lot is slightly bigger than an acre at 43,569 square feet. It’s situated near Bradshaw and Bond Road, with the entrance to Kapalua from Bradshaw. read more

Updated Home in Tallac Village is Artist Retreat

home in Tallac village

5861 Brandon Way is a home in Tallac Village for sale.

If you’ve ever made a list of all the things that were important to you in a home in Tallac Village, I’m betting this brand new, super hot listing fulfills those wants and needs. It just came on the market but mere hours ago. This home is fresh and exciting. The sellers just finished installing those deep and stamped concrete counters they’ve been putting off since they bought the home 4 years ago.

First they opened a wall and created a super large great room with a brick fireplace, combining a family room space with a living room space, leaving the kitchen open at both ends, and installed wood-like planked flooring. Then they hired an artist friend to create a stamped concrete entry sporting a multi-faceted 8-pointed star. There is a new stainless steel apron sink in the kitchen, along with a new electric cooktop, and the refrigerator can stay as well. The kitchen boasts a large breakfast nook, too. read more

About Buying a Home Before Selling a House in Sacramento

buying a home before selling a house

It is very doable to pursue buying a home before selling a house in Sacramento today.

For some lucky sellers, it is definitely possible to pursue buying a home before selling a house in Sacramento. How one goes about this depends on basically two things: the type of real estate market you’re in and your financial ratios. At the moment, we are experiencing a strong seller’s market in Sacramento. This means sellers are in the driver’s seat. We have low inventory and high numbers of buyers. It’s the principle of supply and demand at work.

Sure, we have buyers who say, my house is so beautiful, it will sell right away, so why can’t I look at buying home before selling? As Sacramento Realtors, we have to bring these buyers into reality. Move them outside of their own situation and get them to look at this through the eyes of the seller. I say to them: Ok, pretend YOU are the seller of this house and YOU have 5 offers. Four of those offers are from buyers who don’t have a house a sell, they have no contingencies. They can get a loan and close right away. And then there is YOU. You who have not even put your home on the market, and you who wants the seller to wait while you get around to it. read more

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