Elizabeth Weintraub

Elizabeth Weintraub

40+ years of experience in real estate, Sacramento real estate broker working at Lyon Real Estate in Midtown Sacramento. Author of The Short Sale Savior. Home Buying Expert at About.com. Top Producer, ranks in the top 1% of all real estate agents in Sacramento Region. Life Member of Master's Club awarded by Sacramento Association of REALTORS.

Carmichael Realtors CMA $100,000 Less Than Market Value for Carmichael Home

home in carmichael on the creek

Four curved windows from a church adorn the living room at 6527 Grant Av.

When these sellers called to ask whether I would prepare a Carmichael Realtors CMA of their home, they were very upfront that they were interviewing other agents. They asked me if I knew one of the agents, said they see this agent’s signs up and down the road, but I didn’t. All together, I figure they talked with at least 3 other area specialists who primarily sell only in Carmichael. I sell a lot of homes in Carmichael, but I don’t focus all of my energies in Carmichael. I sell in a four-county area, which means I have to carefully scrutinize each aspect of every single sale to stay right on the mark. read more

Throwing Sh$t at the Wall To See What Sticks in Sacramento Real Estate

throwing sh$t at the wall to see what sticks

Even kids learn at an early age that throwing sh$t at the wall to see what sticks is sorta stupid.

As a little kid, didn’t you ever engage in throwing sh$t at the wall to see what sticks? I mean, come on, when you’ve got nothing better to do, and most kids fall into that boat, throwing sh$t at the wall to see what sticks is an enormously entertaining thing. There’s an endless supply of crap you can throw. Stuff that breaks, things that go splat, and even my first piecrust ended up on the wall in utter and complete frustration which, believe it, is where my mother’s first piecrust ended up, too. Which is how I escaped punishment. But in Sacramento real estate these days, I’m seeing would-be investors doing the same thing, throwing sh$t at the wall to see what sticks, only they’re dragging naive agents alongside and causing headache for everyone left in their wake. read more

When Flakey Buyers Cause Back on Market Listings in Sacramento

back on market

Back on market are the last words any home seller wants to hear.

Dealing with flakey buyers that result in back on market listings is always a pain. It’s extremely painful for the sellers who were blindsided. One day the sellers are counting on closing by the end of the week, and the next day, wham, the buyer is canceling. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, the listing agent’s duty is to resell the home. No listing agents I know want to sell a home twice and get paid once, but we do it when it comes with the territory. Because we have no control over the buyers. That’s the buyer’s agent’s job, and it’s tough for them to be a buddy and an agent. So they choose buddy. read more

How to Fix iPhone 7 Refusal to Charge and Data Blockages

iPhone 7 refusal to charge

When your iPhone 7 refuses to charge or blocks data, you can fix it.

My Apple phone has its share of problems lately, like the iPhone 7 refusal to charge and data blockages, which I’ve never encountered with any of my other iPhones. Part of this seems to be that the phone is trying to do too many things at one time. Perhaps it just can’t handle the multiple functions, strains it. Since it’s so thin, I feel it shiver every time it tries to perform any function. It’s like cheap-ass Victoria Secret’s garments made in China. Just isn’t up to the job. Victoria’s Secret used to sell gorgeous silky nightgowns and luxurious items, but once it caught on and became hugely popular, now the thread count is so thin you can rip it in half with two fingers. read more

How This Sacramento Realtor Wins Listings Without Listing Presentations

listing presentations

My listing presentations are conversations about Sacramento real estate.

Over the past week, I’ve been on 6 listing presentations all over Sacramento. I call them listing presentations but that’s not really a true sense of the term, not in the way most Sacramento Realtors perform that sort of function. I prefer to think of these visits as a conversation with a seller, including my agent visual inspection. It’s really all about two things: the sellers, what they hope to accomplish; and the sellers’ home, its desirability, condition, presentation and price point. Well, it’s also a little bit about me, but I don’t launch into my life story or anything. read more

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